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    God pushed me away by not answering my prayers. If God is love, I have never experienced that love or warmth from him. Cried everyday for years and prayed. Didn't get even a single answer. The more closer I became to the God of the Bible, the more weirder I got.
    Proverbs 3:6 didn't happen to me.

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  1. Scared of acid attacks

    Thanks- that is something I never thought about. Thank youuu.... Yours is a clever solution! Xxxxx
  2. Fear

    I donno if my answer will help you, but there are a lot of places in the bible where God promises physical protection, money, wealth, family to those who love him. Now look around you... Does the world you live in have people whose needs of the above are met? No. Christians get raped, molested, killed,physically assaulted, robbed, they get laid off their jobs, are unable to find husbands or wives for themselves, even though they pray and believe for all these things by faith. Isn't this the proof that the bible isn't the word of God? The bible is pure fiction. I experienced poverty (after I became close to God) for over an year for no goddamn reason AFTER I started confiding in my crazy Christian controlling friend who directed me to Joyce Meyer. Joyce led me to make and see problems where there were none. I am not in poverty any more. My prayers for wisdom and direction never got answered. I lived a godly life, I prayed, tithed, helped the poor, read the bible, forgave like hell! But, no voice guided me. Let me assure you- guidance in your life decisions is promised in the Bible. I got molested as a child- where was God then? The Biblical God does not exist. If he did, more good things would have happened to people- rather than dumb stupid things like finding your lost car keys because you prayed or getting into your choice of college. So, the God you fear does not exist.
  3. Scared of acid attacks

    I like this guy but he lives 3 hours away.. I was hoping if I do get a job next year somewhere near to him, I could ask him out on a date. Problem is I have this fear of someone throwing acid on my face - this fear started 1 or 2 months ago as acid attacks are very common in the place I live. I read today about this girl whose ex-bf threw acid on her face for dumping him. I get scared that what if the guy I like is secretly a psycho? I mean his fb profile and linkedin looks fine- high achiever, has a great job, (probably) close to his family and sisters from the photos he posted on fb. But, what if we date and it doesn't work out and he uses acid on me in anger? I hardly know this guy, but all these thoughts fill my head. I did ask him out once, but he said he is rarely in my place as he works 3 hours away, so that is a no! P.S. I am not stalking him, it is just that there are a lot of jobs where he works and also in nearby places. So, there is a chance we might see each other again. Even if I never date this guy, and date someone else- what if I happen to pick a psychopath (who might turn to acid)? I am also scared someone would randomly throw acid on my face. This has happened to other girls. Help! I wish I was never born in such an evil world.
  4. Sh** christians have said to you

    I personally know people who believe that no matter how good you are, if you don't believe in Jesus, you are going to hell.
  5. Pastor caught with naken man

    Lol.. When I read the title of your article, I thought it would be a disturbing read.. But it was so funny!
  6. I really need your help!

    I have to stop eating chocolates and cakes because my enamel has started to come off.. It has been over 15 months since my teeth started hurting whenever I eat something sweet- this is a sign my enamel is coming off.. Once you lose your enamel you will never get it back and you will have tooth decay- google images of tooth decay and you will see why I am worried. My dentist did say my enamel started to come off. Problem 2- I started to have a very slight blurred vision about a month ago due to excessive use of mobile phone- 9 or 10 hours daily. I still continue this habit. How do I stop? Both of these problems started as a result of my excessive involvement and faith in Christianity which led me to run away from home to emotionally abusive strangers. Please no mean comments, I am looking for emotional support to stop these 2 behaviours.
  7. Is it disturbing for an ex-christian to watch? I heard a lot of Christians left their religion after watching this movie. I am an ex-christian, 100 percent convinced there was no biblical jesus, and that the bible is just a bunch of made-up stories. But, I am not an atheist- I believe there is/was a creator. But, I do not believe in the biblical story of creationism. PLEASE do not give me any spoilers about the movie. Just tell me id you think it will mess up my head. The reason for this post is because I found that I got angrier after I found this website- I got angrier at Christianity and what it took from me after I read sad tales of ex-christians rejected BY Jesus. I don't get angry when reading facts- like Seth Andrews doesn't make me angry because I think he teaches facts. Sad personal stories make me angry- maybe because I can relate to them so much. So, basically, will this Da vinci code movie make me even more angrier?
  8. Thank you so much.. I loved this, listened to 20 mins of it, so interesting, gonna listen to the rest when i wake up in the morning.. I wish i found this website atleast 8 yrs ago, a lot of unfortunate events could have been avoided.. But, then again who knows - I would have run away from this website fearing God will punish me had I found it 8 years ago...
  9. Do you feel sad or angry about how much your Christian friends pushed you towards Jesus which made you confused and an emotional cripple?
  10. Fear of Hell

    I was told by a Roman Catholic friend of mine that hell was created ONLY for Satan and his angels. Humans are just choosing to go there. The same crazy friend who forced herself into my life and who ruined my thinking by instilling fear of God in me said this- God created Lucifer, it is the humans that turned Lucifer into Satan(an evil thing) by listening to Satan's instruction in the garden of Eden. I do not want to be her friend anymore. I decided to cut her out of my life forever- her advises and counselling ruined my life. She introduced me to Joyce Meyer- following Joyce's teaching COMPLETELY burned my life and hurt me emotionally. I can never recover from what Christianity, especially Pentecostalism stole away from my soul and life.
  11. I felt dumber about scripture. I also was in a euphoric haze and praise God for his power when I read the scripture. I only read bits and parts of Revelation when I was a Christian - I believed the bits and parts that I did read- that Jesus will come again and put more than half of us in hell, I also believed Satan will come before the second coming of Jesus and rule the world and in order for businesses to run during Satan's rule, everyone will be required to get 666 on their forehead. Those who get 666 will lose free will and will power and will completely obey Satan without question. All 666 people will be put in the lake of fire. All the GOOD and HOLY people who rejected 666 will go to heaven with Jesus. Now I know that all this crap is man-made. Maybe just maybe- people who wrote the bible were like J.K. Rowling.... And maybe our ancestors forgot to mention it was a book of fiction.. So all the dumb people that came after found the bible and took it seriously. Hmm.. It is highly unlikely that 100 or 200 years from now, people will start praying to Harry Potter.. Maybe they will, you never know..
  12. When you ask the Christian to explain them, what response do you get?
  13. Are you serious? 30,000 versions? Any link I can read about it?
  14. A man who teaches in Bible groups told me that without the Holy Spirit, the Bible is just paper. It is the Holy Spirit that adds value and understanding to the reader's mind/spirit. This happened in 2012. It is sad that that s**tty comment made sense to me at that time. I thought God talked to me through him.