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  1. Goodbye Net Neutrality

    The US system of government is not just majority rule. There is also protection of individual rights. That is why the US government is not a democracy, but a republic. And part of the blame for the current state of the nation lays squarely at the feet of voters. And I also agree that both major parties are nearly equally as bad. Same end result just a different MO.
  2. Greetings

    I found a link on this site that listed many youtubers:
  3. In the Beginning, Mothafuckas.

    I wonder if losing one's sense of humor is a prerequisite for becoming a Christian.
  4. In the Beginning, Mothafuckas.

    Except when he has 42 kids killed by a bear, eh?
  5. Since it is not illegal to open carry inside my own home, that can be a deterrent. I just don't step outside.
  6. God is complicit in man's sin by creating man after having failed with the creation of angels. Did not the omniscient God know that man would sin? Especially after the disaster of the creation of angels, 1/3 of which rebelled? The whole logic is flawed, yet no Bibler will admit it. SMH
  7. Illusions About Capitalism

    Then fast forward a bit & look at what England did to India.

    Isn't the first one hypocritical? Its against people who say women should be thin to be attractive by saying women should be obese to be attractive? Anyway, as a red blooded male, having gone through a divorce, there is more to life than just looks.
  9. SECRETS The POLICE Don't Want You To Know

    It can be shortened to know your rights and don't hang yourself.
  10. Hypocrisy? or Ignorance

    Apparently, and rightfully so if true, the US has condemned ongoing violence against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar as ethnic cleansing. Yet many Americans support Israel and believe the Bible. Do you think this is bald faced hypocrisy or have none read the OT stories of God having men, women, and children of non-Jews killed? O, that is except for the women that were virgins, they could be kept by the Jews. SMH.
  11. Things Fundies Say On Facebook

    Due to the limited population and their strict doctrine, there is also inbreeding in the Amish population. And they won't get medically tested before having children to see if there may be potential genetic issues. I think the initial Amish population in the US was around 200, now there are ~250,000. So you do the math.
  12. Introduction

    If I hadn't committed to the support group, I would been gone already. The group meets weekly for another 4 meetings, then I can bow out. but this waiting period is torture.
  13. Thoughts About Sin

    I have been thinking about this a lot lately. If original sin does exist, isn't God an accessory to sin if not worse? If God made angels gave them free will and one third rebelled. Yet He didn't learn, He then made an even less trustworthy creature, mankind, gave him free will, put a temptation in his dwelling place, and then told him not to eat of it. But God is all knowing and ever present and all powerful, so the minute or instant, if you will, before Eve ate and Adam ate, God KNEW! So not stopping them is a sin of omission, is it not? Anyway, the above is predicated on Adam and Eve being real as well as the God of the Bible being real.
  14. Tired of it all

  15. Tired of it all

    Welcome SFA. There is a box on the bottom left that you check to quote text for a reply. And you can Like, Thank, etc by clicking on the heart icon in the right. I am new here too, and that's about all the tech advice I have