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  1. Hang in there @theyownyou33. It’s a very rare bird that loses their religion overnight. Maybe if you back off she will come around in due time... If I recall correctly, the Calvinist mythology says if your kids are predestined, they’re predestined and if they ain’t they ain’t. So there’s that. Also the free will mythology has it that your kids’ own choices will keep them out of hell. So you might advise your wife that “better to just believe” for you is inconsequential for your kids’ spiritual destiny. Personally, I believe hell only exists here on earth, so we should concentrate on staying out of there while we’re still alive. Don’t get sucked into a place where you are pressured to live contrary to your own beliefs or desires (my approximate definition of hell).
  2. Welcome home TMD. You’ve made it back to reality: the place your creator (biology) intended you to be. Although it sounds like you may have been here all along.
  3. padgemi


    Good afternoon @Emme xianity is very much a part of my ex-c life as well. -I own a small business. I’ve stopped serving god and now serving my clients is my new religion. I’m not about to scare them all off with my views. -my kids have good friends. I value their friendships more than any mythology. I’m not about to get my kids blacklisted from birthday parties b/c of my views. -I stay mostly in the closet about religious views, not because of fear but because I have higher priorities. Plus, we can come here and perhaps a few other obscure places to check in with reality and stay sane.
  4. Leave it to god to pull alternative facts out of a hat.
  5. Excellent conclusion! Just think of how much more productive you can be now that you’ve traded in your “I am weak but thou art strong” mentality in for one where you tell yourself “The fruits of christianity are weak but WE HUMAN BEINGS ARE STRONG!
  6. The last time I was dragged to a church the sermon went something like this: OK Christians, I know sometimes we have the tendency to rely on our own bootstraps and say to ourselves ‘I got this,’ but what we need to say is ‘I am weak but thou art strong” and then get on our knees and pray every day. And this is how we should pray: blah blah... I used to think and pray that way. A LOT! Looking back, I did a whole lot of wollowing in my own weakness, waiting for god to bring on the strength. It took pulling myself up by my bootstraps and telling myself ‘I got this’ to dig my way out of that hole. So I came away from church that day totally fulfilled (not by the sermon and certainly not by the music), but by my own satisfaction in having overcome such a worthless concept by my own strength.
  7. I lost a shit load of precious time that I can never get back by praying and reading the bible.
  8. The spirit. (Spirit of Thomas) Doubt opened my eyes to the errancy (finally!). Evidence of errancy validated the doubt.
  9. Happy Lords day god, I used to think you created me. That I was a child of god. What a son of a bitch I was for thinking that! After thorough consideration of the facts, I now realize that WE created you. You truly are the "son of man." And I'm my own god damn Lord!
  10. Only ex jews and adventists should observe this today. I'm waiting until tomorrow. Bonus points in hell.
  11. Apparently, I won the race. Finished my course. In a wierd way my faith got me there. When I found out my faith and works were dead.
  12. I stay hidden in the Deep South's protective closet most of the time. But sometimes I drop subtle hints. Yesterday, I was in my middle schoolers' public school library. There was a segregated section where "endangered" books like The Lord of the Flies were displayed with a list of reasons fundies and others wanted them banned. -explicit language -offensive language -sexual content -too polemical -adult themes -excessive violence I looked at the librarian and said "the bible could be banned for the same reasons." GREAT LIBRARIAN BTW. But the nervous look on her face was priceless. I had my shield of ambiguity and plausible deniability. I knew full well at the time. But it felt good to get that bit out. Baby steps.
  13. ...he created some who refused to use any capital letters just because they wanted to show irreverence but at the same time are OCD about consistency and fairness to real entities like sentences and letters, despite their uniqueness. kiss their asses, r.j.! https://www.salon.com/2015/01/01/i_get_it_–_you’re_an_atheist_you_should_still_capitalize_“god”/ oh and what they really get fired and brimstoned up about are the pronouns. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.gotquestions.org/amp/capitalizing-pronouns-God.html ok so a non-earthling gets to break the english grammar rules. fine. god created these unique grammar sinners mentioned above to be courageous and to commit all manner of linguistic, sexual, heretical, blasphemous, and other sins without any fear whatsoever. thanks be to god!?
  14. yes god made us truly unique individuals. he gave some grace and made them healthy and happy. he gave some a unique quality called mental illness. some that he made became so miserable that they committed suicide. he also made some who served and genuinely believed in him [for 30 years] until tragedy came one day. so they cried out to god for help. [for 3 years] they prayed desperately [multiple times daily] for deliverance from their agony and found less and less peace. they gobbled up the bible verses they've been reading [for 30 years] and found less and less understanding. yes some of us are truly unique because god has hardened our wicked hearts. i can think of no better proof than that. seriously. (i can't think of any at all)
  15. I was diagnosed with bipolar 6 years ago. Before going on meds I was crying incessantly. And psychotic. Been on Lithium 6 years and happily sane, except oh how I have WANTED to cry so many times since then at life's cruelties. I have only been able to twice in 6 years. I understand withholding tears in public, but embrace those private tears!
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