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    God pushed me away by not answering my prayers. If God is love, I have never experienced that love or warmth from him. Cried everyday for years and prayed. Didn't get even a single answer. The more closer I became to the God of the Bible, the more weirder I got.
    Proverbs 3:6 didn't happen to me.

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  1. Do you feel sad or angry about how much your Christian friends pushed you towards Jesus which made you confused and an emotional cripple?
  2. Fear of Hell

    I was told by a Roman Catholic friend of mine that hell was created ONLY for Satan and his angels. Humans are just choosing to go there. The same crazy friend who forced herself into my life and who ruined my thinking by instilling fear of God in me said this- God created Lucifer, it is the humans that turned Lucifer into Satan(an evil thing) by listening to Satan's instruction in the garden of Eden. I do not want to be her friend anymore. I decided to cut her out of my life forever- her advises and counselling ruined my life. She introduced me to Joyce Meyer- following Joyce's teaching COMPLETELY burned my life and hurt me emotionally. I can never recover from what Christianity, especially Pentecostalism stole away from my soul and life.
  3. I felt dumber about scripture. I also was in a euphoric haze and praise God for his power when I read the scripture. I only read bits and parts of Revelation when I was a Christian - I believed the bits and parts that I did read- that Jesus will come again and put more than half of us in hell, I also believed Satan will come before the second coming of Jesus and rule the world and in order for businesses to run during Satan's rule, everyone will be required to get 666 on their forehead. Those who get 666 will lose free will and will power and will completely obey Satan without question. All 666 people will be put in the lake of fire. All the GOOD and HOLY people who rejected 666 will go to heaven with Jesus. Now I know that all this crap is man-made. Maybe just maybe- people who wrote the bible were like J.K. Rowling.... And maybe our ancestors forgot to mention it was a book of fiction.. So all the dumb people that came after found the bible and took it seriously. Hmm.. It is highly unlikely that 100 or 200 years from now, people will start praying to Harry Potter.. Maybe they will, you never know..
  4. When you ask the Christian to explain them, what response do you get?
  5. Are you serious? 30,000 versions? Any link I can read about it?
  6. A man who teaches in Bible groups told me that without the Holy Spirit, the Bible is just paper. It is the Holy Spirit that adds value and understanding to the reader's mind/spirit. This happened in 2012. It is sad that that s**tty comment made sense to me at that time. I thought God talked to me through him.
  7. Listen to Seth Andrews, Jaclyn Glenn, Dan Barker in Youtube. My favourite is Seth Andrews.
  8. A Christian Pentecostal pastor predicted that in March 2018, the devil that has been tormenting me that makes me disobedient to my parents(who ruined my life)- that devil will be defeated by God and I will start driving a car(I told my parents I won't learn driving because I prefer public transport) and that a Godly man who has a job and who serves the Lord will come to marry me, oh and my groom to be will be from a spiritual family(read:Crazy Pentecostal family). This crazy pastor who is a liar then thanked God that I am a follower of God. Erm, didn't God tell you I stopped believing in Jesus and the Bible? Didn't God tell you I stopped praying?This pastor prophecy/prediction happened 2 or 3 weeks ago. Pentecostals(from South India) believe that it is a sin to marry outside of the Pentecostal community- as they see themselves as God's children and that other Christian groups are not God's children- not making this up - a pastor (a different pastor to the one mentioned above) said it to my parents in front of me in August this year.Do you want to know the example he used? A girl who was studying nursing (who was a Christian,but not a Pentecostal) got a physical illness. This girl came to this pastor,he prayed for her,she got healed,repented and got water baptised. Once you get water baptised as an adult, you automatically become a Pentecostal. Then after she completed her nursing, her parents arranged a marriage for her( the guy was a Christian,not Pentecostal). After their engagement was over, her previous physical illness came back. The pastor then said to me God marks and sets apart the pure and holy for himself. Basically,what this pastor implied was that that physical illness came back after their engagement because the girl (who became holy following water baptism) was marrying an unholy non-pentecostal man and the illness coming back a second time was God telling her not to marry an unholy man.
  9. Mormons

    This is weird and sad and crazy that people make up their own religions- with random rules... Less than 2 minutes ago, I learned that Mormons don't drink tea or coffee as part of their religion.
  10. Extremely good article. Thank you for posting.. I wish I left Christianity earlier. I left Christianity at 27, that is just a few months ago. Listen to Dan Barker in Youtube - an atheist who used to be a strong Christian. Even my mom believes and says people who don't have God/religion are immoral. I hate hearing that. The church that my parents go to in UK fasts every October for 3 weeks and prays for the UK. They have been doing this for years. Still there are rapes and terrorist attacks in the UK. That shitty fasting prayer doesn't work,does it? People in that church fast every SINGLE month for a few days. When they pray for the UK, what they are really doing is praying for the GODLESSNESS in UK to end- for example, unmarried couples kissing in public,living together before marriage,atheists. These are their biggest problems, not crime in the country. I hate all the people in that church. They make me so angry with their teaching and preaching and fake compassion.
  11. Ya... It is never God's fault. I have heard Christians say- God doesn't owe you anything AND God doesn't owe you an explanation. That is the definition of a control freak and bully. Listen to Dan Barker in Youtube- he is an ex-christian who was a preacher and worked with a faith healer. He is an atheist now.
  12. Jesus Did It!

    Thanks for posting. I used to be one of those people that relied on prayer AND works AND bible-reading AND praise AND worship AND helping/volunteering/donating to needy and Jesus' ministries AND listening to Joyce Meyer 24/7. ALL this didn't make me happier- it made me crazy and irrational and stressed. So, I left Jesus. I too used to create meanings for events which were purely coincidental. I saw God in every event and saw his signs in every circumstance and I made decisions accordingly. This RUINED and BURNED my life. So, to sum up Jesus ruined my life. What happened to the beautiful and wonderful promises of God like 'the waters shall not overflow you' and 'God keeps him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on God.' I heard JOYCE MEYER on youtube saying this: "A man's son died and the man asked God where was God when his son died. And God replied- The same place I was when MY SON died."
  13. Who Goes to Hell?

    According to Pentecostals, only Pentecostals go to heaven- because they say water baptism as an adult is the only way to go to heaven- they actually believe this shit. I did too- I got water baptised 5 years ago and my life went downhill from there- became weirder after that and heard God 'say' weird and crazy things to me to follow- which I did- which completely fucked up my life. Water baptism is VERY IMPORTANT AND UNAVOIDABLE FOR PENTECOSTALS. The above is the belief system of Indian Pentecostals. Don't know about other Pentecostals.
  14. I used to talk and behave in a very weird and messy way when I was a Christian. This was initiated by talking about God to my crazy Christian friend and by listening to Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen and Terri Savelle Foy and TD Jakes too. All these people are crazy and believed weird shit and I followed, believed and put into practice what they advised listeners to do. Joyce Meyer led me to make some very wrong decisions- which led me to run away from home and be bullied by people I met away from home- YES- You read it right- me running away from the safety of my home was a DIRECT RESULT of listening to Joyce Meyer EVERYDAY- for years! Isn't that proof Joyce doesn't hear a thing from God? I hate her! She destroyed my life! There is a Bible verse saying- woe to anyone who gives wrong direction to a blind man. I supported her ministry financially for months. I won't give her a single penny now. If God guides her to teach people, why doesn't God reveal attacks to her so that she can inform the police? I feel so sad and dirty guys. I started (again) reading and watching porn and that is making me feel sick and dirty inside. I wamt to stop my porn habit. How do I do that? Help! I read disgusting stories. I wish I could take a shower and make it all go away. P.S. I am back home with my parents now who were moderate Christians before I ran away, but now became CRAZY RIGID PENTECOSTAL CHRISTIANS WHO SAY,BELIEVE AND DO WEIRD THINGS and who give all the little money they have to pastors. They became like this after I ran away. Thanks Joyce Meyer!
  15. I was just thinking recently that if the bible did not mention a hell at all, there wouldn't be so many people converting to Christianity. It is out of fear that Christians obey.