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    Bible criticism (this does not = hating on the Bible) and digital forensics. Everything else is just a hassle.
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    Became a sincere Christian in 2003 (fear of death and possible subsequent assignment to hell). In 2017, I reached a breaking point-I could not deal with the stress of thinking I might go to hell if I did not figure out what God wanted. I wanted answers, but I could not determine which church had it right and it was eating me alive. I realized there is no way to demonstrate or prove there is a God, let alone what they are like and what they want, or if there is a soul, or if there is an afterlife, and so forth and so on.

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  1. I would like to, but I don't see cancel culture slowing down. In my opinion, this idea that you can sterilize the world where nothing is offensive is just setting people up for failure. Does nothing but create weak people who are unable to deal with the way reality truly is. Why are mental health problems on the rise.....I wonder.
  2. @Christianchat_Chat I am not really following your line of thought; it seems a bit sporadic. Could you clarify on what exactly you are trying to argue, be that an argument for the faith, epistemology, et cetera?
  3. The underlying problem is that Christianity is an unproven assumption. It is an assertion of facts without evidence to support the assertions. Even the quips of theology you threw out are your assumptions about what Christianity is. And the reality is that even if we granted some umbrella concept of Christianity being true, nobody is in a position to know what it really is. The Bible is internally inconsistent; being "Christ like" in the Bible is not systematic. There is the book by Albert Schweitzer called The Quest of the Historical Jesus a Critical Study of Its Progress From Reimarus to Wr
  4. @Christianchat_Chat Could you rephrase this post? I am not sure what you are trying to argue here.
  5. @fluffyapple I appreciate the question. Whenever I first had doubts about Christianity, I came to this website to pick the brains of the members here. I am going to go at Gary from a different angle: I think what is most important is to be good at picking apart an argument because the premises following conclusion is shaky. When I was leaving Christianity, I had to learn how to think better. That does not mean you, or I, was stupid, but that the area of logical argumentation was not being properly applied to religious thought. It took me some time to do it, but now I am much better
  6. I understand the feeling all to well. Deconverting was not easy, it had its own challenges and ideas I had to face. Getting used to the idea that I was probably not going to live forever was a major hangup for me. I was really bothered by the idea for a couple of years. I cannot say exactly how I got over it, but generally speaking, I realized there is nothing I want to do forever. Right now, the idea of living forever sounds dreadful. Anyways, on to what you are speaking to, I think you should take time to think and focus on what exactly is bothering you, not just focus on the feelings. The f
  7. Poci, Ultimately, if you want to be a Christian, well, it is your life and your decision. That being said, it should be something you dive into because you think it is real, there is truth in the claims of Christianity. Myself, and I recognize a few others here, are truth seekers. We want to know what is real and remove as many false beliefs from our minds as possible. That being said, I have investigated the claims of Christianity, and I do not think there is good or sufficient evidence to warrant the idea it is somehow the reality we are operating in. I recognized t
  8. I am waiting for Christians to go bananas over cryptocurrency as the mark of the beast, if they are not already.
  9. I will add a theological point. A lot of times you hear this statement from someone who has a certain theological view, and that is, Once Saved; Always Saved. Essentially once you are in God's hands, he will not let go of you. Those who stick to this doctrine believe it with all their might and therefore, if someone on here was a true believer, then this simply has to be some period of doubt, or God is teaching them a lesson of some kind, then when it is over, they will return to the flock and be a more potent evangelist than every before! Also I think it has to do with the fear th
  10. I heard Aron Ra comment on this and I thought it was a good point. He stated that Christians are trying to tell you they know you better than yourself. Somehow, they know your thoughts better than you do. In reality, it is that they do not understand how someone just does not believe. For them, it is an axiom or a given, without investigating their own beliefs.
  11. I was invited to a church service in Germany. It was not a German congregation, but some Americans who were retired living there or something along those lines. If memory serves me right, it was called "Prophetic Word of God Church." It must have been my lucky day because they had a guest pastor. Him and his wife claimed they could prophecize over people. They thought they had some special insight where the Holy Spirit would tell them something hidden or perhaps not publicly known about a person. This was during my Calvinist days so I cracked open my trusty, John MacArthur Study Bi
  12. Exactly! Only place I know of where I can talk theology and biblical criticism and people actually know what I am talking about. Your average pew potato has no idea about scholarship or skepticism when the discussion gets going. Usually if someone hears that I know a lot about the Bible, has some questions, and they are a believer, I give them a warning up front that this may be a road they do not want to go down.
  13. @Sirolo Sorry to hear you are having a rough go right now. If there is one thing I understand, it is fear of Hell. It is safe to say that was the foundation of my relationship with Christianity. It took me a long time to get over that fear as well, maybe two to three years after deconversion it stopped being a fear that crept up every now and then. I do not know what will work for you, but for me, I had to stop thinking about what is possible and focus on what is probable. I spent a lot of time studying Christianity both inside and out. I am confident in saying that the odds of Ch
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