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  1. For me what makes a good or bad person is the motivation behind their actions.
  2. I checked out that site (the design is just horrible) He seems like a bit of a nutjob with his posts about homosexuality and abortion being sins. I didn't spend that long on his site but I also imagine he think evolution is a lie. I guess we both came to Christianity through conspiracys. Were you a fundamentalist believer as well?
  3. I don't know much about the black goo but I couldn't be bothered to sit through a 30min video to find out. I have seen people try to connect video games to black goo but it's pretty much bs. I checked that guys art collection and that is pretty weird. I don't think it's sinister just creepy. I also have read things that creeped me out because I can't explain them. Whether it's the architecture of the popes audience hall or hidden things in tv. I don't have an explanation for why which is really annoying.
  4. Before I converted to Christianity I had never heard of conspiracys before. I converted because of the illuminati conspiracy as mad as that sounds. I find the idea of shape shifting lizards ridiculous but talking about global conspiracys you got 1 camp claiming its aliens, another claiming its demonic aliens and satan, and one camp saying its just rich people being assholes. And each camp thinks the other is stupid :D. I also find David hard to read because a lot of what he says is nonsense so I tend to avoid him. I also avoid your stereostypical youtube channel talking about some black goo, or drawing a animal on google maps and claiming it is significant hard to watch. (Don't know if you have watched any of those vids)
  5. I have no doubt that some people have done some pretty bad things. What does your last line mean? I don't understand sorry.
  6. What do you think of chemtrails? I don't find it convincing but it's always nice to get other peoples opinions.
  7. I used to be big into history and studied the causes of the French revolution and the establishing of Israel. But reading about people like aleister crowley and albert pike scares the crap outta me.
  8. What I meant by manson is that it is painfully obvious he is a satanist. Hearing his music or seeing him do bizzare "occult" things doesn't bother me, same with when I see "satanic" symbolism in other metal bands I listen to. (Did I mention I love metal? :D) What freaks me out is when pop music like Katy Perry uses the eye or triangle. I have been researching the history of Freemasonry and there is a suprising amount of things attributed to them that isn't true like the Taxil hoax. But whenever I see an eye, triangle or pentagram in a music video, tv program or game I start to panic. Im not scared of there being a group of people ruling the world. Rich and powerful people do greedy shit all the time, what worries me is when I see any of this symbolism my mind goes theres a symbol, the illuminati is true, christianity is correct, your going to hell.
  9. It's weird when I look at heavy metal bands or singers like Marilyn Manson. The satanic related stuff is literally in plain view but it doesn't bother me. One of my favourite bands has a song that bashes religion and it doesn't phase me. Idk im just confused.
  10. 2 years ago I believed in conspiracys such as the illuminat being run by satan and all the entertainment industry were pushing it. With things such as lyrics backwards in songs or images including 1 eye or inverted crosses. Recently I was watching a video by a rapper "Lil uzi vert" And in this video it has arabic writing, he is wearing upside down crosses and him and The Weeknd are doing the one eye thing. This freaked me the fuck out so I investigated it more and I got some people saying the arabic was a bunch of gibberish and poorly translated and other people saying its arabic backwards which is islamic for black magic. Theres also the idea that saying Lil uzi vert fast sounds like Lucifer. Then I went head first down the rabbit hole looking at other songs where if you play them backwards they say 13 and other weird stuff. And other singers and rappers incorporating one eyed symbolism, triangles and upside down crosses in their music videos. Back on to the Lil uzi vert topic I found out that he is a big fan of Marilyn Manson who is a satanist. He is literally associated with the devil and his stuff never bothers me which doesn't make any sense. One of the first things that comes in my head is he is doing this or shock value and to get people interested. (I guess its working lol) but then I see so many singers do it my brain refuses to think its a coincidence. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks for reading.
  11. I don't think anyone actually knows what causes conciousness so when people claim that conciousness debunks materialism or conciousness proves materialism I don't pay much attention. Let's let the scientists and philosophers work it out first. I am not even sure if materialism is true, I have just never experianced anything supernatural or unexplainable so I have only experianced the natural world.
  12. Hey again, your opinion on accepting the first horn is kind of similar to mine. i just thought that instead of calling the dilemma a false dilemma a case can be made on why we should accept the first horn. (But as you said we would have to take it on faith.) It would probably be very convincing to people that already believed but not convincing to people that didn't believe in a God. Anyway I don't really have anymore questions to ask you. Thanks so much for all your help and if you want to keep a conversation going I am fine talking about any topic.
  13. Hello again, I more or less agree with all that you said and I had more question if you dont mind answering. (Mostly asking for your opinion) I haven't heard of this argument online so this is just what I made up in my head (someones probably thought of it before) but couldn't the first horn be taken by theists if God was all knowing? Because if God is all knowing then he knows what we should and should not do. Or if he is all knowing we should listen to him because he is the most intelligant being. What do you think of that?
  14. Hey again, I had one last question about objective morality. Some christians say the euthyphro dilemma is a false dilemma because God is good or god is goodness. (I cant explain it properly but you can find it on google) Have you came across this and whats your thoughts on this? Thanks.
  15. No worrys dude take as much time as you need. Hope everythings ok.
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