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  1. Grace before meals

    I'm getting tired of hearing grace at the table and I'm a bit bitter about it. I want to add "and thanks to me for making the dinner, for choosing healthy foods that will sustain you, for shopping for the food needed to make the dinner and for working to make money to pay for the food that you see before you!" One of these days it's going to come out. And my MIL wanted to remind me to thank my husband for installing a new appliance. Maybe I should include that during grace. Thanks to God for getting our new machine to work! It would have been easier to have someone install it so I wouldn't have had to be the one to point out obvious mistakes which made him have to redo it and I wouldn't have had to bare the brunt of two fighting kids on my own again with no thanks what so ever. But for now I'm holding my tongue. I'll see how I feel tomorrow before responding to her. Sorry for the rant just feeling ticked off.
  2. Jonah and the whale

    Do you have a link to the origins of this myth? That would be interesting to read about!
  3. Jonah and the whale

    @DarkBishop lucky you. I'm jealous. Wait I'm not allowed to be jealous. 😒 Do your 2 kids go to church by choice? How do you interact with them around Biblical things (ie. Do you keep your opinion to yourself or do you refute things they say, or suggest flaws in the stories)?
  4. Jonah and the whale

    Well I stand corrected. It must be a true story then!😁
  5. Jonah and the whale

    Ugg. I just had to sit through a sermon about this. This is one of the stories that I have never believed to be true. The priest started off by saying, despite all the critics and literature out there he believes that this story is historically true, not a myth, parable or legend. I could see my husband nodding as if that clarifies it. 😒. At first I thought ok let's see what he presents and what his argument is but instead he just talked about the story as Jonah trying to run from God and how God brought him back. There was nothing concrete just his opinion. No mention of how Jonah could possibly be swallowed by a whale when a whales esophagus is not even big enough to swallow fish! So I'm shaking my head in disbelief and rolling my eyes while my husband is nodding approval. 😡
  6. Unequally yoked and angry

    Thanks for the edit! Glad to hear you made it through and can now laugh about his views. How did you do it? Did your DFH Take the kids to church or were you able stop him? How did their beliefs turn out? When your DFH Would say things to the kids would you laugh or ignore it or something else? I do feel like I've been grieving. I've been sad about losing my relationship, my peaceful calm nature and my marriage. I feel like I'm grieving for my kids b/c we cannot be the role models I had planned on being for them. I tried to fake it for awhile but now when I leave for work I hug and kiss my kids goodbye and say I love you to them, but I just say goodbye to my husband. This makes me so sad and then I get upset again b/c he has caused all this loss. It's like a vicious cycle. How long did it take you to be ok with your hubby?
  7. Unequally yoked and angry

    @MOHO Thanks for sharing your story. I'm very sorry for what you have gone through and are still enduring. Although not a pleasant situation, it's nice to know we are not alone. If I might ask though, how and why do you endure the relationship? I had to laugh when you mentioned the clothes! My husband dresses like a preacher for church and I just shake my head. Others wear jeans and shorts but not him. We too would go to church on weekends and that was about it until he claimed to have been hit by the holy spirit and wanted to be a radical follower of Jesus and that is when it all went down hill. Anyway, I feel your anger and am glad I am not the only one. I hope we can get out of this stage though as it is not in my personality at all. I feel like my husband has completely changed who I am and that makes me even more upset! Arg.
  8. Unequally yoked and angry

    Yes that is a good point! I have not come out as an ex-christian yet though. He knows that I do not agree with his beliefs and that I have become distant but I doubt that he thinks this could ever happen (leaving the fold). I feel like it has already ruined our marriage but of course b/c he has God everything is still perfect! (That's my sarcastic voice talking).
  9. Unequally yoked and angry

    Thanks. I've been thinking about it every night and reading all i can for about a year now and just want to be at peace with my life again. I can't contemplate divorce yet. Of course I will always do what's best for them! The kids are too young to understand and I couldn't bear the thought of not being with them (ie. Visits with their Dad). We were Catholic when we married and so I am using that to keep them out of the Pentecostal church that my husband would rather go to. I think it is the lesser of the two evils and can only imagine it would get worse if he took them to that church when I wasn't there. At least this way I have some control over what they are exposed to at church. I feel like there may be some hope to reconcile in the future I just feel too upset and angry to consider it now and am not sure how to get past that.
  10. Unequally yoked and angry

    Yoked not yolked but I'm not sure how to edit the post!
  11. Unequally yoked and angry

    How do you continue to love your spouse when they have turned your life upside down and when their beliefs put your kids at risk? I am so full of anger and can't seem to get past it. My husband is good with the kids and is trying to still be caring and loving to me but he repulses me now with his fundamental beliefs. I don't want to talk to him, I don't want to do activities with him, I don't want to be associated with him. All I can focus on are the negatives. Many of you seem to be understanding of your spouses, but how do you get to that point? How do you get past the anger?! How do you deal with the daily "praise Jesus" comments when the kids are around? How do you deal with the "stop eating. Did you say the blessing first?" Or the comments of "isn't God great" or the references to Bible stories when you know they are just stories but he is teaching the kids that they are more than that? I feel like I want to explode in anger.
  12. When you decided not to go back to church....

    Just wondering how this is going for you and if you have any advise now that you've started the process. I did not take communion today and my son asked me why. I said b/c the priest was coughing and I didn't want to get sick. I'm just not quite ready to tell my kids about these life altering changes yet. I want to leave church but I also want to know what they are being indoctrinated with which I cannot due if I'm not there. It's a dilemma.
  13. Nobody has to know.....

    Hi crushed, I am very sorry for what you and your kids are going through. That is a tough situation. It sounds like you have already made it through some tough times so you will endure. I too am going through the motions of church and am trying to figure out how to live with my husband who recently changed to fundamentalism, while not messing up my children. No one knows my stance yet although I think my religious indifference is a good hint for him. A couple things that came to mind from reading your post...can you get help from your oldest child or is he/she still at home? It sounds like your kids are on your side and if there is any abuse still happening you need to get them and yourself out of there. Maybe some of your church friends or previous church friends would help you if they knew how your husband treats you? He would not believe in divorce if he is a fundie so that should work in your favour if you choose to stay and he finds out your true beliefs. Do you have family you can turn too? I don't know what to say about lying to your friends as I'm still figuring that part out too. I tend to be more of a listener than an advisor so I'm not in as deep as you. Good luck and I hope you find the support you need here!
  14. How to make your kids critical thinkers

    Thanks for the ideas! Does your husband get upset at all when you read these other stories? If he refers back to the Bible being true do you contradict him in front of the kids or how do you present your different beliefs without implying that one of you is wrong or crazy or ignorant (just thinking of words that come to mind to describe my husband which I'd like to say but try to hold my tongue)?
  15. Faith apparently doesn't require the Bible

    Wow sounds exactly like something my husband would say. He thinks he's one of those selected servants with gifts of discernment. Crazy thought process. How do you ever get through to them?