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  1. Every year there seems to be some crackpot pastor or theist, that believes the world will end soon. This year we already have two pastors saying the world will end either in January with the blood moon. And in December. Even though the Bible says nobody will know the hour of the time it’ll happen. Why do these Christians go on claiming when the end will occur, when their book says otherwise?

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  2. 11 minutes ago, TrailBlazer said:

    Makes sense. That way of teaching probably started with those denominations subscribing heavily to Arminianistic theology - it sounds like you are describing a rather “saved by grace” theology.

    Nondenominationals are tricky, though, because each congregation can vary greatly from the next, much like a UU congregation. 

    It’s possible that you had a pastor that went a little rogue and preached their own exegetical interpretation of the Bible in that particular church. 

    But it sounds like a clickish form of armenianism to me. 

    Yes the saved by grace concept was heavily reinforced in those sermons.

  3. Growing up in a fundamentalist church, I always heard the pastor going on about how “true” Christian faith is a relationship with Christ and not a ritualistic thing that other “false” Christians were doing, let alone different religions. Where did this idea of Christianity is a faith and relationship with God, but all other religions are false manmade attempts to achieve salvation. I know it’s just one group just trying to impose itself above all others, but just curious as to where this brand of Christianity came from.

  4. I have been going through the process of unbelieving and it’s growing pains. It’s just that everytime I try to accept what has been actually proven with science or logic I can hear the fundamental apologists “debunking” those truths. It’s like everything that proves that Yahweh doesn’t exist or that the Bible isn’t infallible, I hear that little Christian apologists voice in the back of my head.

  5. To summarize my story with Christianity, it would go like this. I was a general theist that was having fears of hell before my mom and stepdad introduced Christianity to me. I was part of the Church they went to for a couple of years until I started working and stopped going there almost all together. Eventually I started gaining a budding fascination in science and starting learning how the universe as a whole worked. Eventually I started to question my faith and decided to accept the scientifically proven facts as how the universe works. Years later after family issues and a death in the family I went on to live with my dad where there wasn’t as many religious influences. However with certain problems arising earlier this year I eventually relapsed into Christianity and all seemed fine until I learned about apostasy. The fear of being eternally locked out of heaven was almost to much to bear, I couldn’t sleep or find anything to be happy about. I was even considering suicide just to get the judgement of God over with until I came the conclusion, what kind of all loving creator would punish me for questioning his existence? Eventually I moved away from religion all together and have been slowly recovering from its ill effects. However from time to time I find myself thinking about Hell and what if going there.



    I became a Christian as a teen, stop being one after learning about scientific theories of life and origins. Certain issues came about that convinced me to be a Christian again until I learned about apostasy and the punishment that entails with it. Left religion all together after question the omnibenevolence of god. I still struggle with the thought of going to hell from time to time.

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  6. Why is it that with the writers of the Bible that go out of their way to say that very few will answer the call of Yahweh? Seriously, scattered throughout the whole book (mostly in the NT from what I remember) the extensively claim many will not bother calling to God. Is this some sort of collective victim complex or did the writers of the book and early church founders have so little faith in their own doctrines?

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  7. 23 hours ago, mwc said:

         You've got that wrong.  Xians tell you that you (everyone) deserve hell and that jesus makes it so you avoid hell.  But if you give up jesus then you're back where you started.  It's not the "betrayal" that lands you in hell but simply your default state of being.  You're simply born and "original sin" lands you in hell (there are some variations of this by sect/denomination but this is the overall gist).


         What apostasy does is make it so you can't go back.  People claim they do even though the bible is pretty clear on it:



         Once you're an apostate you're out.  So the only play at this point is to say you weren't really an apostate but more a "prodigal son" so you can get back in.  Who's going to know?  This is all play-acting bullshit anyhow.  Say what you want to be, or not be, at part of whatever group you like.  Belief isn't going to get you anywhere after all.




    This, this right here was me when I relapsed back to Xianity earlier this year. My pastor and church elders tried to convince me that it was ok and I was a prodigal son. Even when I said that it was directly from the Bible and that it was God’s infallible word, they said I would be forgiven. I couldn’t get over it though, the fearful expectation of judgement (also referenced in Hebrews) and going to hell. It disgusted me and truly got me think what “all loving god” what eternally punish me for doubting his existence.

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