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  1. LostinParis

    Facebook.... (sigh)

    Start posting atheist memes then your Christian friends will unfollow you. Problem solved. My facebook feed has been quiet lately, I’ve quite possibly unfriended everyone.
  2. LostinParis

    Married to a Christian

    I completely agree with you @older. I grew up in a house full of yelling and swore I would never let that happen in my own home. But here we are. I plan to leave however I need to get myself into a better place financially. Now that I have children of my own I’ve learned what it feels like to be overwhelmed by the pressures of life. I understand now that my parents were simply stretched taut with stress. It’s the kind of lesson that rewrites my childhood memories of my mother. I can revisit these memories with the distance and wisdom of decades. They did the best they could do under the circumstances. I hope my kids will someday say the same. You’re not wrong @ludicrouSpeed, marriage is difficult.
  3. LostinParis

    Married to a Christian

    I agree with @mymistake, bringing children into an unhappy marriage is a bad idea. I worry that my three kids are screwed up because of the constant arguing in my house. They don’t know what a healthy relationship looks like. If I didn’t have children I would have left my marriage behind a long time ago. I still love my husband but we have absolutely nothing in common, apart from our kids. How we raise them has become a bitter battleground. I don’t want them to be indoctrinated into Christianity like my husband was. He thinks I’m working for Satan. Not exactly an ideal environment in which to raise children...
  4. Exactly this. We were told that it is virtuous to be satisfied with not understanding. My question was always: Will I be punished for not believing in things I can’t understand?
  5. 1. Where is my free will to choose to believe, if my only alternative is eternal suffering? 2. God loves me and gave me free will but if I don’t completely submit to his will and follow his (confusing and inconsistent) rules then he will send me to hell to suffer for eternity because he loves me so much.
  6. LostinParis

    Unconditional Love is Garbage

    My niece (formerly nephew) is going through something similar. It’s a giant pile of suck. I’m sorry that you have to endure the unnecessary heartache. Hugs
  7. LostinParis


    Hello Anushka, I agree with @disillusioned, it’s sounds like it’s time for you to temporarily move away from your parents. Do you have a friend you can stay with? I moved out of home at age 17 because my mother was too controlling and overprotective. I lived in a friend’s garage for a few months, they were some of the best days of my life! I have been suicidal too, but now I can see that it was just my brain desperately trying to find a way to escape my suffering. Sometimes it may seem like you have no other options but you do. Please talk to a professional who can help you to make a plan. Hugs
  8. LostinParis

    Forced to go to church on Christmas

    I live in Australia so unfortunately I can’t help you. Perhaps a soup kitchen for the homeless?
  9. I no longer live my life as if it were a test for the next life. Now my belief that we only have one life, makes it precious. It feels like stepping out into the sunlight, seeing reality as it truly is. We are free to create our own purpose. The scientific universe may not have a purpose for me but I do.
  10. LostinParis

    Forced to go to church on Christmas

    Your family may use guilt and emotional blackmail to coerce you to attend church, however they can’t force you what to believe. There are many secular charities that would be grateful for you to help at Christmas. You will then have a noble excuse not to attend church.
  11. LostinParis

    Hearing "God's" Voice as a spiritual practice?

    This is an interesting view on the voice of god:
  12. LostinParis

    No longer ashamed

    Thank-you for sharing your story @Meowmix106 Well done for breaking the spell of religion, I didn’t manage that until age 45.
  13. But now old friends they’re acting strange They shake their heads, they say I’ve changed Well something’s lost but something’s gained In living everyday ~ Joni Mitchell
  14. LostinParis

    Quick list of Global flood issues

    If there was a global flood, why did god erase all evidence of it? Why did he then insert evidence that something different happened? Is he trying to trick us?
  15. LostinParis

    Hearing "God's" Voice as a spiritual practice?

    I used to have “experiences” in church where I felt a strong wave of peace, almost an out-of-body experience. Then I began practising meditation and realised that I could experience exactly the same kind of feelings. It was not god but my own mind, a stillness beneath my brain’s continual chatter. Sam Harris explains this very well. My husband thinks my meditation experiences may still be the work of god, as if I could just snap my fingers and god appears, like a genie from a bottle. Everyone’s experience of meditation is unique. Some people see colours, some hear voices. On a side note, a couple of years ago my husband had an emotional breakdown, triggered by work stress, and he ended up psychotic and in hospital for a month. He was hearing the voice of Satan and became paranoid he would be going to hell. Eventually the medication kicked in and he returned to normal. His psychiatrist told me that 25% of people with bipoar and schizophrenia have religious experiences and they often hear voices. Interestingly, when I am taking antidepressants I am no longer able to access the “spiritual” experiences through meditation. The human brain is weird.