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    Science, nature, climate change, green living.
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    I am 23 and I just recently deconverted after going to bible college and now I am studying forestry instead.

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  1. So the husband sort of forced it out of me last night. He was guessing and I couldn't lie. Now he wants to tell the eldership at church (he is employed as a youth pastor) and I am worried he is going to lose his job. He is not indicating that he wants to leave me, at least not yet, he is still going through lots of emotions so I am just trying to give him the time and space to process and be as understanding as possible. I'm kinda scared guys.

    1. ficino


      Wow, Tyler. I have not been in your situation, but many on here have been. Giving him the time and space to process seems the best you can do at present.


      Big hugs, f

    2. Lost


      Lots of strength for You TylerJ. HUGS

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