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    Raise and lived as a Christian for 40 years. I'm one of those that fit the quote, "The road to atheism is littered with worn out Bibles." I studied and researched to draw closer to god, and that's when I realized, "Oh my gosh, this is all bull crap!!!" So, now I am a "christian" homeschooling mother of 5, living in the country in the Bible Belt. Thankfully, my husband and I are on the same page, but that makes two of us. Other than that, I know not a single human being (personally) that does not claim to be a christian. Yikes. Now what?

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  1. After a brief skim-over, I think they offer free counseling. Just wondering if anyone has personal experience with this organizion.
  2. I am IN the worst part of my deconversion, right now. I'm angry, depressed, confused, anxious. I feel like I'm having an out-of-body experience every day. We still haven't said anything to our kids, so I feel like I'm living a double life. Thanksgiving with family made my brain feel like mush. I'm becoming disconnected from everything. I have always adored and been slightly obsessive about my kids. Right now, I feel myself becoming emotionally detached from them, from EVERYONE. I just want to crawl in a hole and be left alone. I don't want to talk to anyone, deal with anyone else's crap. I'm s
  3. I wish I could write something like that when my mind is lucid.
  4. I'm joining this party after the fact, but I'm so glad to read that you left it alone for now. I can imagine that your daughter (and/or husband) told their kids about your worldview, because they see it as more than that. They believe a religion that tells them you are going to hell, and they feel it is their duty to pray for you. And likely want to warn their kids in case you ever say anything that could conflict with what they're being taught (and I think it's great that you aren't). I truly believe they have the best intentions for you and their kids in doing this. They love you, are concer
  5. That's good advice! I've been concerned about presenting new ideas that conflict with their current, ingrained beliefs, without giving them some explanation as to why. They've been trained to immediately resist anything that goes against Christianity (ugh, I hated that I'm saying that). I can't imagine what they'll think if their own parents are the ones presenting these "pagan" ideas. So there has to be a bit of a transition plan. We have to come up with something to move them toward that kind of thinking, without the guilt they've been trained to feel if they do. We need a way to set them fr
  6. Oh, yes. The Christian curriculum is gone! I actually change curriculum all the time, to suit particular learning styles, interests, or my own personal fancy. The kids didn't bat an eye when I quit using the pieces that forced Christian ideals. But I'm anxious to get some REAL science & history in front of them!
  7. I just recently joined, and posted my introduction and testimony, but I felt this topic needed its own post. My husband and I both spent several years slowly deprogramming, as we were trying to dig deeper in the word and draw closer to god (um…oops?). It was in the Spring of this year that he and I came face-to-face with the reality of religion being man-made. We’ve had months to accept this new reality, but we’ve yet to figure out how to handle this with our kids. We homeschool our five children, ages 1, 7 10, 13 and 15. I have been indoctrinating them, big time, since birth. We,
  8. I LOVE THIS!!! I am just about to post a topic about how to handle things with my kiddos. This is very inspiring. Thank you!
  9. "Dear God, thank you for taking the time to finally speak to me, giving me advice to help my children critically think their way out of the delusion that is you. Amen." Seriously, thanks. My husband mentioned something like that, too. Great idea!
  10. Yes! On the site I found this (Reddit) someone actually commented along the lines of, "You'd think God would be a little more precise. That is not 'EXACTLY, EXACTLY, EXACTLY' 2/3 of a cup."
  11. This may have been posted before, but it makes me laugh, yet also cringe, at how I used to give credit to god for the most mundane things.
  12. Insightful and knightcore, awesome advice. I have been feeling like I don't want to just reprogram my kids to believe what I do again. I need to find ways for them to search for their own answers, and keep up their critical thinking. They ask great questions. They are already critical thinkers. And as we stop training them to ignore critical thought in exchange for faith-based nonsense, I think they will naturally begin to deprogram. My husband feels strongly that we need to tell them what WE now believe. But I'm not so sure we need to do that in so many words. I do feel like we need to have s
  13. Thanks! I'm happy to be here. I NEED to be here.
  14. Reading some of your posts is what made me realize how "blayessed” I am to have a partner in crime with this whole thing. I feel for ya, man. That would be really rough!
  15. I just posted my story under Testimonies of Former Christians, titled "I never thought I'd be here." That gives my full introduction. But I thought I should introduce myself here, in some way. I live in the Bible belt, have been a "christian" all my life, homeschool my children, and was in it whole hog (there's a southern term for ya!). Over the past several years, it has slowly come crashing down, until I have no religion left. I am still in shock a bit, but coming to terms with it all. But I have so many questions about how to move forward. Other than my husband (we came to this place togeth
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