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  1. LostinParis

    Is it normal?

    When I first deconverted I was swinging wildly between anger and sadness, relief and feeling stupid for believing all that stupid crap. It’s been more than 12 months and I’m feeling certain about my decision to deconvert. My husband is still a believer so I can’t escape Christianity entirely. However the emotional triggers are less frequent. Be patient, peace will come.
  2. LostinParis

    How can I deconvert my mother?

    I have had some luck using the socratic method of gently questioning my husband until he sees the contradictions of his own flawed argument. He no longer believes in a literal Adam and Eve, or Noah’s Ark. He now believes in evolution. Baby steps...
  3. LostinParis


    I asked my (ex)priest why Jesus did not condemn slavery. He replied that the old testament slavery laws were civil laws not religious laws. And that Jesus did not come to create havoc which would have resulted from reforming slavery laws. Seems legit??
  4. LostinParis

    Are All Sins Equal?

    I’m not sure if the obesity problem is entirely about gluttony. There are so many other contributing factors such as our sedentary jobs, fast food being cheaper than fresh fruit and vegetables, and lack of education about how sugar plays havoc with our satiety. I’m not overweight but my sister-in-laws are. They overeat to calm their anxiety, which is caused by the sexual abuse they suffered as children. Does god judge all gluttony equally? Or does he judge each glutton according to their circumstances? IS GOD JUST?? Me thinks not...
  5. LostinParis

    Are Christians more materialistic than atheists?

    I was raised Catholic, where priests must take a vow of poverty. I often heard that it was “Easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven” (says the pope while sitting on his gold throne). I still feel guilty when I spend money on myself. However this teaching has been one of the least harmful (and perhaps even beneficial) of my Christian brainwashings. I try to live a zero-waste, minimalist lifestyle, and it makes me deliriously happy.
  6. LostinParis

    Samuel from SoCal

    Hi Samuel, Many of us here can understand your difficult upbringing, and will offer support during your deconversion process. This site has helped me to defeat my fears and look towards the future. I’m looking forward to reading more of your story.
  7. LostinParis


  8. LostinParis

    Amusing Christian tells me God is dead

    My brother-in-law lived as a monk in a monastery in Europe for 13 years. He once told me that he “lives for death”. Total nutcase.
  9. LostinParis

    Just another Sunday

    It has taken me years to realize that pleasure is not sinful. And thought and actions that harm nobody are not sins. I was not born sinful and worthless. I am not helpless without god. I don’t need to rely on an external being to feel complete. I had the power all along.
  10. LostinParis

    Just another Sunday

    Yes! He cares too much what other Christians think of him. My anger towards him has disappeared and I now just feel sad for him, he is a good man and is suffering the wounds from his fundy Christian upbringing.
  11. LostinParis

    Just another Sunday

    I was raised Catholic so I feel guilty about everything regardless.
  12. LostinParis

    How Do I respond to Christian Friend?

    Ugh another self-righteous, control-freaking Christian. I wouldn’t bother answering her letter.
  13. LostinParis

    Just another Sunday

    Another Sunday morning listening to my husband throw a tantrum because all three of our kids refuse to go to church with him. I am blamed and made to feel guilty. Then as usual I jump onto this website and read your stories and I feel peaceful again. No point to this story really, just a thank-you to you all. Void bless.
  14. LostinParis

    Religion robbed me of my life

    Hi @HoneyBib, I’m sorry that you are going through hard times, panic attacks really suck. I suffer from them too, my brain sometimes feels like a hall of mirrors. It turns out that I have anxiety about having anxiety! I consider myself fortunate to live in the 21st century in a developed country with access to psychologists and pharmaceuticals. It took me 45 years to find my way out of the religious indoctrination, you are braver and wiser than I was at your age. Hang in there and please keep posting x