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  1. YES! Nature is everything to me now. I grow vegetables and raise chickens. I feel so connected to the earth and universe. We are all just stardust.
  2. I just read Steve Hassan and had the sudden realisation that I escaped from a high-control group/borderline cult. The christian orthodox church I belonged to ticks most of the boxes for Steve Hassan’s BITE model. No wonder my mind is a mess.
  3. I listened to the audio book a few weeks ago. The app is fun too
  4. I’m not confident to debate them, their knowledge of the bible is way better than mine. However I may give Street Epistemology a try, eg. How did they arrive at their beliefs and how do they know they are true?
  5. Last weekend a couple of JW ladies knocked on my door. We ended up in a 30 min conversation about faith. I politely asked a bunch of socratic-style questions, some of which they struggled to answer. They knocked on my door again today, with a bunch of answers/apologetics for my previous questions. Then they invited me out for coffee next week. What should be my next move? Is this an appropriate de-conversion opportunity?
  6. My first answer would be “never”. I can barely control my own thought patterns let alone the thought patterns of others. However I have recently discovered Anthony Magnabosco, who is able to have respectful conversations with Christians, gently questioning how they arrived at their beliefs.
  7. Wow. Thanks for explaining that so well. This is exactly what happened within my ex-husband’s family. The abuse was blocked out of conscious thinking. And the fear-based upbringing about the gates of hell prevented them from ever questioning their beliefs/authority. The indoctrination stops with my kids. I had to cut all ties with that side of the family. What a f#*king relief.
  8. I have been asking myself this question too. Could you recommend books or links about the indoctrination/programming process?
  9. I think humans dislike uncertainty. Certainty makes us feel safe and in control. We invented bullshit stories to plug the gaps in our knowledge because the unknown can feel so terrifying.
  10. Exactly. Once this fear eventually surfaced from my subconcious, my need for my beliefs to be true outweighed the need for comfort and social inclusion. In walking away I lost everything I had feared I would lose... friends, family members, my marriage. However it was worth the heartache, my kids now have a future free from religious indoctrination and dogma. And I eventually gained a profound sense of peace.
  11. Bad idea. I was raised liberal Christian, my husband was raised in a fundamentalist family. Our marriage was great... until we had children and began to argue about how best to raise them. The conflict increased when our two eldest children resisted the religious indoctrination, began to express opinions of their own and no longer wanted to attend church. By that time I had deconverted and my husband blamed me for leading them to hell. He reverted to the extreme fundamentalist upbringing of his nutcase family. Long story short... we are divorcing now.
  12. Does the fact that Christianity provides people with purpose and comfort out-weigh the need for Christianity to be true? For me the answer was no. Bringing children into this world, helping to ease the suffering of others... By focusing on the needs of others my life now has REAL purpose and meaning.
  13. Thank-you for sharing your story. My 17 year old son has Aspergers so your anguish is familiar to me. Despite his best intentions, it seems my son is destined to learn social etiquette the hard way. We all make mistakes and you must learn to forgive yourself. Try not to ruin the present moment by obsessing over the past.
  14. “God’s ways are higher than our ways”. This sentence is one of many in-built, phrases/protective mechanisms of christianity, which keep you from questioning and leaving. This realization was the final straw for my faith.
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