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  1. Bizarre Christian reactions

    Maybe it was just dark outside, if I recall it was at night time the call came through.
  2. Bizarre Christian reactions

    Yeah, but you don't think of shit like that in the moment.
  3. Bizarre Christian reactions

  4. Bizarre Christian reactions

    I don't even know what you call that type of reaction, in clinical terms.
  5. Bizarre Christian reactions

    Here's a Christian reaction that was quite bizarre. I met this elderly Christian woman at a church who decided to take an interest in my falling away from Jesus. At the time I was in and out of faith, and she thought that a little guidance would facilitate my journey back to the fold. She used to call me and talk about the good news of Jesus, the discussions would go for along time. I'd ask her lot's of questions about the Bible, and why it doesn't seem to help me. She was so determined to bring me around to her way of thinking, but the phone calls would usually end abruptly. Then one day she calls, and we are talking for a little while, then I hear a child in the background say something to her. "Who is that? I say" It was just her grandchild, who was uttering the word, dark, dark, dark. She stopped for a while, then say's "I wonder why she's saying, dark, dark, dark?" You're not a dark person are you, she says. Then all of a sudden she has to go. That was the last time I heard from her. I'll let you draw your own conclusions.
  6. Which Christian Behaviors Most Annoy Atheists?

    I love cherries. Yeah I've noticed, I think you get to a point where faith is exhausting. Because the mind has been running in subjective mode for so long, like running the same program 24/7 slows down the whole system. She needs to give her subjective faculty a rest, before she over heats her main processor.
  7. Which Christian Behaviors Most Annoy Atheists?

    Something is with us Penny, or we wouldn't be here. But do you think that humans have been seriously mistaken as to who the man behind the curtain is?
  8. Which Christian Behaviors Most Annoy Atheists?

    If God, your god is good, was it good for him to slay babies. Is slaying babies good when god does it, and bad if a human does it? Why?
  9. Quantum Leap

    I do enjoy a snifter of port at Christmas.
  10. Quantum Leap

    The real question is, what do you believe after you leave Christianity.
  11. Quantum Leap

    Well, your not suggesting Penny stay with a delusion if it makes her happy. Delusional thinking is much like a drug. You believe certain things to find escape from painful experiences, but eventually you become addicted to the fantasy world instead.
  12. Quantum Leap

  13. Quantum Leap

    You're no Christian Penny. You have to be careful of yourself and your own doctrine. 1 Timothy 4:16 Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers. You've made it clear you care nothing about how you appear as a Christian, or your doctrine. These are the things that save us (The Bible says) so basically you're damning yourself and us to your hell with your bullshit theology.
  14. Quantum Leap

    I wouldn't be talking like this about him, if he was real Penny.
  15. Quantum Leap

    Sin is what your nature is, it's not something you understand first then do. You're born in a fallen sinful state, due to the actions of Adam and Eve.