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  1. So I haven't been on here in a long time and I thought it would be good to come back and give an update just in case anyone was interested. My husband and I ended up getting a divorce because my lack of faith became too much of an issue. It wasn't bad though, it was amicable and more just like recognizing that our lives had us on different paths and the most loving thing to do was to just let go. I have moved back home, I am super happy now, going to school still (now I can pursue my school and career dreams better than I would have been), and I am seeing someone else who is a way better match for me than my ex ever was. 

  2. It's all fine. He told them and his job is 100% secure and they don't hate me, not that I care if they did. I'm just so burnt out, this whole thing has been so stressful and I am an introvert. I've retreated to a different room and sort of made a safe space for myself and he apparently doesn't understand the meaning of leave me the hell alone.

    1. Lost


      Wish You all the best with Your current situation Tyler !

    2. ficino


      I'm glad his job is secure. Hugs again, Tyler!

  3. So the husband sort of forced it out of me last night. He was guessing and I couldn't lie. Now he wants to tell the eldership at church (he is employed as a youth pastor) and I am worried he is going to lose his job. He is not indicating that he wants to leave me, at least not yet, he is still going through lots of emotions so I am just trying to give him the time and space to process and be as understanding as possible. I'm kinda scared guys.

    1. ficino


      Wow, Tyler. I have not been in your situation, but many on here have been. Giving him the time and space to process seems the best you can do at present.


      Big hugs, f

    2. Lost


      Lots of strength for You TylerJ. HUGS

  4. The good news is I think I've fully deprogrammed, the bad news is having to go to church now really sucks. I would rather not have to listen to BS on the weekly. 

    1. sdelsolray


      Perhaps you could work in the child care area during the service/indoctrination event.  Young children can be quite entertaining.

    2. TylerJ


      I do help in the Nursery every so often, but there is a rotation of ladies so it's only like once a month.

  5. I thought that this was a very interesting Ted Talk. 

  6. Finally got my hands on a copy of The God Delusion by Richard Dawson. This book was like the anti-bible growing up. I'm excited to read it. Heard that it is very good.

  7. Videos like this just make it so clear that the arguments that were made in my classes at Bible College were based on misrepresented and over emphasized information, that was essentially a straw man. The examples of the eye and 747 were used to show that you can't just get complex systems by chance, but of course that is not what evolution says, just what I was told it said. This is a great video series.


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