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    In an ex-Catholic and ex-Reformed Protestant who is now a Buddhist

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  1. I skimmed through an article on John Piper's website supposedly listing evidence for the Christian faith. I knew how to answer most of them, but this caught me off guard: Has anyone come across this before? Can you point me to some resources answering this?
  2. I have been involved with Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant Christianity at different points in my life. I left the Catholic church a few months ago, but at times I feel nagging feelings that I'm going to go to hell for leaving. One thing that keeps coming back to me are the stories of miracles in Catholic (and Orthodox) Christianity. For someone to be declared a saint in the Catholic church, there must be two miracles attributed to that saint's intercession that cannot be explained by science. One sort of miracle that really gets to me is Eucharistic miracles. The Cath
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