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  1. Evolution does nothing to help my case. My parents, and my old pastors, believe in evolution. They do not understand it all but they can not deny it is true. They claim that the Bible provides room for it. They say that god forming Adam from dirt is just a short quick way of saying that people evolved. God is the one that enacted the Big Bang, humans evolved from what formed the earth and God breathing into Adams nostrils was the point God saw the evolution from ape to human as "complete" to his liking and gave him his soul but the actual creature of Adam was already living. So... So once
  2. If there was ever a person who would never give up their religion, it is my mother. She believes it with every inch of her. She said while my grandmother was dying she laid on her bed, lifted her hands and said "glory,glory". That sealed the deal for my mom. She'll never turn her back on Christianity.
  3. That sounds harsh but my mother is the sweetest most giving person I know. She's only become radical the past few years. As her and my step fathers health has decreased their faith has increased. She talks to me like I'm just another believer. It would depress her if she thought I was on the path to hell. I feel like I'd rather just refrain from breaking her heart and let her live thinking like I'm a Christian.
  4. Yeah I'm feeling like I might just keep this secret until she dies.
  5. Just sat on the phone with my mother for an hour listening to how some shit in the sky was going to happen over Israel tomorrow and the sun will go black for 3 hours and how hurricane Maria (aka Mary) and hurricane Jose (aka Joseph) were going to "dance"? (IDFK) And something about ten stars and planets in a constellation. AND I've heard all these signs are being fulfilled and on and on and I just want to scream "Jesus Christ"(and not in the good way). Now she's sent me a video explaining all of it. I just went along with it and spit out whatever verses I could think of to coincide with what s
  6. @Mothernature how long has your husband been like this? I'm guessing at one point he wasn't? What triggered him to jump over the edge into obsession? I'm so sorry. Do you have and non-believing family members or at least any unobsessed ones who could come to your aid should things get bad? The thing about Christianity is that when obsessed believers do things in the name of religion they loose sight of what is right and wrong in reality. Please be careful. My heart is with you.
  7. Anyone else watch Rick and Morty?
  8. @J_Julie Check out this website: http://leading-learners.org/student-news/teen-help-resources-and-hotlines/ there are many phone numbers on that site with professionals who can help you in your situation. Please don't kill yourself. Life is hard sometimes and as a teenager it can feel like you are drowning and there is no way out. But I promise that there is. There is always a way out of your darkest situations and feelings. Please click that link and call any one of those hotlines. They are all 24/7 and can provide you with immediate help and counseling.
  9. It's crazy how all of us feel like we have to hide and keep quite about who we are to please/protect our families and mostly our parents. I understand the feeling of wanting to blurt it out under stress. When I'm under stress from a long day or just life in general, then my mom wants start talking about Jesus/God/End time prophecy/Are you ready/Read your Bible/Are you teaching the kids/Going to church?/ etc...etc.. I want to say "look! I don't believe in all of that crap anymore! Stop stressing over it! It's stressing me out and I've got more important things to deal with!!" But I keep those t
  10. Honey go find yourself in the world!! Tomorrow will always be there. College will always be there!! Do like @Burnedout said and get a job on a Cruz ship omg that would be so fun! I work at an assisted living home and there is one lady there who worked as a flight attendent and she said it was the best and most fun thing she ever did. She's got amazing stories of seeing the world and all the adventures that come with it. So my advice: travel and discover the world and you'll find yourself along the way. You are young!! Enjoy it! There is plenty of time to worry about life when you get older.
  11. Thank you, I will do that. Should I just google or do you have a recommended source?
  12. Dear Lovely, First let me say that I can not imagine what you have gone through. It pains me to know that you and others have suffered at the hands of Christianity. Add that to another reason I can't allow myself to be apart of it any longer. I never went through the things you faced but my heart is with you. In many of your posts/responses it seems as though you are insecure/ashamed about opening up about the trauma you experienced through your time as a Christian. DO NOT EVER FEEL ASHAMED! This is not your fault. You were only a child and now, as an adult, you have chosen to break the
  13. Part of me wants to tell her now, before we move so that if she can't handle it then I can change my plans and stay at a distance.
  14. I know it'll kill my mom. She's the queen of end of times... this sucks.
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