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  1. Grateful you guys are here! I need to be more active on this site to help me in my recovery. Weird topic to bring up. At least for me it is. I was a Christian a longtime ago, but I have a few issues still. BTW I suffer at times with an Anxiety Diisorder. Which might explain this irrational issue. I have very old memories of the things I was indoctrinated. The one thing that has come up for time to time is something regarding "Emptying your mind" could be dangerous or something. That you could be allowing the enemy or Devil I guess to invade your mind. It actually makes me laugh to write this. It makes me think that the church is afraid if you "Empty your mind" you might actually have some clarity and they don't want That! What are your thoughts on this topic? Thanks!
  2. Hi all! I'm 45 years old and haven't been a Christian since I was 18 years old.I was a Christain from 14-18. When I was younger I didn't have a mind of my own so I was really easy to persuade. I really bought into the whole thing in an extreme way. I remember money being taught as if it were a bad thing or evil. For most of my life I haven't been good with Money for various reasons. But I think what I was taught at such a young age not being able to really understand deeply effected me. I know many people who are very devout Christian who are very successful and have lots of money. I'm trying to figure out went wrong with this interpretation. My reason for this post is. I'm in a stage where I'm trying to grow, but I have old beliefs that were put on me at a young age that are holding me back. I'm wanting a different career and more money! I've been anxious and fearful that I could go to Hell for it or something. I've even had thoughts like "That's too much money" Who says that? A big part of me know this is nonsense. But I'm afraid too! Please help Me! Thanks!
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