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    Became a sincere Christian in 2003 (fear of death and possible subsequent assignment to hell). In 2017, I reached a breaking point-I could not deal with the stress of thinking I might go to hell if I did not figure out what God wanted. I wanted answers, but I could not determine which church had it right and it was eating me alive. I realized there is no way to demonstrate or prove there is a God, let alone what they are like and what they want, or if there is a soul, or if there is an afterlife, and so forth and so on.

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  1. @TABA I listened to the audiobook, I was not a fan. It did not really address the evolution of Satan in Jewish/Christian history, it was more about these groups claiming anything that was outside of their orthodoxy as satanic or evil. If I remember correctly, she kind of addressed it, but she kept going down what I considered irrelevant rabbit holes.
  2. Don't let Kent Hovind, Ken Ham, or Banana Man hear you say that. As voiced by Banana Man, "Are you trying to tell me that these brainless creatures can make an intricate web like that, and they were not created for that specific purpose. I don't have enough faith to be an atheist." He should lead with that in his next move with Kirk Cameron.
  3. Ever since I learned that Barabbas meant "son of the father" and Jesus (or really Joshua) means Savior, I thought the story of Pilate letting one of them go had to be Midrash reworking into the New Testament. There is no historical data indicating there was a tradition of letting a prisoner go on Passover, and the story makes way more sense as a literary ploy tying the release of Barabbas and Jesus to Leviticus 16.
  4. That is really interesting. I never heard that interpretation before.
  5. I found a documentary that does a really good job explaining the origins of Christianity and some of the theories going around in scholarly circles. It is clean, entertaining, and chock full of good information: https://deepdivedocumentaries.com/ You can stream the documentary on the website as a 72-hour rental at $4.99, or buy it for $24.99. Enjoy!
  6. I think the 90s was a bit late for the apex of the "Satanic Panic," but it was not too far after. If I remember correctly, the Satanic Panic was in full swing during the 70s/80s. "It seems that if Jesus is looking out for his sheep then he would not let his sheep be harmed by 'The Enemy.' You wouldn't have to concern yourself with 'The Enemy.' And if God allows Satan to wreak havoc in your life so you will 'turn to God' then God is 'The Enemy.'" Great point, I was trying to say the same thing in another thread, but I do not believe I articulated it as well as you did. In case it was not clear, my comments on Satan are all merely hypothetical as well. I am speaking from a point of using the historical-critical method to shine some light on ideas of Satan as they developed over time, but not as if I am saying I think he is a real thing. 10 points to you for your use of principle of analogy with the Spiderman comment..
  7. You have demonstrated time and again you are unwilling to listen. I studied Jewish Satanic apologetics? Have you completely lost your mind....well, based on your BS, probably. You can quote mine the Bible all you want, but as I have stated before, you are ignorant to the history of the Bible, who wrote it, how the canon was developed, or the demonstrable changing of ideas and theology throughout the whole collection of writing. I am not going to say this again, I think it can be argued that Satan, as modern day Christians define him, is foreign to the earliest theology in the Old Testament. Satan's introduction in the Old Testament was one who tested people and brought their shortcomings before God. He was not in charge of anything! It was not until later theology was being worked out, by humans, to where he got the status he does today. Last I am going to say on it.
  8. I saw that @midniterider started a similar topic back in 2019, and in light of a recent guest at EX-C who is just absolutely fixated on the idea that Satan is this cosmic antagonist who rivals YHWH's power, I thought it would be great to get to the core of this nefarious character and unearth his development in the Jewish and Christian faith. In my opinion, a recent guest's entire worldview rests on the idea that Satan is manipulating the minds of every non believer that everything we know about science is completely bogus nonsense and not to be trusted. I want to kick off the discussion by stating that I find the notion of Satan ridiculous in light of an all-knowing, all-powerful, all-loving, and perfect God. If that is the kind of God we are dealing with, then Satan is no more than a pawn in some cosmic game. Satan is only as powerful as YHWH let's him be and he must be answering to God is some capacity: Job 1:6 Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan (or rather "the satan" = the accuser) also came among them. Satan is allowed at the council of God, so something is up. He cannot be that much of an adversary. SV wanted to argue that Ezekiel 28 stated Satan was made perfect, but then he fell. I find it strange that something that is perfect, is yet defunct enough to start slipping. How exactly does perfection fail? It must be implied that God built a defect into Satan for El Diablo to tap into it.
  9. I am not sure what you mean by the sentence I placed in bold. Never said Satan was the good guy. Your are placing words in my mouth and misrepresenting what I am saying. Nothing in the OT says Satan was a good guy, humans hated him. He was always demonstrating their faults to God. I never said anything about praising him, I am saying you give him way too much credit. I am glad you brought up Satan grabbing Christians "not close to God" - whatever that means. Why would an all loving God let something like that happen? So if someone is seeking God, trying to figure out his will, his response is to leave them hanging and let his "adversary" have him. Geez, thanks for looking out. Is that how you treat your kids? Just abandon them when they need your help?
  10. This is your biggest hang up. You will not listen to anything outside of your preferred narrative because of this ridiculous notion of Satan you have. You give Satan god-like powers. In your head you are drawing these connections and they are completely unfounded. Earlier, I was going to ask you how you thought that all the countries in the world, including the enemies of the United States or UK, were in this giant space conspiracy. But I realized I knew your answer before I even asked. I am convinced you think Satan is so powerful, that he has literally corrupted the minds of everyone, or he is controlling people, however you think about it, so somehow, someway every country with a space program is lying. I wish you could see how absolutely ludicrous the notion is. From a big picture point of view, it is absolutely untenable. You have gone down a rabbit hole so far, I am not sure you could come back. I mean it when I say this, most people want to know the facts. Speaking for myself, I want to believe in as few false things as possible. If something can be shown or demonstrated to be true, awesome, put that in the toolkit of knowledge. Those of us here on Ex-C did not come here because we want to live in sin, or rebel, or give ourselves over to some idiotic adversary of God. I say this because I know that you are sold on the idea that everyone here secretly believes in God but we love darkness or some bogus nonsense you are convinced of because "the Bible Told Me So." That idea in your head is not real. You are attributing false motivations to people who are way more complex than the black and white dichotomy the Bible espouses. If the earth was flat, there is no reason to hide it. Nobody gains anything from hiding it, and it would have been common knowledge a long time ago.
  11. I thought God was a spirit? Walking around in a garden sounds very anthropomorphic (unless NT theology makes us not take that literally)....almost like the earliest writings in the Torah portray a very human-like idea of God. It's a mystery!
  12. So T-Rex was in the garden eating....watermelons with those big teeth? Death was around way before any modern humans, get over yourself. I was going to correct myself, but then I realized you are forcing an interpretation of the text. You are reading assumptions in that I will not grant. The only tree they were forbidden to eat from was the tree in the middle of the garden. It is possible they were already eating from the tree of life to prevent their death. I love the fact that you pump yourself up in your ignorance and arrogance. God's special gnostic; the chosen one of revelation.
  13. 2 Peter is a forgery. Moreover, that passage you quoted is about the delay of the Parousia. Early Christians thought Jesus was to return soon and establish a kingdom on earth, and they thought it was happening soon (definitely not 2000+ years later). Skeptics of the religion were giving Christians a hard time about the arrival of the Kingdom of God and 2 Peter is a later apologetic to try and explain away the delay of the Parousia.
  14. False. Go back and read Genesis. Adam was not inherently immortal. He and Eve had to continue eating from the tree of live to live forever (Genesis 3:22).
  15. I recommend heading to this website: www.talkorigins.org/ It full of information arguing from the creationist side and from the scientific side. At the end of the day, I read both sides of the argument and I ultimately found the scientific side more convincing. The answers they provided were thoughtful, studied, and provided explanatory power.
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