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  1. Glad you are here. I don't believe in God either but there is something in us that extends beyond us that is eternal. I have called it "the core" in the past, but there are many names for it - the Atman, dharmakya, the buddha-nature, intrinsic awareness, etc...
  2. Saw about 30 people in white lab coats and camoflage pants holding signs saying "Jesus heals" on the street corners. What's up with that?

    1. Deva


      Ugh. They were pushing some guy in a wheelchair too.


  3. I'll try to come up with a different way of describing it, PW was the closest thing I could come up with. If you're struggling, why not look at it as placing your bets on something? If you feel strong about placing your bets on one particular view of what the afterlife will hold, go ahead with it. You're being honest enough with yourself to admit that you're not all-knowing and neither is anyone else who presented these concepts in the first place (Egyptians, eastern mystics, whoever), but you feel intuitively that it's probably right. That's not exactly PW, but it's similar. I appreciate that. I do thank you for your polite tone throughout and the overall civility of this thread.
  4. In my opinion, it is most unfortunate that we have "Pascal's Wager," often used by Christians as a defense of Christianity, used in this section of the forum at all. Its a discredited and weak idea that doesn't hold up at all for any serious or helpful discussion. I agree with Ceiling Cat that it is a put down, although, Josh, I don't think you meant it in that way, at least I hope not. I think it is very tough to have a discussion about spirituality when the person posting is continually challenged and questioned, rather than supported.
  5. Re-quoted for truth. Also, it is hard to go to a liberal church if you have experience of other more "conservative" type churches. It can be done, and I did it for awhile, but ultimately nothing came of it. Christians always think they are right and have the only right way. You may get along with such friends for awhile, but there is a basic incompatibility that eventually shows up.
  6. On a diet like that, you might want to get a precautionary cholesterol check if you haven't already. Being thin doesn't mean you can't get heart disease. I knew someone once, she was skinny as a rake, taught Phys Ed, fit as anything. Then she had a heart attack in her 40s. Not fatal, but even so. Ironically, it was the wife of the pastor I talked about a bit in my extimony. God didn't do much for her there... Just a thought. Please revise this view! There are people who appreciate others for who they are, not just what they look like. If you're super-intelligent with a great personality and beautiful as well, find someone who deserves you! I'd volunteer, but I'm taken Please see that this thread was started a couple years ago...as far as I know blackpuddin doesn't post here anymore.
  7. This thread is great, Margee! Steve Jobs is absolutely right. Every one of us has a right to be who we are. If it does not fit into the mainstream of the society, then screw the society as long as we are not harming others.
  8. I think this is a good thread, and a good topic. I have not seen any stupidity or cowardliness. I have pm'd you back CC.
  9. Hi CC. Sorry I didn't see your post earlier. It is a continuation. No doubt in my mind. It makes absolutely zero sense to cultivate a spiritual life if this is the only one you have. My friend, you just don't have time. Look around you, and see how aware and sane and peaceful most people are - the picture isn't pretty. I don't think I'm going out on a limb saying that so called spirituality hasn't done much for most, and will not do it 20,30 or 40 years down the road and some may not do it 100 years down the road. However, if there is something eternal about all this, then a thousand years might make a difference in the mind stream of this entity as it reincarnated from one form to another. Then it makes a big difference, over time, what you think and do in small increments. Let me be clear that after having said that, I do not believe in the actual existence of a concrete "soul" or continuation of a particular personality beyond the fact that sometimes some memories are preserved from the prior life, and tendencies, usually bad ones, carry over.
  10. My favorite is Rust Cohle from "True Detective". He is a pessimist too, which is right down my ally, although I don't know if I can agree with "time is a flat circle" and the eternal re-occurrence. Not sure if science has come to a conclusion on that yet.
  11. My involvement with Tibetan Buddhism would certainly never be understood by my parents or my brother, so I have not told them. I think they probably suspect something is going on - once my Dad asked me why was I so interested in India - right out of the blue. I cobbled together a half true answer that did not address religion. Most likely they do know, since my sister in law sees my Facebook posts and I think its pretty obvious from that. I used to get letters from my mother every now and then trying to convert me, so she obviously thinks I am unsaved. I just determined not to discuss religion in any way with them. I can't see any good would come of it. The same goes for when I was interested in ceremonial magic and the Tarot for a short time.
  12. We have all had problems with Christianity, that is what holds us together here. Orbit, I know you don't like me very much, but I just want to say that I sincerely appreciate this testimony.
  13. Hey Dragon, welcome and nice to meet someone else on here who keeps reptiles! I have a Thayeri kingsnake, a crested gecko, a chahoua gecko, pictus geckos and a few salamanders and millipedes. Glad you saw through Christianity at a young age.
  14. The primary reason was that someone they respected, such as their parents, told them it was true. Then the parents carted them off to church where it was repeated over and over by other adults that it was true, sacred and holy. These authority figures have a selective blindness and willful ignorance that prevents them from cracking a book to read something about the origins of the Bible. It seems strange, really bizarre to me now. It is really as if most Christians actually think this book fell from the sky from the hand of God in its present day (or King James) version.
  15. I think I tried reading that once many years ago. The "evidence" is the Bible and is proven true by the Bible. I didn't get very far.
  16. Anything by M. NIght Shyamalan - after the Sixth Sense, which was moderately entertaining. I felt completely cheated after watching "The Village" a total ripoff. I did not want to see anything by him - the only thing halfway decent was the one with the crop circles "Signs" but that involved Mel Gibson. Old Mel isn't quite what he used to be, sorry to say. The days of futuristic shoot em up on the Australian outback are long gone. The Hobbit movies are terrible. I don't even need to see the most recent one. I did not care for most of the Harry Potter movies. I could not follow the plot through all the movies, and half the time I didn't know what was going on, which became incredibly annoying. I had not read the books so I was totally at sea. I liked the first one - that is about it. I don't like CGI characters either - the ones that are very cartoonish like the house elf and another good example in the horrible Star Wars movies -Jar Jar Binks. They just look and act stupid or sorry and bring down the whole film. I did not like ET. Overly sweet and sentimental. I thought Jaws was good, but overly hyped and just did not live up to all the hoopla for me. I also read the book first. I don't like any of these movies with the CGI robots that reassemble themselves into different shapes - "Transformers". Can't get through more than 5 minutes.
  17. Trinity Broadcasting Network. Terrible stuff.
  18. Facebook can be difficult, but I have continued to use it. I recently had the breakup of a long friendship in real life, for inexplicable reasons. Naturally this person was also on my Facebook. After she ditched me, I blocked her off of Facebook, but I also had two other mutual friends with that person. I am concerned the the offender might gain access to my page through these friends. However, if you unfriend people, they want an explanation. It becomes complicated. The security settings on Facebook seem to change all the time. You have to be careful that only "friends" can see and comment on your posts or you will get other opinions you might not like. In my pool of friends I have found some that I have had to unfriend or block due to some objectionable material. I am constantly checking the security settings. I also use "Facebook Fluffbusting Purity" program to filter stuff out. That way i have managed to cut way down on Christian stuff on my newsfeed and feel that Facebook is a useful place.
  19. As a career paralegal/legal assistant, you don't know how much I identify with this, having had a similar experience. You should get a medal for hanging in there for a year.
  20. The issue of "coming out" becomes very difficult when its a family member. I think a person has the right to ask that a certain subject not be on the table for discussion. That includes religion, politics or other divisive and controversial subjects. In fact, I feel very strongly about that. There is nothing wrong with setting reasonable boundaries, both for your sake and the other person's. I recently lost a 20 year friendship over "subjects not to be discussed". Despite this loss (and it was a major one) I stand by it as a reasonable compromise. A person should not be compelled to listen to something over and over that they don't like or agree with. Some, obviously disagree.
  21. How true. It is only recently that I decided the world was not "evil". I love the beauty of the South Florida sky at sunset and I love to watch birds. I always have. The beauty of the light in the morning, flowers, palm trees. I love to experience the food of different countries and learn about different cultures. How can it be "evil" or in any way "cursed"? This is true even though I do have an appreciation for the amazing amount of suffering in the world. The beauty still remains. I think to Christians any form of pleasure must be in some way evil.
  22. Salemite: Welcome to Ex-C! All of us who were raised in Christian families with strong Christian upbringings have had something of a tough time. It took me about 15 years to completely kick Christianity out the door and without truth or any value whatsoever. I tried the Unitarian and liberal church route along the way. I would say that the only way to find out for sure if you can do this, is to try it. It did not work for me, and I think it was the type of Christianity I was raised in (fundamentalist Baptist) was so black and white that it is really tough to think about this religion in any other way. Is it true or not true? In what ways could it still be true, if any? If its all false at the core, would I want the trappings of it? These questions were a part of my thought process.
  23. There can be some difficult issues in a professional office if you just can't get along with the co-workers and even worse with the boss. There are different personality types I know I can't work with. I learned a lot the last four years or so how different these office environments can be. But generally except for some pressure with deadlines, paperwork is just fine compared with some of the other types of jobs out there.
  24. Roommates - ugh. Never worked out for long with me. It was always something. The chore thing is funny. I remember back in college maybe 1978 one of my roommates dumped a huge can of trash on my bed as if that would solve the problem. Needless to say, it didn't do anything except create hurt feelings. I don't recall that arrangement lasting much longer. I also remember a roommate coming in with her boyfriend and giving me the evil eye that I had better get out for at least several hours. Never mind that my parents paid for that college dorm room. I am pretty sure I am impossible to live with! Just about all you can do is find someone else and try to lay down some reasonable ground rules. I don't know what else will work, maybe put it in writing and have them sign it.
  25. I am sorry to hear of your loss of your cat. I have experienced this myself. I think everyone knows deep down that death constitutes an irretrievable loss, no matter how religious they are and try to hide it.
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