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  1. Eternal Dalmatians sounds more like heaven. Cool thought exercise.
  2. Christianity offers us certainty. I had to learn to be comfortable with uncertainty. Would you live your life any differently if there were no god? No heaven or hell?
  3. For me, not knowing became easier over time. Very uncomfortable at first, but now strangely liberating. I don’t think we can possess absolute truth about anything. This may all be a dream. I may be just a brain attached to a computer inside the Matrix. Who knows? Who cares?
  4. When I was a christian I experienced several “miracles” which I now in hindsight regard as coincidence, confirmation bias or “counting the hits and ignoring the misses”. Sometimes “I don’t know” is the best (though unsatisfying) answer. Also, I lied and exaggerated as a christian in order to “bring people to god”, which is how I justified this to myself.
  5. Lots to discuss with my christian friends, thanks guys!
  6. Is this true? I often hear this statement from christians who insist that without Judeo-Christian values we would be worse off as a society. As if believing in god for the sake of tradition will prevent us from becoming morally bankrupt or something. How best to reply?
  7. I was taught that god created us “perfect”. But then we messed that up in the Garden of Eden. Now we humans are like a cake that has been baked in a dented cake tin.
  8. My religious friends would simply say that Alexa and her family will be rewarded in heaven for their suffering. Praise the lard!
  9. Would you live your life any differently if there were no heaven or hell? And no god to send you there?
  10. Predictions of presidents being assassinated were found in the story of Moby Dick: https://www.dartmouth.edu/~chance/course/Articles/assasinations.pdf In this age of computer science we are able to find “secret” codes in just about any text. The bigger question is, why would god wait 2000 years to reveal bible codes to us? The information was without value to people living in previous millennia. If god has an important message for us, intended to be understood, then why make it so difficult for us to understand? Why does THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE hav
  11. Similarly, christians told me that “We cannot possibly understand the mind of god”. But they know for sure that he hates homosexuality.
  12. Thankyou for sharing your story @Salemite. I’m crying softly in my car. Your story is my story. (Except I decided to divorce my fundamentalist husband as he was incapable of change). I also have regrets. I didn’t pursue my career so I now have a low income and 3 kids. I didn’t save much for retirement either (I am 47). I subjugated my own needs and now I am paying a high price. I buried my dreams. I treated my needs as being less important than the needs of my husband and kids. Why did I do this? I was a “good” child, in a religion that starves girls of their individual
  13. We are tribal creatures, it’s in our DNA. There was likely an evolutionary advantage for us to stick together in groups and cooperate. Also, Christianity encourages black and white thinking, eg. insider/outsider, us verses them, you are either saved or unsaved, with us or against us. Tribalism may have helped humans to survive this far, however it may ultimately destroy us.
  14. Is it a bizarre bible code? A vague prophesy available to us only now, 2000 years later, in the age of computer science?
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