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    Former pastor, now enlightened. Took many years for my theology to change to: "I believe in God," and "Be nice to everybody."

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  1. So much guilt...

    You will need especial strength to be able to withstand the wiles of the wicked [one]. Moving away from our parents was one of the best things that we could have done. You will need to strengthen your new found "non-faith" before going back into the lion's den. Family and relatives are the hardest to stand up to. My prayers and thoughts are with you now and next year. Many blessings!
  2. So much guilt...

    Thank you, I'm so glad to be here. There's so much to read, I love it! I've always found difficulty in connecting the history of the world and the Bible. I would question the assertion that the Bible is not historically true. Anatoly Fomenko has shown that the Old Testament history of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles is really the history of the medieval Roman Empire. What is patently false is the official historical timeline that they tell us is true, but is actually made up.
  3. So much guilt...

    Christy, Bless you for your honesty, and candidness. I read your testimony with tears in my eyes. And I'm not even a pentecostal, but a former baptist pastor! You have just freshly come out, whereas my journey has been slightly longer--going on eleven years now. It was a joy reading your words. May the creator bless you, and may you find what it is that you are seeking!