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    Bible criticism (this does not = hating on the Bible) and digital forensics. Everything else is just a hassle.
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    Became a sincere Christian in 2003 (fear of death and possible subsequent assignment to hell). In 2017, I reached a breaking point-I could not deal with the stress of thinking I might go to hell if I did not figure out what God wanted. I wanted answers, but I could not determine which church had it right and it was eating me alive. I realized there is no way to demonstrate or prove there is a God, let alone what they are like and what they want, or if there is a soul, or if there is an afterlife, and so forth and so on.

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  1. I struggled with this same thing when I left Christianity. I found a book by James Warren called, "Facing Death - Epicures and his critics." It really helped me to come to some of the same conclusions you mentioned in the post. As others have said, it was realizing that I did not exist for billions of years before I came to being. It did not bother me then, why should I be bothered about it when I die. I am certain that I will probably have some level of fear when I am actually dying, if I am in a situation where I will know I am dying. Mostly because I have never done it before. The book addresses that as well; I found it really helpful.
  2. If you have not ran across MythVision on YouTube, they interview a lot of scholars who talk about the same concepts. Really interesting stuff.
  3. @Freed I cannot remember your story, how long have you been questioning the Christian faith?
  4. I forget where I read it, but apparently somebody has the bright idea that history should not be taught as it really happened because it is too triggering. How does someone who gets triggered from history class even survive in this world?
  5. Cancel culture and shit like this feed into each other - amazingly she wasn't fired. Nothing hurts profits like an employee who will not bend the knee to the woke mob: https://nypost.com/2020/09/04/woman-harassed-by-blm-protesters-in-viral-video-still-supports-movement/
  6. The reason it matter is because one day....it could be you. IMO, better to get ahead of this before it is completely out of control and everyone is getting the axe.
  7. Because it has turned into, "if you do not agree with my ideology, we are going to ruin your life." I spent 21 years in the military to support the idea of free political ideas, within reason. Cancel culture is all about silencing dissent. Again, I am not going to stand up for anyone who is actually espousing racist ideas, because race does not inherently mean lesser. It is unscientific. Character and values are how I evaluate other people.
  8. Come on. I completely get taking a stance against outright bigotry and racial comments, but it has turned into a circus. People are digging stuff up from decades ago and getting people fired. It is an absurdity. I am in favor of Europe's "Right to be Forgotten." People change and some off hand comment they may have made years ago does not mean that is an accurate representation of who they are now. Really, people losing their livelihoods over something said years ago. Is that really the kind of society we want to live in? Not only that, people are getting fired even for the perception they did something wrong or they are accused of it. What is this, the Salem Witch trials? What I find even more concerning is that it is a seemingly one way street. I have heard absolutely awful things levied at white people in general that would cause riots if it was stated about other races, but hey, I guess that is okay. There should be one standard that applies to everyone, plain and simple.
  9. I would like to, but I don't see cancel culture slowing down. In my opinion, this idea that you can sterilize the world where nothing is offensive is just setting people up for failure. Does nothing but create weak people who are unable to deal with the way reality truly is. Why are mental health problems on the rise.....I wonder.
  10. @Christianchat_Chat I am not really following your line of thought; it seems a bit sporadic. Could you clarify on what exactly you are trying to argue, be that an argument for the faith, epistemology, et cetera?
  11. The underlying problem is that Christianity is an unproven assumption. It is an assertion of facts without evidence to support the assertions. Even the quips of theology you threw out are your assumptions about what Christianity is. And the reality is that even if we granted some umbrella concept of Christianity being true, nobody is in a position to know what it really is. The Bible is internally inconsistent; being "Christ like" in the Bible is not systematic. There is the book by Albert Schweitzer called The Quest of the Historical Jesus a Critical Study of Its Progress From Reimarus to Wrede. In the book, Schweitzer calls the quest for the historical Jesus much like people looking into a well and seeing their own reflection. Jesus, for anyone who studies the character, seems to extrapolate an idea that Jesus is just like they are! "Jesus supports gays; Jesus was a pacifist; Jesus was meek and mild; Jesus was a communist; Jesus was more of a progressive liberal; Jesus was more of a gun-toting republican." People see Jesus how they want (even unintentionally) to see him, and in the 21st century, we are wholly unaware of what the historical Jesus was even like, if he even existed. The Bible is a mixture of outright fabrications; pseudo-history; historical fiction; fables; ancient myth; and impossible stories with historical window dressing.
  12. @Christianchat_Chat Could you rephrase this post? I am not sure what you are trying to argue here.
  13. @fluffyapple I appreciate the question. Whenever I first had doubts about Christianity, I came to this website to pick the brains of the members here. I am going to go at Gary from a different angle: I think what is most important is to be good at picking apart an argument because the premises following conclusion is shaky. When I was leaving Christianity, I had to learn how to think better. That does not mean you, or I, was stupid, but that the area of logical argumentation was not being properly applied to religious thought. It took me some time to do it, but now I am much better at seeing the gaps in logic that apologists use to try and sound reasonable. Where Gary's, and others like him, fall flat is that their standards of evidence are extremely low for their pet belief, but then they have these super high standards of criticism when it comes to other religions. To me, that is absolutely intellectually dishonest. There should be one, objective standard, by which all claims are measured. People like Gary give their faith a free ride, but will then rip into the same kind of claims made by Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Jainism, etc. Only by listening to the other side did I pick up how to spot a faulty argument. I have a recommendation of a YouTuber who I think does a fair job of picking apart the claims of Christians, and that is Paulogia. Here is a video on his response to Gary Habermas's "evidence" for the resurrection :
  14. I understand the feeling all to well. Deconverting was not easy, it had its own challenges and ideas I had to face. Getting used to the idea that I was probably not going to live forever was a major hangup for me. I was really bothered by the idea for a couple of years. I cannot say exactly how I got over it, but generally speaking, I realized there is nothing I want to do forever. Right now, the idea of living forever sounds dreadful. Anyways, on to what you are speaking to, I think you should take time to think and focus on what exactly is bothering you, not just focus on the feelings. The feelings are coming from a thought, and until you address that thought or idea, you will have these lingering feelings; and honestly, it is perfectly normal. What always helped me was to investigate what I was thinking about and the associated feeling, then try to uncover why that thought bothers me. Once I was able pin down that specific thought, and the principle behind it, I was able to deal with it and grow.
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