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  1. The bible didn't mention you have excellent sunglasses.

    1. God


      Ha! It's pretty safe to assume all my stuff is awesome, even the if the bible is silent on it. Lol!

  2. Nah, all my subjects prefer to capitulate and laugh at what I command them to laugh at. I laugh in the face of fools like you. You do realize that I sent a bear to maul a slew of street youths for calling one of my homies bald. You shouldn't fuck with me and you better get ta laughin.
  3. I have an even gooder reason for my pride, I'M the LORD. Soak in the worldly pleasures and attention, son, but you being funny just means I'M funny since I created you.
  4. God has poked TheRedneckProfessor with the middle finger of justice.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. TheRedneckProfessor


      I would have thought an upgrade would be impossible for a god who is the same yesterday, today and forever.

    3. God


      Not if it was always a part of my plan to begin with.

    4. TheRedneckProfessor


      Yeah.  I've seen how well your "plans" work out.

  5. You're here, right? Blessing enough. Work on that pride issue and we might work something out.
  6. Um. Motherfucker, I don't sin. I change the Bible to backtrack on my actions so it's never sin. It's all in there under the "NEW Covenant." It's okay, you'll get there. I like you, kid. Maybe I'll make you a profit some day.
  7. Yes, I didn't know a whole bunch of us were going to go join or I'd have picked a different user. Felt disrespectful to call myself "God" over there. I can ask to change the user if you'd like, since I don't represent you all.
  8. I just wanted to pop in here, rare I know, and say that I'm backing off the sarcasm and snark with William. He has been gracious. Frustrating, yes. Different perspective, yes. But he has allowed us on his site as his guests and I feel bad for how I've acted.
  9. See? I work in mysterious ways. Count your blessings, including that parking spot.
  10. Don't test me. I already promised you a good parking spot, why is it never enough with you people.
  11. See, that shit pleases me. If you find a parking spot later, that was me and you better not forget it either. I overlooked a starving child for you.
  12. I mean I don't NEED that, it's just smart. Work smart, not hard. If other people will, why should I give such effort?
  13. EDIT: to remove rude line
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