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  1. LostinParis

    Need help

    I agree with @DanForsman But let’s say that a god exists who has an important message for us that was intended to be understood. Why didn’t he give us clear instructions for his message? Surely it is unreasonable to expect us to decipher complex codes. And surely god could have predicted the confusion it would cause amongst his people? What would you say to a muslim who claims that the Quran numerology proves that Allah is the true god?
  2. My nagging feeling was due to my childhood indoctrination, strong emotions such as fear that were overriding my logical thoughts. Sometimes it feels easier to cling to the familiar, even though it’s no longer wanted. The unknown can feel scary. I chose courage over comfort and I now have no regrets. Deconversion is often a painful journey, but for me the prize (a free mind) was worth the rocky ride.
  3. As a teenager I hated the pressure put on me to to remain a virgin. So I threw my virginity away the first chance I got. Then came the guilt and shame. I was told that modern society was obsessed with sex. During my deconversion I realised that in fact Christianity is obsessed with sex. So many rules... who you are allowed to do it with, when you’re allowed to do it, what kind of sex you’re allowed to have...
  4. I have a gay ex-catholic friend who was told by a priest that he must remain celibate because he confessed to being attracted only to men. He was subsequently encouraged to join the priesthood.
  5. Yes! And let’s not forget how often Christians have persecuted others, eg. The LGBTQ community, the Jewish people, etc.
  6. There were many other cases that for various reasons, never made it to trial. A bunch of civil cases have now been launched against Pell, by people who were abused by him or say he did nothing to prevent their abuse at the hands of other priests. The Catholic Church is about to haemorrhage more money...
  7. Welcome from a fellow Aussie!
  8. Predictably, my fb christian friends are declaring “PERSECUTION!!!” and proof of THE END TIMES. Once things have returned to normal what do you think they will say to save face?
  9. YES! Nature is everything to me now. I grow vegetables and raise chickens. I feel so connected to the earth and universe. We are all just stardust.
  10. I just read Steve Hassan and had the sudden realisation that I escaped from a high-control group/borderline cult. The christian orthodox church I belonged to ticks most of the boxes for Steve Hassan’s BITE model. No wonder my mind is a mess.
  11. I listened to the audio book a few weeks ago. The app is fun too
  12. I’m not confident to debate them, their knowledge of the bible is way better than mine. However I may give Street Epistemology a try, eg. How did they arrive at their beliefs and how do they know they are true?
  13. Last weekend a couple of JW ladies knocked on my door. We ended up in a 30 min conversation about faith. I politely asked a bunch of socratic-style questions, some of which they struggled to answer. They knocked on my door again today, with a bunch of answers/apologetics for my previous questions. Then they invited me out for coffee next week. What should be my next move? Is this an appropriate de-conversion opportunity?
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