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  1. OT Question

    Hello everyone, I was just wondering what the purpose was for Jews to write down their conquests all the way down to the slaughter of innocent children. Was this just a fear tactic for anyone who would read their history or just to indoctrinate younger Jews? I would think that the creators of the New Testament would want to get as far away from those problems as possible, but they didn't make any attempts to distance themselves from it or slavery. Why would this be?
  2. Progress?

    Man, I envy you. Good luck =)
  3. So, I have a family friend on Facebook still who is charismatic christian and posts ridiculous things all the time without thinking what it really means. Below is the excerpt of what she recently said. "God is always protecting us and because he sent the snow I worked a half office morning I always stop here and get gas at about this time and I knew I needed gas pulled a knife and a handgun on three females Wednesday morning at a Speedway gas station in Lower Macungie Township and forced one of them to get cash from an ATM before he fled with the money, police said. The robbery happened at 9:28 a.m. in the station at 5640 Hamilton Blvd., state police at Fogelsville said. God is our protector" So, not only is she crazy enough to believe that God sent our snow storm just to keep HER from getting robbed at her regular gas station, but she also praises him for protecting her. I guess the three women who were emotionally scarred by this tragic incident are just fucked or hated by God or both? So, I have another question. If two or more people pray for snow and two or more other people pray that it doesn't - how does God calculate the votes? How does he know what to do?!? Anyway, I'm sick of this stuff.
  4. Climate change apocalypse

    In my experience it has to do with two things. One is the fact that Jesus is in total control and will choose how and when the world will come to its end. If everything ends up burning up then they will be saved in the rapture so who cares. They also have a natural deep founded hatred of science and anything adored or believed by anyone who even farts slightly to the left. Then you have people like Ken Ham telling children to never believe what scientist tell you if it goes against the bible. So, it's easy to understand where the cog is missing in the machine.
  5. Is This Possible?

    So, the last church that I went to was a fundamentalist King James Version only independent baptist church. This church was pastored by a man who has studied the Bible his entire life and we used t talk quite a bit about my doubts and faith. One time I asked him if he could explain the Council of Nicea to me a little bit and he told me that he had never heard of it. I didn't bother to "explain" it to him, because I felt that he was being dishonest. Is it possible that someone could be a graduate of a Bible college and self identify as a bible expert yet not know anything about the Council of Nicea or do you think that he was lying?
  6. Jesus, if he existed, was bipolar

    Very interesting.
  7. I guess I asked for it.

    Thanks to everyone who has responded. I have definitely been thinking about what every one has said and I'm sure this isn't the end of it. I'm going to take everyones advice and play it cool from now on. Unless she brings something up on her own.
  8. I guess I asked for it.

    I told my wife that we are too poor for God and that if he wants donations he will have to the financial harvest or whatever weird farming terminology they like to use. Thanks for sharing. I really appreciate it.
  9. I guess I asked for it.

    @MOHO Yea, I guess she's probably heard a lot about it in her time. I'm also sure that she's maybe thinking this is some sort of phase and that I'm going to switch back any minute. It's been pretty calm the last few days, but there has been a noticeable rift between us.
  10. I guess I asked for it.

    So, I hope I don't incur any judgement here. I'm so confused in my current family setting that I don't know what to do. As I mentioned in my introduction post I've severely fallen out of the faith, but my wife and kids (all under 10...except for the wife....shes 27 lol) are still in the faith. Rachel (wife) has been looking for a new church since she had a bad experience at the small fundamental baptist church she was attending. She for some reason really wanted me to go to check out this newer, more modern charismatic church with her. I'm not sure why, because she says I'm obsessed with religion and will not shut up about it (truth). So, we go to this place and its got coffee bars and computers that you use to check your kids in. They have multiple services a day and it's packed. Anyway, the pastor comes on talking about how our lives are like the sunrise to sunset and eventually we will all die and how nice it would be to have the sweet shepherd Jesus to shepherd us somewhere fancy. He then goes on to talk about King Herod and says "See, the Bible is telling you all this historically accurate stuff so you know you aren't believing in fairy tales". I made a note on my phone to my wife that said "historically accurate context doesn't validate religious beliefs or corroborate the other parts of the story". Then he later has the gall to say that Herod was a very, very insecure leader, because he killed all of those toddlers while trying to get Jesus. I made another note that said "Herod kills toddlers and is a disgusting abomination, but tots ok when God does it". I really couldn't believe that he went on that much about the toddler thing. Anyway, she asked me how the service was and I very gently and calmly picked it a part and she got so defensive out of nowhere. She starts yelling at me about how we agreed to raise our kids a certain way and that I've had beliefs in the past that I've moved on from (conspiracies and the like). I keep trying to explain to her that it's actually great that I'm constantly changing and trying to find new information, but for some reason that's a fault to her. Like, if i'm not stuck in the same ridiculous place with faith my entire life that somehow my opinions aren't valid. I went onto tell her about all the new information I've come across and she didn't want to hear it. I lost it after about 20 minutes of being berated and told her if she was a real christian than she should meet me where I'm at and look at the information I have and help me through it. She said that she would, but I don't think she ever will. Then she goes onto say that shes worried about the kids going to hell over everything and that it's better to just believe. I'm so frustrated with everything and everyone is always making me seem like a bad guy, because I won't be tortured with fear for absolutely no valid reason at all. It really took it out of me today. Anyway......maybe I should have cursed more? Not a very good rant, eh?
  11. "I Remind Myself Of All That You've Done"

    This is so true. I remember being a youngster for Christ and telling my aunt that I was going to study all the religions and learn how to fight them. She told me that I shouldn't go outside of the bible for anything. Of course we know why she said that now. Like I said in my introduction story that this highly regarded Baptist pastor simply told me not to read things if they conflict with Gods word or makes me confused. So frustrating.
  12. Tired of it all

    Hello Searching, I'm new to the forum also, but would like to welcome you! I really connect with what you're saying about feeling called or nudged back. I feel this many times a week and it seems very strong, but at the same time that same feeling which I think is divine never offers any answers to my questions. So, I've deduced that it is not a legitimate message from a supernatural deity. What a waste of time it is to nudge me back without resolving my initial concerns? Plus, a nudge alone doesn't justify a purpose for faith. I'm sorry that I cannot offer any other observations than that. I feel for you, as do I feel for myself (sad). I never did convert to another religion or practice, but I did read a lot about non theistic satanism which was interesting. I was also a christian at a young age and am only deconverting properly at 31. Feel free to talk me anytime.
  13. I can't believe I'm here

    Don't worry about the delay! I just came back from my 3rd wedding this year, so I can relate lol. I'm glad that you found somebody who is very experienced. A lot of the inpatient and partial programs here in the States are pretty good, but the regular run of the mill therapist feels like fast food to me. All of them seem really wet behind the ears and inexperienced. I'm still looking for someone who can help me with talk therapy. Before I totally deconverted I followed an online ministry and the leader of that put out a video on how mental illness was either from Satan or it was just a person using an excuse to sin. He told people that they should take the pills because of the "illuminati". It made me so mad, because you can really get someone killed with that level of irresponsible hog wash. Anyway, I confronted him on it and felt like I left him thoroughly debunked, but his views carry on today. Thanks for taking the time to get back to me. I appreciate it.
  14. I can't believe I'm here

    Hi Yunea. Yes, i know what you mean. I suffered sexual abuse in my own home, but lusting and all the normal behaviors that come with being young and eager (lol) were completely demonized. I still suffer from guilt from normal relations with my own wife. How sick is that? I'm sorry to hear about DDNOS, but I'm glad that you've found help in psychiatry. I can't believe that there are parts of Christianity that either ignore mental disorders altogether or say that it's demonic. It's funny, because Lithium has done more for me than any prayer I've ever prayed in my life. I did a few partial outpatient groups as well and found that helped a lot as well. The main focus was CBT, but DBT was taught also. Have you done anything like that before?
  15. I can't believe I'm here

    The treatment of Catholics was always confusing to me. I would find more conservative christian types who would call them a cult (hahaha!) and say they're going to hell, but then I would meet more liberal charismatic types that'd say they were all brothers and sisters in Christ and they were just a little off with some doctrines.