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    Learning and teaching God's word the bible by way of the holy spirit,writing church songs through the holy spirit(16 songs so far,had 17 but gave one song to a famous gospel singer) only for God and not for money,becoming a Christian children teacher,having written a memory teaching composition for teaching the bible
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    My real first name is Joseph,I am completely serious when discussing God's word,the bible,but I'm rather silly and humorous when discussing some other subjects,I am unusual to some Christians in that I actually "Listen" to both believers and non believers in God alike,as well as "Respect" everyone's individual choice in believing upon God or not believing upon God

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  1. A polite way to speak about the gay lifestyle being wrong? Very well... Well actually as much as I was looking to answer your question,God has made things evidently clear that my time is up,I shall remember my discussions with you all,as well as that I shall miss you,I know not why God is calling me away but I shall obey as I have made clear before,So goodbye and if our paths cross in the real world I hope we can be civil toward each other and understanding of each other's chosen paths in life,I leave you knowing that at the very least I have prompted through my posts for many of you
  2. I said "after marriage" as in that no raping occurred before marriage,please read again.
  3. Welcome here you can have some very interesting conversations with many intelligent people and possibly make a friend or two I still can't use the like button after over 100 posts,so you aren't alone in that lol,hope you like it here!
  4. No just been tired,had another double shift Saturday then didn't get much sleep,went to church,came home slept like a log,woke up at about 1:00 am next day,played warriors orochi until I felt groggy again,went to sleep got up at about 10 am had some breakfast,sorted out clothes for doing laundry went to sleep again(warm whether gets me feeling like doing nothing especially when rain is involved)finally at 3:pm I felt more awake to at least check back on this site,as expected alot of serious questions and responses and as always some humorous responses like yours midnite,this person as God of I
  5. Yeah I understand what you mean BAA,despite my religion I don't discredit all science many people discredit science using simple scriptures,particularly out of context or using just one verse,science has had successes and helpful developments even concerning health,medicine,and other beneficial things,to just brush that off as "nothing" or "not true" is to be foolish,science has it's place too in the world,after all even God never said for anyone to be "helpless" or "not explore" or to "not think for ourselves" I mean come on a whole planet and we aren't to explore it,use it's resources,or
  6. No in my original king james version it says repent in place of your version's "change his mind" either way same difference in both scriptures, he is not speaking on the question of "if he has lied" in Numbers it is speaking on "what reason did God have to lie about or repent from his actions or otherwise" concerning "Barak",context is important he said "should" indicating he was giving reasons that Barak's fate was sealed,because yes God repented and has repented multiple times,but he was making clear that he had no reason to neither change his mind concerning overtaking Barak nor to be disho
  7. Actually as I've shared before that I do not promote nor do I practice any hell scare tactics,sure I believe hell and heaven must be taught and preached otherwise the doctrine is phony but I don't believe in forcing religion on anyone I believe that to be wrong,everyone has their own individual choices in life,and as I also stated before I am not here in a forcicve attempt to convert anyone to believe in God though if anyone were to convert to being for God from a post of mine,I would be glad,but I am not a person on a mission to force people to believe in or serve God,nor am I here in a pett
  8. well gotta get some sleep I have another double shift in the morning good night everyone and it's been great discussing with you all!
  9. That's not entirely accurate,while I get your meaning in the bible it states that a man and a woman whom are married have no power over their bodies but of each other,so both have the power to seek intimacy of a sexual nature of each other and aren't allowed to seek intimacy of a sexual nature from anyone else,so really by that basis they meet each other's sexual intimacy willingly not forcibly,though I understand that the man is to be the authority over the household,this isn't to be interpreted that he alone makes the decisions in sexual intimacy.
  10. Well if you are talking about Deuteronomy 20 still he gave the order to utterly leave none alive in certain cities,and for certain cities for the men of war to take all therein but he never gave an order of "rape",as for any who may have gone through what you mentioned I'm sure God heard their pleas and prayers,but he had already established what was to be done concerning certain cities,and the men were already out to war,if he changed the order then the men could get confused and lose faith in their cause.
  11. that's why I said somewhat agree and that it's unfair to the woman,because the man is the wrong doer not the woman,just was speaking on the sentiment of that the guy shouldn't be allowed to just walk away from what he did to her,Jail or possible death penalty sounds more fitting though especially if the guy acts innocent afterward accepting no responsibility,because while marriage would keep the guy under constant suspicion and supervision it does sound like a reward for the guy for doing wrong.
  12. Unchanging is referring to God's power,glory and principles,not to be interpreted that God never changes his mind,he can change his mind about an order he gives or is about to do,for example in Exodus when God was ready to destroy the Israelites after going against him and his anger being waxed hot toward them(exceedingly angry)Moses reminded him of "Why" he brought the Israelites out from Egypt,and that after going through so much to not onlu free them but keep them from being killed by pharoah,and so after Moses reasoning with him to not destroy them God repented of what he sought to do to t
  13. 1.Well considering it was a time of war in Deuteronomy chp.20,and a time of establishing what was to be done concerning cities they came across,women,children,and cattle and spoil being acquired along the way was somewhat a blessing to the Israelites army as well as the enemy's women and children,of certain cities they were not to utterly destroy and slay all there in,because though the women and children would be servants in some sense to the Israelites at least they were not killed and still had a future,I see your point though that it was not open for dispute of the women and children in wh
  14. Well sorry if you feel ignored,I am on multiple chat sites discussing bible subjects so if I don't respond to a post chances are that I'm on another site,though this week I have focused my attention to particularly this site and a Christian chat site,though I do try to answer when I can on all the sites but I'm not able to answer or even notice every post directed to me,so try to be patient or if you feel it to be a post you want answered above your others then quote it,I realize you probably already have done this,but I'm not ignoring your posts I just haven't gotten to them yet,especially c
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