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  1. Borticus

    Relationship not religion

    Yes the saved by grace concept was heavily reinforced in those sermons.
  2. Borticus

    Relationship not religion

    They claimed they were nondenominational but it was really a weird combination of Baptist and Pentecostal viewpoints.
  3. Growing up in a fundamentalist church, I always heard the pastor going on about how “true” Christian faith is a relationship with Christ and not a ritualistic thing that other “false” Christians were doing, let alone different religions. Where did this idea of Christianity is a faith and relationship with God, but all other religions are false manmade attempts to achieve salvation. I know it’s just one group just trying to impose itself above all others, but just curious as to where this brand of Christianity came from.
  4. If god is supposedly omnipotent and know everything you’ve done in life (most importantly receiving or denying Christ). Then why can’t he just judge people right after their death? Also sorry if this comes across as a low effort post.
  5. Many sins such as rage and jealousy get their fair share of bashing in the book, but it seems sexually related “sins” seem to get the shaft in a large portion of the Bible. Paul even goes far enough to say that no sexually immoral person shall ever inherit the kingdom of God. What is with the animosity towards it?
  6. My question is where did a literal rapture before the apocalypse come from? In the book of revelations it clearly states that only the 144,000 selected will be saved beforehand. While the rest of humanity must endure the 1,000 year apocalypse. Is it misinterpreting 1 Thessalonians where it speaks of people believing Christ be raptured?
  7. Borticus

    They've finally found the crocaduck

    Looks like Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort got their evidence.
  8. Was that all in Revelations? Eh maybe it was from the OT I was thinking. Good point with the Romans though.
  9. Doesn’t this correlate with something in Revelations though? I haven’t read the book in ages.
  10. I’ve already seen so many people on Facebook say that.
  11. Geez the evangelicals must be going crazy over this.
  12. Borticus

    Thoughts About Sin

    You gotta be when it comes to their craftiness.
  13. Borticus

    Thoughts About Sin

    I think it’s hilarious that there are liberal Christians that believe that the story of Adam and Eve is allegory for humanity becoming sentient. If that’s the case then Christianity becomes more philosophy than religion.
  14. Are any of you familiar with the apologist Sye Ten Bruggencate? Essentially that’s all I hear in my mind when I try to reach a logical conclusion about science, religion, or life in general. “How do you know?” Is pretty much what it boils down to.
  15. I have been going through the process of unbelieving and it’s growing pains. It’s just that everytime I try to accept what has been actually proven with science or logic I can hear the fundamental apologists “debunking” those truths. It’s like everything that proves that Yahweh doesn’t exist or that the Bible isn’t infallible, I hear that little Christian apologists voice in the back of my head.