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    nah, just the bible

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    No thanks, I prefer the cryptic and vague use of prophets.

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    Lol none before me, bro. See my commands.

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  1. I've decided I'm an atheist.

    1. Show previous comments  17 more
    2. LogicalFallacy


      Thumby again you have made a bunch of assertions that are simply that. So who created your complex intelligent God?

    3. Thumbelina



      He's uncreated & the ultimate intelligent being. ...so don't worry your way less complex self about that. He provided eternal life for you; don't forfeit it by unbelief, man.

      I don't know why my statement is in quotes.

    4. LogicalFallacy


      So you are going to go to special pleading? Ok. Expected but disappointing.

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