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  1. Christians who have never read the bible

    The church service itself has remained largely unchanged for centuries. The rituals are designed to intoxicate people, eg. chanting, incense. It doesn't matter that people don't understand most of the words being said. There is hypnotic background singing throughout the entire service, praising god. You are encouraged to pray independently. I've come to realise that this is a powerful way to brainwash people; if you chant the same thing over and over you will start to believe it. Some people are more suseptable to hypnosis than others.
  2. Christians who have never read the bible

    Within my husband's church there has been opposition from the clergy to change the ancient church service from Old Slavonic into English, similar to the Catholic church abandoning Latin. Perhaps this is because if the parishioners are able to understand what is being said, then the "nasty bits" of the scriptures would no longer be camouflaged. It would be up to the preists to spin the "nasty bits" into the palatable.
  3. Christians who have never read the bible

    Yes he is Eastern Orthodox, there is much talk of the "divine mystery" of god and the holy spirit, rather than the bible itself. I was told that our feeble human minds are incapable of understanding such things, eg. the transubstantiation. How could a person be punished for not believing in something that they can't possibly understand?
  4. I recently discovered that my fundy husband has never read the bible. Everything he learned as a child was via clergy, Sunday School and church camps. He is xtian orthodox and they don't believe the bible is infallible. However he believes that the stories of Noah and Adam and Eve literally happened. I just don't understand this. If your god had written a book, wouldn't you want to read it? I asked a few of his xtian friends and family if they had read the bible. I was shocked to discover how little they know. They seem more interested in what the ancient holy fathers had to say. How can this be?
  5. I have always had an innate appreciation of nature and an intense concern for environmental issues. It frustrates me how some Christian family members disregard climate change and give no thought to how their personal choices contribute to pollution. They believe that god created animals, trees etc. specifically for human use. It's a human-centric view of the world. God created this beautiful scenery for us to enjoy. "Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?" ~ Douglas Adams
  6. I Did Not Understand Skepticism

    Don't be hard on yourself @TinMan, we were all tricked by religion into suppressing our critical thinking. Blind faith is considered a virtue. I consider the scientific method to be the best method we have to find the truth. All scientists are sceptics. Science is an adversarial world, so it polices itself. The scientific method eliminates bias and ego.
  7. Emptying your mind.

    Sam Harris has a lot of interesting things to say about both meditation and religion. He is an atheist, a neuroscientist and philosopher. Meditation and mindfulness have helped me find more peace and happiness than I ever felt in church with Jesus.
  8. The Importance of "Full Deconversion"

    I jumped on a plane yesterday, and during a sudden moment of turbulence I automatically began to pray to god. I immediately stopped myself, realising the ridiculousness of my thoughts, then laughed out loud, as my fellow passengers looked at me strangely. Does this mean I am fully deconverted? Do I get a members jacket now?
  9. @mymistake This is exactly why we were taught that it is virtuous to be satisfied with not understanding "the divine mysteries". Brainwashing.
  10. I take medication too, I'm bipolar II. No hallucinations yet, I was raised liberal Xtian. Perhaps if I had been raised fundamentalist I would be bipolar I. (Sorry to make a joke, humour is some days the only thing that keeps me going)
  11. @mymistake I imagine that the belief of being under constant surveillance could create a feeling of low-level anxiety. The idea of an invisible war between two invisible kingdoms could contribute to feelings of powerlessness and depression. Xtianity has much to answer for.
  12. I'm sorry to hear that @SerenelyBlue, that really sucks. In what way did your Xtian life make your illness worse? I have been shocked to realise that my husband has a distorted view of reality. He thinks invisible forces are controlling the world, with evil lurking around every corner.
  13. @SerenelyBlue Do you think your Xtian upbringing somehow contributed to your mental illness?
  14. "Religion is a system of wishful illusions, together with a disavowel of reality, such as we find in an isolated form in nowhere else but amentia, in a state of blissful hallucinatory confusion". ~ Sigmund Freud