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  1. I wish

    I understand what you guys are saying. But if someone is holding you at gunpoint threatening to destroy you (in hell) and tells you to do what they "or else", most people will do everything they say to escape that. It's just human nature to avoid pain. I'm sure some people are brave enough to die possibly, but I don't think it's many honestly. Dante's Inferno traumatized me because of how graphic it was. But I certainly agree with JadedAtheist especially about already being "damned if I do, damned if I don't." I'm certain Jesus wouldn't want my only motivation to follow him being fear. I respect science for dispelling a lot of myths, and I know it had widened our horizon and knowledge. But I think people make the mistake though of giving it more credit than it deserves. In the whole universe we're less than a tiny spec, and our "knowledge" far less than that. There is so many things we haven't discovered yet, and it's infinite. I don't want to fall into that error and just assume because science hasn't confirmed something yet that it therefore doesn't exist. And as far as accurate human history from thousands of years ago, who honestly can really know for certain what happened? Maybe I lean more towards agnosticism that says "I can neither confirm, nor deny." Who really knows anyway? I really admire you guys for overcoming the fear and just walking away. I think that is an act of faith in and of itself. And I'm sure God would respect the courage it takes do something like that.
  2. I wish

    I do too. I can't rationalize hell. All our sins only have temporary effects. It is sadistic no matter how much people try to say God's "justice" makes it perfectly fine. It makes me boil with rage. There was a pastor rejoicing when George Carlin died claiming he's burning in hell. I am so mad about that. If anything that pastor is going to hell, not George! He was relishing in it with a kind of sick pleasure that made me want to vomit. George is my favorite comedian, and I wish I could toss religion aside like he did.
  3. I wish

    It's not all false. A lot of the events in the Bible clearly happened. King David existed, and so did Solomon because the temple ruins still stand to this day. As well as many other kings (Nebuchadnezzar/Cyrus etc.) Obviously someone named Jesus existed. I've never had a problem believing the events happened. Zeus? Why would I concern myself with a religion that has no real impact in the world currently? I've never in my entire life met a single person who worshiped Zeus. I have however have met thousands of Christians, and spoke with many Muslims. Since the three Abrahamic religions (Islam, Christianity, Judaism) have probably well over 4 billion followers combined, which makes it a lot more reasonable to think there is something to it. Good luck finding even one single video on the internet of someone stating how Zeus rescued them from drug addiction, or helped them make major life changes. On the other hand there is thousands of videos of Christains and Muslims stories of how Jesus/Allah changed their life from misery to happiness. If you tend to hear the same story over and over from people who are clearly genuine, and never met there's always something to it. There's just too many videos and stories of heaven and hell from people who died for brief periods and went there to toss it away. If it was just a few people maybe, but thousands upon thousands? Logic would tell me it's more likely to be true, than for thousands of people to be lying with such sincerity. Plus like I said, what I've witnessed with my own eyes, and my grandpa telling me his story of meeting Jesus when he had a heart attack. I just hope there's not an eternal hell, because it taints the whole religion with a humanitarian nightmare. It turns me off entirely, and is why I researched universalism for years but just couldn't buy it not matter how much I tried. I guess I'm between a rock and hard place.
  4. I wish

    Hades and Tartarus are used in the Greek Bible as other words for hell like you said. And I'm afraid of any version of torture no matter what different word is used to describe it. It's all the same to me, torture. Like TruthSeeker0 said about not being controlled by fear, it's the reason I want to leave the faith. In my opinion it takes more bravery, and more faith for that matter to walk away with such a weighty threat of torture. If you believe it might be even remotely possible (to end up in hell) I would think it's more honorable to take that leap. It feels like I'm being completely dishonest staying, when my main motivation is fear. Hell is my one and only gripe with Christianity. Nothing merits an eternity of endless roasting and torment, nothing. I've seen too many "Christians" almost relishing in the thought of "teh evil sinners" burning alive forever. Westboro Baptist church is a perfect example of this. It's almost like a lot of Christians relish the idea of being among a "special" minority of individuals who get chosen, and the rest are screwed. What bothers me the most is that in the Bible it says that Jesus knows in advance who will be saved and who won't. So peoples destinies are set in stone, in the sense that he knows all their choices in advance before they're born supposedly. And if that is the case, it's his fault for allowing them to be born when he knew their terrible fate. What bothers me also is religious people who have babies. If hell is indeed real, you're gambling with an eternal soul by bringing the child into the world. What if the baby rejects Jesus, then burns in hell for all eternity and you have no one to blame but yourself because it was known in advance the baby would end up there. If the child was never born, it would have never had a chance to grow up to a murderer, or rapist, or other terrible condition to wind up being damned. By bringing a child into this world (if hell is a reality) you may be initiating their very damnation. Something they could have never accomplished had you not forced them to exist. Again, this line of thought only matters at all if hell exists. The worst part is not even taking it into consideration because you don't believe in God and hell. What if one day you find out there is though when you die, and then you find out 2 of your kids went there. I will never have children for this reason.
  5. I wish

    I've been reading this forum for a few days now, and finally decided to post. I'm really jealous of the people here who successfully left Christianity in the dust. I tried so hard to "not believe." There is just to much fear in my heart. I'll be the first to admit, that my faith is entirely dominated by fear. Someone made the mistake of giving me the book "Dante's Inferno" at a time in my life I was very weak. For around 6 months I had the most vivid nightmares I've ever experienced of hell. The nightmares were as clear as a real life memory, or more even. To make it worse, I was in the hospital once and I collapsed because of heart problems. When this terrible thing was happening, I looked up and saw an angel dressed in a white robe, with the curliest blonde has I've ever seen, but you couldn't tell if it was male or female. The angel smiled down upon me. There were 2-3 other times I've seen angels, and I know it wasn't a hallucination. I know atheists love to try and discredit people all the time with that thought. It was always at very dangerous times in my life, where I was threatened. You would think that this would comfort me, and at the time it did. But now the dreams of hell have come back. Jesus tried to rescue me in the dream, but he couldn't. I feel completely damned, and beyond all hope. And because of seeing angels for myself, and being unable to be unconvinced, I wish there was no afterlife at all. I wish there was no God, and I wish I just sleep forever when I die. I just can't believe it, and I'm jealous of you all. Four people I know were in life threatening circumstances and saw God and angels also, and I trust them entirely. Also, there is dozens of testimonies on Youtube of people who had near-death experiences. They all sound identical to what my family members told me. There's just no way I believe every story I heard was just a "chemical reaction" of the brain. To me that just sounds like a clever denial, or coping mechanism to escape what you don't understand.. I wish I could be an atheist, and throw away all the things I experienced like you guys, but I can't. Take care.