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  1. Are you able to imagine that this God might actually exist anyway?
  2. I am a misotheist. I think this label describes my attitude pretty close. A misotheist is basically a person that believes in God/a God but "hates" it or the teachings of it and/or the religions based on it. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Misotheism I am a misotheist because in my life experience both personal and collective mankind is unfair in it's rules and designs. I am not a total misanthrope, I enjoy many parts of this life. I just have a "beef" with this God sometimes, specifically the one I was raised believing it and never ceased believing in a
  3. I get concerned about it too, what makes it suck especially is I'm in the prime age of my life and I want to enjoy the rest of my life and not have it taken away before I'm old enough. It also makes me nervous because of the political chaos and social division happening right now. People are becoming more cold every other conditions are close to like the Bible says in Revelation. I'm not saying that it will end, but with the way things are I wouldn't necessarily be surprised to see that Christians happened to be right. So I do get anxiety from the "end times" and by extension all the current c
  4. I don't know how much I can relate and I might be the only one on here. I still believe in the God today, but my question is not whether or not he exists, I just feel anxious questioning toward God. Regardless if whether it's all true or not, why would anyone else even consider it just and right that many people are going to Hell. I read some ideas that Hell may only be just for the most wicked, evil, and reprobate, but I digress on this idea. I strangely have no "fear" of Hell (except for perhaps maybe very "deep down").
  5. Oh this is very late and has no replies after all that time, but yes.
  6. Or he's like a dictator in the way that he desires us to love him and his church but if we freely choose to dissent from him or his plan for us, we are punished for eternity instead. I believe God represents the idea of what people would call a universal dictator, using his creation to execute only his plan. There is no meaningful individuality. He didn't even have to make it this way. He could have made us "allowed" to own ourselves without the negative or positive consequence of afterlife. It makes me so frustrated that nobody in my life can see from my point. I'm ti
  7. There isn't really any need to feel sorry. However, what inspired this thread, started in the context of those who talk about sexism in religious institutions, like it is only women who were played or judged with, and that men had no burdens or judgement. I think one of those was you, but I'm not holding it against you. I kind of like this. In fact, there are less men in the churches of most Christian denominations than women, despite all the speak about "patriarchy!" in context of religion.
  8. For example, going by one of the previous-made threads on here, I see whenever people criticize sexism in the Bible or churches (and all other areas too) there is an unfair biased focus on the women. The thinking is that it's only women that were oppressed or had things bad and that men had everything very good. That is not the truth. There are things that suck/sucked about being a man too: Men and boys are supposed to feel guilty for being attracted and looking with "lustful eyes" at women in religion and ironically, secular society too. Males live shorter lives compar
  9. I know this is a year old but I want to add my own take. Outside of religious context, there is a some truth about the "dark side" being embraced in higher society like celebrities and politicians and I do hear about all the dirty sex abuse stuff and other "dark" parts. I'm sure most people heard of or remember the late 1990s White House Lewinsky scandal. I do believe there is something that is going on. Also is Hollywood and "high position" types in general politically and socially lean way more left than the rest of America on average. I don't identify as conservative
  10. Woah, I never even intended to suggest that the Bible was anything accurately historical. If I made any mistake I apologize. I was asking a question that had to do with what Christians themselves believe.
  11. What are some of these Bible passages (book/chapter cited) that most ex-Christians see to indicate or imply that non-Christians who don't believe in their own faith are destined for eternal hell punishment after death?
  12. I'm back again and just wanted to re-introduce myself after a while. I live in the Northeastern part of the US, raised Catholic but no longer has much faith anymore. I wouldn't call myself an atheist as an ex-Chr though. I don't call myself anything. I think that the deist idea that there was God who created our universe and left us alone after that makes a nice point. I admit that God does not allow something to happen or not to happen from a practical point, but before I was very angry at the "theoretical" God that most Christians believe in because I was dealt some of my own shit and person
  13. Which begs another question, why is the treatment of women so overrated when it comes to criticism of religious practice? Why do people think men never have any struggles or negative treatment, no matter where it is? If anything religions (especially Christianity), treat men no differently than women in these regards, if not actually worse.
  14. Why does God/Christianity hate the flesh of our nature so badly? I have tried to look at it from a different perspective before, but those who believe our flesh isn't inherently filthy and etc. are a really small minority of Christians and most of those even are well considered "heretics" of the faith I guess. Why does God hate desire so much, even though he supposedly created man and woman himself to be "fruitful and multiply" in his own image. Of course, there's more, but that's one of the only things I want. I would love it if I died and entered a paradise where I can still have a partner a
  15. I can't seem to go a day anymore without feeling anxiety or fear about my own loneliness and singleness at least once. I feel like I can't do much of a better job at attracting the opposite sex because I'm awkward, mostly physical awkwardness. It's semi-visible, but sometimes I think I might objectively be using "semi" as a euphemism and the reality is more harsh than that. I'm tired of having "disability" or "special" pride shoved down my throat. I really wish we didn't have to live with diagnostic labels at all. I had my own share of rejections, heartbreak, etc. and I'm a little
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