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  1. I’m sorry that you have such a steep hill to climb. It’s not fair. My son is 18 and has Aspergers. He doesn’t have any close friends either. His father was verbally abusive, but when things turned physical I left with him and his sisters. I should have left earlier, I worry that he is damaged psychologically, he now has bad anxiety. He refused to speak to his father more than a year, but has recently been in contact. He has set up firm boundaries and the relationship is now on his terms. His father is desperate to be back in his son’s life so is on his best behaviour. M
  2. One time I decided to test the supernatural by using the mantra “satan” whilst meditating. Nothing unusual happened, just the same normal deeply relaxing feelings. Occasionally while meditating I have what best could be described as an out-of-body experience. Our brains can do wacky stuff.
  3. No offence taken, you are correct. My ex did not address his issues with a psychologist, he just prayed instead. He weaned himself off his medication far too soon and became impossible to live with.
  4. I never thought of rocking to be so powerful. I thought that extreme sleep deprivation was the reason for my trance-like state with my newborn! When I was in Jerusalem I noticed the jews rocking while praying next to the wall. For me, praying inside the eastern orthodox church in Jerusalem was hypnotic, almost intoxicating, due to the incense, the singing and the chanting. Of course this pleasant feeling was confirmation of my belief.
  5. I used to repeat the Jesus prayer on the train on my way home from work (in Russian), in order to relax. Then one day I realised that I was simply meditating using a mantra, and perhaps I wasn’t connecting with the supernatural.
  6. Is your wife still a christian? It seems to me that conspiracy thinking patterns are similar to religious thinking patterns - “everything happens for a reason”. As if there is a purpose or intent behind every event.
  7. Hi @Myrkhoos On my honeymoon I visited the Catacombs in Kiev (very creepy, not romantic!) and was shown an area where exorcisms are still performed on a regular basis. My ex husband nodded, as if this information was ordinary. Fast forward 20 years and my ex turned into a fundamentalist Christian. I now understand that he experienced religious trauma as a child, through very powerful indoctrination about demons and hell. @FuegoYes I see a pattern too. Over a period of six months my ex’s mental health declined and he barely slept, which eventually resulted in psychosis. He wa
  8. Sounds like indoctrination, it’s likely your brain’s emotional software was hijacked at an age when you were too young to listen critically.
  9. Hi @Brianna I’m so very sorry you have to go through this. I am familiar with the pain of being in love with someone who puts Jesus before you. Was your ex raised fundamentalist? It was courageous of you to create boundaries for yourself. It was absolutely the right decision. Now you just need to wait for your feelings to catch up. They always do. What hurts the most? That he doesn’t love you for who you are but what you believe? Do you really want to spend the rest of your life with someone who loves you conditionally? You are worth more than that. He is as
  10. I do pity them too. I see them as hostages. Perhaps even Stockholm Syndrome.
  11. You’re right. I’m still giving them control over me. This does not define me. That reminds me. I was watching the movie Moana with my kids yesterday. There is was song towards the end where I burst into tears. My kids looked at me, puzzled. I guess I’m still struggling to find myself. I have crossed the horizon to find you I know your name They have stolen the heart from inside you But this does not define you This is not who you are You know who you are
  12. The other day I woke up livid. I still am. I thought I had processed all the anger, two years later. I’m angry at religion. I’m angry at myself for believing the bullshit. I’m angry at my ex for loving only the christian version of me. It feels like I am starting my life again from scratch. My psychologist says it’s simply a new chapter in my life, a change in seasons. I had made so much progress, now I feels like I have gone backwards. The tide has changed. Has anyone else felt like this? Help.
  13. It turns out the answer is YES. It’s called Teleological Thinking: https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/theconversation.com/amp/theres-a-psychological-link-between-conspiracy-theories-and-creationism-101849
  14. I was raised Catholic and was told that the bible does contain errors, because humans wrote it and humans are fallible. The errors were historical and scientific only, but inerrant concerning morality and faith. The bible is not a science book. The Pope is cool with The Big Bang and evolution, which are god’s mechanisms for creation. Genesis was taught to me as metaphorical, to explain the nature of humans and our relationship with god. But the problem then arises... by what criteria do we determine which stories are literal and which are allegory?
  15. In Australia, it turns out that Covid-19 decisions based in science were also best for the economy. We had an early, strict and short lockdown. Our economy has taken a hit, but not as badly as was first predicted. The average Australian probably has more trust in government and science than the average US citizen, and were consequently more compliant with the lockdown. Our New Zealand neighbours undertook an even stricter lockdown and have managed to eradicate the virus. Australia aimed for suppression rather than eradication. Our borders remain closed and we are isolated f
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