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  1. Quantum Leap

    Oh, I misunderstood. It is not so much that I am uninterested in defending my faith. It is more a case of being unable to defend it. I am convinced that arguing about it is not the way to go about evangelism. I think evangelism should be personal, as in sharing one’s faith with a friend. I suppose I am tiresome, it is not the first time people have found me so, lol. But thanks for your very nice post. Perhaps my friend wants me to read the opinions of ex Christians rather than to argue about my own.
  2. Quantum Leap

    Someone asked me to come here. I guess he thinks Christianity is bad for me, so wants me to believe something different.
  3. Quantum Leap

    I am here because someone who was my friend said I was insulated and isolated and I should not just be in an echo chamber around only Christians. I told him I am neither an apologist nor a theologian and not really good at defending Christianity. Plus, I daresay all of you are much more intelligent than I am, so I am rather intimidated. Maybe I am trying too hard to say what I believe while not sounding stupid and should just say what I believe.
  4. Quantum Leap

    Thank you for your assessment.
  5. Quantum Leap

    You are defining Christianity as mythology, I define it as truth.
  6. Quantum Leap

    Nothing qualifies me anymore than anyone else is qualified. There are many people who believe they know the truth.
  7. Quantum Leap

    I don’t know if it does or not.
  8. Quantum Leap

    The same thing that qualifies you to define God. I think, therefore I am.
  9. Quantum Leap

    If you’d rather not listen to it, it is not kind or loving for her to go on about it. So I would say she does not love Jesus as she should, or she would be more loving toward you. The best Christians love people. I am not intimating that non Christians do not love people- only that love is the foremost subject in Christianity. I do not think of faith as a work. Yes, there are Christians who advocate works to maintain faith, and those who do not. The amazing thing is, most of us can agree to disagree, and not call each other apostates (although there are some that do, of course).
  10. Quantum Leap

    You define God as a myth. I do not- so we absolutely get to define words and concepts ourselves.
  11. Quantum Leap

    People do all the time. One person’s definition of marriage is between one man and one woman. Another person’s definition of marriage is one person with one person. Another person’s definition of marriage is marrying herself or himself. Another person’s definition of marriage is one man and multiple women. Any person can say to another “your definition is incorrect, you don’t get to define marriage.” People’s definitions of love are different, that is part of the reason there are so many relationship problems. A woman may need to hear her boyfriend or husband say he loves her, but he is aghast because he is constantly doing things to show he loves her- they define love differently. Most of you define God differently than I do. If He is not real, then what does it matter if my definition is not yours?
  12. Quantum Leap

    I don’t know. There are an awful lot of middle class people who think people can get out of poverty simply by getting a job.
  13. Quantum Leap

    I think my definition of religion is different from yours. In my mind, religion means you have to do something. In Christianity, you have to believe something.
  14. Quantum Leap

    You have to believe in your heart that He is God and has saved you. After that happens, you want to think of Him.
  15. Quantum Leap

    You said my internalized classicism was sad- but I think all lower class people are keenly aware of their status. I make self deprecatory remarks about my status all the time as a defense mechanism. Lower class people KNOW there are classes in the US. I think middle class people are unaware of classes in the US.