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    Bible criticism (this does not = hating on the Bible) and digital forensics. Everything else is just a hassle.
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    Became a sincere Christian in 2003 (fear of death and possible subsequent assignment to hell). In 2017, I reached a breaking point-I could not deal with the stress of thinking I might go to hell if I did not figure out what God wanted. I wanted answers, but I could not determine which church had it right and it was eating me alive. I realized there is no way to demonstrate or prove there is a God, let alone what they are like and what they want, or if there is a soul, or if there is an afterlife, and so forth and so on.

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  1. Thank you @Robert_Tulip for your responses. Very interesting topic and I enjoyed reading it. I would definitely have to learn more about astrology to better understand what you are saying. Back in my Christian days astrology was not on the table for studying and I don't really have much of an idea about it other than I am a Cancer, which I think is a crab or something.
  2. I apologize, I phrased that poorly. What I meant to say was that it is difficult for me, that is, I am committing the fallacy of incredulity, to think the Christ story was made out of whole cloth because the motivations to do such a thing are beyond my personality and character. Essentially, it would be so far from me to do such a thing that I cannot understand why anyone would do it. I have difficulty understanding their mindset, motivations, and the energy to take to such a task.
  3. @Robert_Tulip I had a question about the gospels containing clues or hints as to Christianity's astrological origins. It is my understanding that the gospels, whatever their original content may have been, were later redacted, who knows how many times, to make them more orthodox. If that is the case, are we really seeing clues of astrology? Would it not make more sense that the gospels as we have them are the workings of ecclesiastical redactors? Is the argument being made that the original evangelist was writing a theology based on astrology? I have trouble tying that
  4. After reading essay and other Christ Myth ideas, it is my understanding the original theology was astrological/mythical. Most compelling is how Paul talks about the celestial Christ; weird for a historical figure to say the least. I think a good argument can be made that Paul was going through the Old Testament and extrapolating a messiah and thinking about what happened to this messiah in the heavenly realm. Of course there are some aspects in Paul's writings that do not totally line up with that. Was that Paul's original idea? Did he hear it from someone else and start investigating himself?
  5. Thank you for posting, definitely going to give it a read. Personally, I am agnostic on the historicity of Jesus. I don't think there is evidence there was a historical Jesus, but I am skeptical about the Christ Myth. It is more an argument from incredulity. I suppose I don't understand the motivations surrounding such an idea or how it would even get off the ground.
  6. Check out this book, it does provide some balance to the climate change alarmist: https://www.amazon.com/Apocalypse-Never-Environmental-Alarmism-Hurts/dp/0063001691/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 I do understand how you feel. It is easy to be anxious about all of the world's problems as if they are on you to figure out. Truth is, it's not. I used to get all worked up thinking everything I did would somehow help solve the climate change problem. Truth is, the entire world needs to be on board before anything really drastic is going to happen. And in my opinion, tech
  7. As @ToHellWithMe said, you may feel some sense of courage in that you believe in YHWH, but you don't bend the knee. If this God did have the power to send you to eternal torture, it wouldn't be long before you were begging to get out. Everyone has a breaking point and it is probably a lot closer than you think. I get where you are coming from, but I disagree with you on a foundational basis. I don't buy into what you believe, even about yourself, as comporting to reality. Now, I am always open to new information, but unless you could demonstrate, that is, verify your beliefs in mag
  8. @freedomwalker Check out this recommended reading list for books discussing higher criticism: http://robertmprice.mindvendor.com/study_list.htm
  9. https://www.amazon.com/Birth-Satan-Tracing-Devils-Biblical/dp/1403969337 Check out that book. I have it and it goes over all of what you mentioned. Great read.
  10. I want to address what I find to be holes in this theory and I am going to address a more fundamental issue: Everything in your statement is an assertion of fact, but it is nothing you could demonstrate to be true, this line of thinking is what I am going to address after I go over the theological topics you bring about. It is strange that God would create darkness knowing this planet would need to be redeemed. Which means that God created an imperfect creation. A perfect being set out and deliberately created something that was planned to fail. Consider Satan, demons,
  11. @Josh19 I really understand where you are coming from. I had the same thoughts before I ended up leaving Christianity. I did not leave it right away, but the doubts were definitely there. I thought about how insane of an idea Hell was. How could a loving God, or really a God with a shred of compassion continue to hate elements of his creation for eternity in Hell, especially in light of the fact that he is asking us to forgive our enemies (as you mentioned in one of your statements, Jesus = God within Trinity theology). It occurred to me, God was asking us to do one thing, while he did another
  12. @Josh19 I read your profile, especially the "About me" section. I think you are in good company here. Matter of fact, you remind me of myself, and my thought process, when I first joined Ex-C three years ago. I look forward to seeing more content from you.
  13. I have listened and read the arguments from some of the bigger proponents of mythicism, namely Dr. Price and Dr. Carrier. I think some of their arguments are pretty solid, but I am not fully convinced that was the case. In my personal opinion, I am inclined to think there was some historical figure, but there is so much myth and legend wrapped around him, we cannot really say much about who he might have been. When I started to investigate the historical evidence as a believer, and later as a non-believer, I could not believe there were no contemporary writings about him. There wer
  14. I agree with @midniterider, I think this is a form of OCD. I recognize the symptoms because I used to think like that. Everything has to be extreme, Jesus demands everything and you better be willing to give it up or Jesus is going to punish you. It was this kind of extreme thinking that actually drove me out of religion. I was so obsessed with it, I ended up studying my way out of it when I realized that I couldn't really determine how extreme I had to be. It is a bit more nuanced than that, but it was a factor. I am sorry you have to deal with this, but I can tell you, it is unli
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