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  1. Picking up on this discussion of Acharya S (DM Murdock), I went with her to Yucatan in Mexico to celebrate the alleged Mayan end of the world at the 2012 solstice. We were able to have some wonderful conversations as we were generally like-minded, with an interest in New Age thinking while trying to approach it from a critical rational perspective. We both had a paucity of people able to engage with us on the hypothesis of Jesus as the Sun which underlies the precession hypothesis. Her death was caused by poverty. She dedicated her life to her intellectual work, but was unfairly rubbished b
  2. Clayton 50,000 words is far too long for me to read. However, having skimmed your essay, I endorse your general direction. The Christian apologist claims that “Zeitgeist has been debunked” are fallacious. They tend to find some points of detail that can be questioned and use that to cast doubt on the overall argument, using the strategy of argument by deflection. Often there is an underlying emotional attitude at play, such as the contempt for Pharaoh that many Christians acquire in Sunday School, let alone the repugnance that Christians have toward claims that Jesus was invent
  3. Hello Walter, this is good advice. I might just take this chance to give some more background. When I wrote my BA Honours thesis on precession in Christianity back in 1985, I found that the academics in the philosophy department where I did my degree were completely unwilling to discuss it, and instead dismissed it out of hand. I found that reception traumatic, although I do blame myself for being too cautious and secretive. Admittedly I did include a number of highly speculative ideas, and did not always present them very well, but I thought they deserved discussion. The sens
  4. There really is no need to use any astrology to understand this material, although I grant that at the popular level of understanding any discussion of the zodiac is closely linked to astrology. However, I want to steer completely away from any magical claims about influence of the stars, and just stick to the empirical observable information. For those who are less familiar with visual astronomy, and the basics of precession, I have just made a ten minute youtube video, available at https://youtu.be/NN5fIhwIS_Q, showing an animated star map going through 7000 years of precession
  5. A good summary of the Hellenistic period of Judaism from the time of Alexander’s conquest is at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hellenistic_Judaism My view is that this period was far richer intellectually than is generally recognised, as I explained above with the metaphor of a bare field that once was a rich forest. For example, Gnosticism is now viewed by Christians as a later corruption of the original Jesus story, whereas I see it in reverse, that Gnosticism was the parent and orthodoxy the corrupt offshoot. As the Greeks established cities such as Alexandria and Antioch, they sought to c
  6. Yes it is a very interesting question exactly what the evangelists had in mind. Conventionally, the goal of the evangelists is set out in John 21, “these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.” The purpose of these public documents was to inculcate belief and encourage growth of the cult. Luke opened his Gospel with the claim to be informing a lover of God “so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught.” But Luke 8:10 also includes Mark and Matthew’s statement from Jesus to the disciples that "The knowledge of the secrets of th
  7. Yes, with a significant twist on Young Earth Creationism. The Gospels were constructed on the basis of the 7000 year theory of time, but the underlying secret teaching that gave rise to this fundamentalist theory was that the zodiac age of Taurus was the time of Adam and Noah, the Age of Aries was the time of Abraham and Moses, the Age of Pisces is the time of Christ, and the Age of Aquarius is the millennium of restoration inaugurated by the Second Coming of Christ. The Millennial Day Theory article in Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millennial_Day_Theory explains that
  8. My view on your excellent question is that the mystery of Christian origins can be compared to building a house, where scaffolding is erected as a framework to enable the workers to do their jobs during construction, and then removed leaving no trace once the building is finished. Similarly, proto-Christian mystics developed the idea that a world messiah would arrive at the dawn of the zodiac age of Pisces – that was the scaffolding. They then developed an elaborate fantasy mythology based on this framework, as a simplified popular version aimed to introduce people to the cult –
  9. Hi Walter, good points. I tried in the text to explain your point about visualising the alignment. I didn’t put the chi rho cross straight on top of the triple intersection because it is important to see them side by side for comparison, angled to match the corresponding features of the sky at the time of Christ. It is interesting that the conventional constellation figure has the Aries ram directly indicating this X point with his hoof. You say you have trouble visualising it, but your comment seems to understand it quite well. The Chi is an X, which was described by Plato in t
  10. My view is that Paul was part of a Gnostic mystery philosophy tradition, integrating the Jewish prophetic tradition with the Platonic idea of the philosopher king, with the astronomical/astrological framework of the zodiac ages as the underlying natural structure. Imagining what Paul really thought is a bit like looking at a bare field and trying to picture the complex ecology of the rich forest that once stood there. It is very difficult to do, and very easy to get it wrong. We have a tendency to wrongly assume that the extant situation represents what originally occurred, and to read
  11. This question of Paul’s intentions should be central to theology. His tiny ambiguous references to Christ as a historical person are marginal to his main vision of Christ as a symbol of cosmic grace. My interpretation of Paul is strongly influenced by my MA thesis on the existentialist philosopher Martin Heidegger. His definition of logos as “the original connecting connectedness of being” appears to draw strongly from Paul, imagining Christ in purely conceptual terms as the universal principle of connectedness. This conceptual framework imagined Christ as a mediator, connecting our f
  12. As Hierophant has pointed out, the later construction of Christendom by Constantine is a separate issue from the original possible precessional cosmology. But there is the very interesting ‘Chi in the Sky’ allegedly seen by Constantine as a heavenly sign before the decisive battle of Milvian Bridge, leading to the Chi Rho Cross becoming an imperial standard. My view is that this story has a likely connection to the astronomy, reflecting secret knowledge that Christianity was grounded in the observation of the overall structure of time symbolised by the movement of the chi formed
  13. Hi Hierophant, thanks for these and later comments. Regarding this 'argument from incredulity', either Jesus Christ lived or he didn't. I'm not sure from your brief remark what you think constitutes the argument from incredulity. Are you saying that people just find the Gospel story incredible and jump to the conclusion it must have been fiction? I agree that is not a strong argument by itself, in view of the possibility that the Gospel myths were woven around a real person. However, where the argument for total fabrication is strong, in my view, is in the religious and political motivatio
  14. Yes exactly. This origin of the Chi Rho symbol in astronomy is an original claim on my part that I have never seen discussed elsewhere. Yet its scientific clarity and parsimony qualifies it to be an important hypothesis for the astronomical foundations of Christianity. The conventional placement of the alpha and omega symbols also coheres with the idea that the advent of Christ was imagined as a turning point of time, with the BC/AD structure constructed from this ancient empirical observation of the movement of the spring point between the constellations. The problem is that this whole
  15. Hi Josh Yes, my conversion to Christ Skepticism owed a lot to reading Murdock. I have had a passionate interest in existential theology for more than thirty five years. I had never encountered the Christ Myth Theory until a friend at booktalk.org introduced me to Earl Doherty's work in 2009. It was a complete shock to me to realize that Paul's Epistles make far more sense based on a fictional than a real Jesus, and that Philo never mentioned Jesus. These were the immediate catalysts for me to say that the existence of Jesus is dubious, and to gradually work out that the only et
  16. My attached short essay on Precession as the Framework of Christian Origins was published last year as an Appendix in The Christ Conspiracy Second Edition by DM Murdock (Acharya S). (4000 words) I helped Dr Robert M. Price to edit this new second edition. This book was quite controversial when it first came out in 1999, with its uncompromising presentation of the hypothesis that the myth of Jesus Christ arose as a personification of the Sun. I agree with this argument, and consider that it presents a complex and coherent perspective on religion. Before her death in 2015, Acharya be
  17. The value in the Christian mythos is its hidden vision of cosmic order. This vision only makes sense as something entirely compatible with modern scientific knowledge, recognising atheism as an ethical method that applies due scepticism to the emotional comforts of religious fantasy. All Christian claims about miracles as actions of God are a corrupt delusion. The Bible itself supports this critical interpretation at Mark 8:12, where Jesus has just allegedly performed the miracle of feeding the multitude, and then immediately tells the Pharisees that no sign from heaven will be
  18. Belief is an obsolete ontology. Evidence and logic are the highest moral values. We should never believe anything that lacks strong support in evidence and logic. The entire story of the Bible is fictional, so its meaning rests in its ethical symbolism, not any claims about actual intervention of God in history. The whole concept of a literal God is deeply corrupt, serving to support a social hierarchy. The real God is a complete mystery, whose attributes cannot reliably be asserted to include existence or intention. Even so, constructing God as a product of transcendental imagination se
  19. The gospel writers imagined a new age with Christ as avatar, presenting a moral theory that would entirely transform the prevailing sentiments of the old age. How I see it is that the Age of Pisces presented new ideas, such as the Beatitudes and Last Judgement, with the view that it would take 2000 years until the Age of Aquarius before it would become possible for such radical liberation theology to become a basis for human life. So the Book of Revelation is a prediction of an ethical model for the Age of Aquarius, creating a new heaven and new earth – behold I make all things new.
  20. This point about the precession of the equinox is extremely obscure for a general audience, but it provides the key to explain the real meaning of the Gospels. The ancients could see for centuries beforehand that at the time of Christ the spring point would move from Aries to Pisces, an event that entirely provides the basis for the alleged prophecies of the Old Testament and the meaning for the symbolic imagery of Christ. This astral meaning was stripped out of the texts as heresy, but can readily be seen if we know what to look for. For example you mention the fish and virgin symbols of t
  21. Yes. For example, if we ask what is the kernel of truth in the stories of Christmas and Easter, the basic fact that they occur just after the winter solstice and spring equinox provides a far more meaningful explanation than the traditional superstitions of supernatural intervention. Christmas represents the birth of the sun after the shortest day of the year, while Easter represents the triumph of life over death as the days become longer than the nights and the sun enters the northern hemisphere. These examples are just the beginning of how to see the Gospels as astral allegory to consider
  22. Hi Josh, yes we had some superb conversations at Free Thought Nation, especially on the stellar meaning in the apocalypse. So sad that Acharya passed away at such a young age. I often read her work and find that she has a clarity of vision that is profound and inspiring, with an amazing solid foundation in scholarly analysis of primary sources. The scale of attack from inerrantist bigots and their dogmatic friends contributed to her early death. The ongoing failure to engage with Murdock's ideas shows how difficult it is to have a rational conversation about religion. I helpe
  23. Looking to your original reply, you seem to misunderstand my comment that the kernel of truth in Christianity is allegorical, since you relate it to the Golden Rule, which is not allegory. I am saying that Bible stories like the Tree of Life in Rev 22 were originally written as direct allegory for empirical observation of the starry sky. This is simple to explain but not well known. Allegorical cosmology is not compatible with inerrantist fundamentalism. Myth, including Christianity, has four functions - awe, cosmology, ethics and comfort - to paraphrase Joseph Campbell. Your s
  24. I see the 'kernel of truth' in Christianity as the direct basis of the Christ Myth in the ancient observation of precession of the equinoxes. This is a heavily concealed story that has numerous points of justification. The ancients could see for centuries or millennia before Christ that the sun would enter the northern hemisphere in Pisces at around the time we now know was 21 AD. This intellectual structure of astronomy gave the impetus to Old Testament prophecy of Christ, and is the scientific basis of core Christian allegories including the alpha and omega, the loaves and fishes, the hol
  25. Hello, ages since I posted here. I am an old friend of Josh with shared interests in astrotheology. I have just been cruising around the threads and thought I would comment here. My view is that the original primary meaning of the Bible, like all mythology, was as a popular fictional introduction to secret esoteric wisdom held by initiates. But the Roman conquest suppressed that whole Gnostic mystery method, leading eventually to the damaging psychosis of modern inerrantism. Recovering the fragments of the original meaning, a key theme is that the Bible sees God as revealed i
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