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  1. How to make your kids critical thinkers

    Thanks for the ideas! Does your husband get upset at all when you read these other stories? If he refers back to the Bible being true do you contradict him in front of the kids or how do you present your different beliefs without implying that one of you is wrong or crazy or ignorant (just thinking of words that come to mind to describe my husband which I'd like to say but try to hold my tongue)?
  2. Faith apparently doesn't require the Bible

    Wow sounds exactly like something my husband would say. He thinks he's one of those selected servants with gifts of discernment. Crazy thought process. How do you ever get through to them?
  3. Christmas is not the same

    Cheers to that!
  4. Christmas is not the same

    Isn't really true at all.
  5. Christmas is not the same

    Yes I still enjoy the tree which has a pagan origin anyway and Santa Claus which is far removed from the Christian saint now. It just irks me to hear the "true meaning of Christmas" when it isn'
  6. Literature on history of the Bible?

    Thanks! I have written an introduction awhile back. I've mostly been reading on this site rather than logging on. Trying to keep a low profile at home while I build up my defenses. Interesting about the scholars' positions in universities. I can totally see that in the US but is it the same for other countries that are more progressive?
  7. I guess I asked for it.

    I feel for you. I know how frustrating it can be in that situation. I've had to avoid religious conversations with my husband b/c there is no questioning his beliefs no matter how crazy they are. I had a similar situation where my husband wanted to try a more charismatic church and I agreed to go with him to see it. This is before i realized how much of a cult the fundamentalist churches are. It had the bar and computer as you mentioned. They wanted me to leave my kids checked in as numbers in this foreign place and I said no I wanted to go with them, as who in their right mind would drop their kids off without checking the people and place out first. I compared it to a daycare in which I would always check out in person prior to leaving my kids there. They would not compromise so I refused and took the kids with me into the hall(?). We were the ONLY ones in there with kids. I had a really eerie feeling about it. Anyway about 15 min. In, after some upbeat music which made my husband empty his wallet 😠, someone came to us and told me I could go with the kids to the children's program. Glad I did as I did not want anything to do with that congregation. Anyway I was able to use that situation to justify that is not where I want my children going. They were completely separate from the service and it was like a daycare. I complained that we are away from them all week b/c of work so I didn't want them in daycare on the weekend while we should be together for church. Anyway, I don't mean to take over your rant but maybe you can use some of these ideas/reasoning to get away from that church. As for your wife, good luck. If you find something that works let me know and I'll do the same!
  8. Literature on history of the Bible?

  9. Literature on history of the Bible?

    Thanks Geezer and MOHO. Yes I'm wanting a historical account as evidenced based as possible. Geezer: That is quite a list and I'm grateful for it. Is there a top 1 or 2 books/videos etc out of those that is good to start with? I don't get a lot of spare time so want the most bang for my buck.
  10. Christmas is not the same

    Manger not manager. Autocorrect😒
  11. Christmas is not the same

    I'm feeling a bit sad about Christmas this year. I use to enjoy Christmas carols and putting up the nativity set and reading Christmas books with the kids. It just isn't the same anymore. Now I want to criticise the lyrics to the songs I use to love but have to keep silent. Whenever the kids bring up something about Jesus' birth, like the star or the manager or the wise men, I want to tell them that it didn't really happen but can't. I cringe when they bring me Christian books instead of Santa and snowman books to read at bedtime. Anyone else mourning the loss of Christmas?
  12. Literature on history of the Bible?

    What do you recommend reading for best evidence and accuracy of the history of the Bible? I want to know and understand how the Bible, new and old testament, came to be and to have references to defend these views. I've just gotten hold of "The God Delusion" and am looking forward to reading it. Thanks.
  13. I'm still going through the process but so far the worst part is the uncertainty of the future for my kids and relationship.
  14. I'm looking for ideas on how to make my kids critical thinkers. They are young, under 7, and I don't want them blindly accepting my husband's beliefs. This evening I wanted to put cream on my child's hand b/c it's chapped and he replied that Jesus can heal it. I know it was my husband who was telling him this and i find it very disturbing. I want to be able to instill some doubt in a way that doesn't make them feel that they have to defend their dad as this would put me in a negative light. I am still in the closet too so that makes it a bit harder. Please help! Any suggestions or advice?
  15. Screwing up my kids

    Hi and welcome. Your post resonates with me. I don't have the answers but am on a similar journey so I look forward to sharing ideas with you. I'm curious as to how your Sunday morning goes. Do the kids stay with you? I'm still going to church at this time as I want to know what they are being indoctrinated with and I don't have the confidence yet to stand up and fight about whether or not the kids go (I also don't want them to be caught in the middle). My husband would insist they go. How did you manage your situation?