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    Currently dabbling in new age phenomena whilst attending a Baptist Church.

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  1. Dear all, thanks so much for your replies. Well, ......I didnt anticipate it but reading about the historical critical method led me to thinking more again about the context of scriptures and how they should be interpreted, so I ended up turning to sites about Judaism and the Torah. When I found some sites on Messianic Judaism, i felt that what they said assured me that it would be good to settle on learning from their perspective. I do wish you well in your journeys....not sure what else to add bearing in mind the rules here ...
  2. Hi @Hierophant, thanks...that's interesting and very helpful. I'm going to look up the historical-critical method of studying the bible to see what more I can learn. Well, maybe after coffee .
  3. Thanks for the link....hes certainly not what you call 'pc' :D - i hadnt heard of him before.
  4. Hi @MOHO , Thank you for writing.....it must be really challenging when you and your partner have such different beliefs......this sure is a weird phase I'm in - talk about double minded!! I am sure all the bible cant be true, but then what happens is answers to prayer come to mind and what I would have called 'God incidences '. I came from fundy beginnings too, and it seems as if people with a less literal interpretation of the bible might in some ways be able to hang on to their faith more easily....yet everytime I tried to ease off such rigid beliefs, everything collapsed.
  5. Hi @KrysLostInSpace, thanks for your reply and for getting where I am at. I appreciate what you've said and am mulling over it with cup of coffee ....
  6. Has anyone else found themselves going backwards and forwards in believing and basically deconverting many times? That's what has happened for me. I think I'd like to believe in God, but whenever I try and push forward in belief in the biblical God and search the bible for instruction it all falls apart, but some how I've been drawn back again and again. I dont doubt being surrounded by devoted believers is a part of this.
  7. Hi DanForeman, I'm sorry perhaps I ought to have explained in my op that I'm restricted to typing very slowly atm as I haven't got hang of typing on this mobile yet (sigh) so I've not gone into lots oF details but also I really don't want to look back too much. I appreciate what you've said and see from it that i need to take responsibility for my actions and not give the church so much credit, although I guess boundaries have been an area I've struggled with since being involved with church. I just want to enjoy exploring different beliefs atm without the fear, obligation and guilt that I experienced with organised religion.
  8. Hi Geezer, thanks for writing. I am sure about leaving but didn't detail all the reading I've done as to be honest I'm typing with one finger on my mobile Oops can't seem to delete that! Lol I read Karen Armstrong's book a couple of years ago and also one of Bart Ehrman's books and found them really interesting and convincing but I caved in due to some peer pressure and rather an emotional roller coaster of related issues. This time it's different because I'm not feeling the same fear and guilt to the same extent over what I believe. Thanks for suggesting the other authors .... I'm actually reading some new age books atm, which I realise wouldn't appeal perhaps to many others but I'm enjoying them. I agree with steering clear of apologetics.
  9. Hi Blamtasticful, thanks for writing ....you're right about it not being sustainable! I just know now I'll blurt something out if I don't plan my exit and yes, I've been trying to think what groups might be good to try. I'm still exploring different spiritualities rather than committing to atheism, and am interested at the moment to be reading material previously 'off-limits'. Best wishes, freedomwalker
  10. Hi MOHO, thanks for welcoming me and your reply. That sounds so challenging to have to deal with family tensions too. Thankfully my family are not christian but I'm still not quite sure how they will respond as I was quite evangelical about my beliefs. Best wishes, freedomwalker
  11. Hi padgemi, thank you for welcoming me and your reply. Yes, you could be write about getting less pressure. I suppose that's something I've been concerned about too - starting all over again with friendships if they just let go from their side completely. I'm going to think through my approach this weekend. Thanks guys for your support. Best wishes, freedomwalker
  12. Hi LogicalFallacy, thank you for your welcome and for sharing what you found helpful. It's caused me to realise that I need to sit down and think through what approach to take as there's a good chance I will keep meeting people. Hope to bump into you again. Best wishes, freedomwalker
  13. So glad to be here. Just going to dive in as not sure where to start. I kept trying to pull away from 'christianity' but got pulled back numerous times by relationships with believers. I deconverted very quickly over the past month because I couldn't handle the cognitive dissonance of trying to reconcile the contradictions in the bible anymore. However I haven't told anyone except one family member because my whole social network is christian. I care a lot about my friends but the thought that they would perceive me lying to them about my beliefs as wrong has been really bothering me. Also I'm realising that if im honest and I stay in contact with them, they will wholeheartedly be trying to convert me back. Ugh, not sure how to deal with this..... how can I quietly slip away from church gradually when another member asks me each week if I'd like to go with them? Also I am down to do 'welcome' at church for the foreseeable future. I don't want to lie but I also don't want to deal with all the fallout and pressure from so many people who are caught up in this. Well that's what's been what's happening lately. There is more but at the moment I don't want to look back too much, just focus on the present and look to the future.
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