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  1. Hi Weezer, going back to this set of great questions from Sept 28. The problem with your questions about unknown past civilizations is that it directly invites speculation into lines of thinking that have been generally discredited. The Chariots of the Gods argument from the 1960s and the whole ancient aliens topic are seen as highly dubious, resting on very weak evidence. The Atlantis story from Plato is equally improbable, as are the theosophical ideas about lost continents. The basic problems are the lack of support in the archaeological and genetic records. Genetic data supports a
  2. The angle of separation between the celestial equator and the ecliptic is 23°, equal to the tilt of the earth’s axis. There is no need for the chi to have this same angle, as it is only a symbolic representation. The chi rho cross has evolved since ancient times, with a range of angles used within the chi. The conventional interpretation is textual, that it symbolises the first two letters of the name of Christ. Therefore we can expect renditions to reflect the usual shape of the X rather than the angle of the heavens. However there is also a long standing cosmic
  3. Hi Walter, the line of thinking you suggest is sadly prevalent among apologists, but it involves rationalising a rebuttal that resolutely refuses to recognise real evidence. By that I mean that traditional Christians are certain that astrology is Satanic, and that therefore ancient Judaism, as a non-Satanic belief system, must have rejected astrology and everything that reminds them of astrology, such as the presence of God in the zodiac. That attitude produces a carapace that is immensely difficult to penetrate, but that is why I don’t care what apologists think and prefer to engage with peo
  4. Hi Walter, your comment about End Times thinking raised the interesting problem of the implications of realising that conventional Christian mythology is an imaginary supernatural fantasy. I fully agree that a scientific appreciation of the immensity of deep time has to be the basis of seeing the real fragile sensitivity of our existence on this planet and the grave risks to our planetary future. There should be no credence for obsolete false religious fantasies about a literal interventionist God. My view on this is complex. I work on the hypothesis that an ancient Gnostic comm
  5. The modern worldview in philosophy regards evidence and logic as the highest values. That means all presuppositions should be subjected to rigorous skepticism. Such a modern attitude is anathema to the conventional religious faith mentality which sees tradition and authority as the highest values. Science is slowly but steadily replacing religion as the basis of the accepted consensus moral framework for society. That is a change that is far from complete, perhaps because some religious ideas have an enduring validity that has not yet been accepted within the liberal political vision widel
  6. I have just made a short youtube video, The Astronomy of the North Pole. This ten minute video provides a scientific animation of the movement of the north pole against the background stars over the last 14,000 years and into the future, to explain how authors of the Bible may have used visual observation of this slow movement to construct their mythology. https://youtu.be/6wRRXbrQHrg
  7. · Two books make that method of secrecy immensely clear. The Memory Code by Lynne Kelly looks at the anthropology of initiation, explaining that all preliterate societies placed power among a small group of knowledgeable elders, who kept the purity of their cultural tradition by group recitation through oral memory, keeping this knowledge as a secret for initiates while telling the uninitiated simplified versions. That ancient method of secret memory existed since the dawn of language, and only broke down with the rise of writing. The other book is The Celestial Key to the Vedas
  8. I just want to be systematic and go through the comments that I want to respond to in chronological order. So here is a bunch more responses from this Sept 18 comment from Josh. · This is a simple explanation that you have given here Josh, so it mystifies me that this interpretation of Christian origins gets totally ignored by mainstream scholarship. It needs to be explained in a peer reviewed journal article, such as in Robert Price's Journal of Higher Criticism. The BC/AD turning point is physically marked by this simple empirical observation of precession. In the Weste
  9. · Hi Josh, going back to this comment from two weeks ago, my point in the video was to show how precession appeared to the ancient astronomers, providing a very simple introduction to its cultural meaning. Your phrase “how precession works” is a good shorthand, but is a bit different, covering the astronomical explanation, which was not available to the ancients. Newton’s analysis of the effect of the sun and moon on the bulge around the earth’s equator began the modern explanation of how precession works. Out of interest, the British Royal Society has an article published in 1806 on
  10. Josh, I see you made an even earlier comment that I still need to respond to, discussing my short video of the astronomy of precession. Will come back to that. For now, I have several comments on your analysis around the connection between the Yuga vision and the Second Coming. There is nothing I enjoy more than this type of serious conversation. I am presenting a very different form of second coming claim, totally excluding all supernatural and magical content. I imagine the idea of Jesus Christ as king of the world solely as a construction of secular philosophy.
  11. Lots of good comments here, but just dealing with this one immediately. It is not a sidetrack at all to ask how a precessional cosmology relates to the metaphysics of eternal life. The concept of eternal life really needs intensive philosophical analysis. There is a heavy dose of psychological fantasy and corrupt selfishness in the idea that religion, as our connection to ultimate reality, offers the promise that the individual ego will remain in existence for ever. Eternity can be grounded in Plato's three subjects in The Academy - logic, physics and ethics. For lo
  12. There is a joke that the meek will inherit the earth except for the mineral rights. The point of the Sermon on the Mount is that the Kingdom of God involves a complete inversion of the values of the Kingdom of the World. Exactly how that paradigm shift was originally intended is deeply hidden by the twenty centuries of stony sleep of Christendom. The fall from grace involves an evil corruption of worldly power whereby decisions are based on short term rather than long term interests, alienating culture from nature. Considering the idea that the last are first in the Kingdom of Go
  13. Following up Weezer's comment that the constellation information is hard to understand, the above short video tries to explain it in simple terms. As the philosopher of science Carl Popper said, science progresses by conjecture and refutation. The point of new valuable conjectures is that they provide a better explanation of the available data. That is how I see the precession hypothesis. I plan to engage further with Richard Carrier on this in terms of his new book Jesus From Outer Space!
  14. Hey Josh, thanks for this superb Yuga Age diagram from Yukteswar. Before people assume it is just theosophical hooey, I suggest comparison to the scientific diagram below, which shows how this same global cycle of light and dark actually occurs as a function of orbital mechanics, due to the season of the perihelion. Yukteswar's dating of the Yuga cycle is grounded in mythological religion, but is only about 10% off in period and timing from the accurate scientific knowledge of Milankovitch Cycles. This information provides an empirical basis to conjecture that humanity went through a descen
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