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  1. For me, sleep is elusive. I’ve tried everything, including an overnight sleep study to investigate a possible physical cause, sleep restriction therapy, and a sleep psychologist to investigate an emotional cause. Diagnosis: I have psychosomatic insomnia. And the stress of being a single mum of three, running a business. Add peri-menopause for some extra fun. Insomnia is common amongst us creative types. Intense dreams stem from rich imaginations. Let me know if you find an “off” switch.
  2. It’s like breeding kittens for the sole purpose of torturing them.
  3. Do you mean god is purposefully deceiving us? Then god is an asshole and not worthy of your worship. When I was a Christian I would pray to god to protect me from Satan’s deception. However I was told that my prayers were no guarantee of protection - ultimately it was god who decided whether or not I was protected. So if I am unable to protect myself from being deceived by Satan, then it is god’s responsibility, not mine, if I actually get deceived by Satan. What a mind fuck.
  4. It’s strange how what once made sense to us as Christians now seems ludicrous once we lost our faith. Even when I was still a Christian I would sometimes wonder why it seemed I need a degree in theology to understand god’s message. I agree with @Myrkhoos that Christian theology is elitist. Doesn’t god want us all to be saved? Why allow the bible to be so confusing and vague? Why not make clear instructions for his wishes? It’s unreasonable to expect us to decipher it. This problem has led to the slaughter of countless Christians by other Christians. Surely god could have predicted this mess?
  5. What conspiracists and creationists have in common is not just a suspicion of science, but “teleological” thinking patterns. A belief that there is a purpose or intent behind every event. “Everything happens for a reason”: https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/theconversation.com/amp/theres-a-psychological-link-between-conspiracy-theories-and-creationism-101849
  6. I read an article about neuroscientists stimulating particular areas of the brain to induce “out-of-body experiences” and other hallucinations. Our brains are capable of wacky stuff. I’ll try to find the link to the article.
  7. Bingo. An irrational fear, indoctrinated into you while you likely were too young to listen critically. I wasn’t raised with the flames and torture type of hell, but rather a “separation from god”. This repackaging of hell to make it more palatable is in some ways worse because it’s not so abstract. We all know, whether we remember or not, what it felt like to be separated from a parent when we were very young. This fear of abandonment is an evolutionary survival mechanism. We are the product of thousands of generations of the most anxious children. We trusted what our parents told us was true. Children are gullible. This has been exploited by religion. It’s so abusive. I’m too angry to be scared anymore.
  8. Eternal Dalmatians sounds more like heaven. Cool thought exercise.
  9. Christianity offers us certainty. I had to learn to be comfortable with uncertainty. Would you live your life any differently if there were no god? No heaven or hell?
  10. For me, not knowing became easier over time. Very uncomfortable at first, but now strangely liberating. I don’t think we can possess absolute truth about anything. This may all be a dream. I may be just a brain attached to a computer inside the Matrix. Who knows? Who cares?
  11. When I was a christian I experienced several “miracles” which I now in hindsight regard as coincidence, confirmation bias or “counting the hits and ignoring the misses”. Sometimes “I don’t know” is the best (though unsatisfying) answer. Also, I lied and exaggerated as a christian in order to “bring people to god”, which is how I justified this to myself.
  12. Lots to discuss with my christian friends, thanks guys!
  13. Is this true? I often hear this statement from christians who insist that without Judeo-Christian values we would be worse off as a society. As if believing in god for the sake of tradition will prevent us from becoming morally bankrupt or something. How best to reply?
  14. I was taught that god created us “perfect”. But then we messed that up in the Garden of Eden. Now we humans are like a cake that has been baked in a dented cake tin.
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