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    Music, TV Shows, Movies, Animals, Nature, Love, History, Humor, Fun, Reading, Learning, Experiencing all good things in life
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    Christianity destroyed my mental health.
    Now I want to heal from all that shit and be finally free.

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    Unsure. I'm either pantheist or atheist.

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  1. @crazyguy123 @AyahuascaPhoenix @Joshpantera @Fuego Thank you all for the great recommendations! I know some of them and find most of them really great! I’ll check out the others! Do you also know some great female fronted bands or female solo artists? I’m a huge fan of The Pretty Reckless (who love to criticize Christianity) and I’m also trying to find more stuff like them. When it comes to bands I listen to most are The Pretty Reckless, Green Day, Billy Talent, The Doors, Queen, Rise Against, Linkin Park, Tenacious D, AFI, The Turt
  2. Christianity ruined my brain too and my mental health. I’m so glad you can finally enjoy life and do all the things you want to do with a passion! It’s tough fighting the way through to be free from it completely. I’m still on the journey of deconverting and what really sucks to me right now is to see Christianity and things influenced by Christianity everywhere. Trying really hard to find more non-Christian things literally everywhere.
  3. I tried to edit my post, but don't know how or if it's possible. just wanted to add that my trauma from religion sits very deep and I try to avoid the things that remind me of it. As a huge music lover it frustrates me a lot that I don't find enough music from non-Christians.
  4. I love music! It's my passion and a big part of my life. Unfortunately though, majority of my favorite artists and bands call themselves Christian. I don't listen to Christian music, they're all secular artists and they're liberal when it comes to LGBTQ rights, women rights and so on. But it still bothers me a lot! They have songs that are inspired by their faith and they also talk and mention their faith from time to time. Of course they can do that, but it makes me furious, because I know they've been manipulated and indoctrinated and that they have a huge influe
  5. Letting go of the intense feelings of: Guilt Fear Shame No Self-Worth And at the same time dealing with all the people in the world who claim that "Christianity is a good thing", and other christian rooted values and beliefs who are deeply rooted in society, "All things happen for a reason", "Turn the other cheek", "Go the extra mile", "God hears every thought", "Loving yourself is a negative thing".....
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