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  1. Hi, my "friend" (or I thought) recently ended our friendship because I no longer go to church. She feels that she can no longer "be herself" with me because she cannot talk about her faith constantly and does not want anyone coming between "her and God (not sure how I was ). I was surprised this happened and tried to explain how she was being judgmental in her decison, but she is literally unable to see how it is a form of discrimination. How come Christians cannot see their own hypocrisy? I did not know my leaving church would cost us our friendship.
  2. @Geezer Hi, any particular book of Dr. Bart Ehrman you recommend to start with? I see he has a lot
  3. THanks for your reply. Yeah, I actually grew up in an agnostic family so I fortunately do not have any pressure from my side of the family. However, I live in a foreign country with my husband and most of my community here is from church so it is hard to think I will have to branch out/start over (again - I have moved so many times in my life so it gets exhausting to start over). I like my friends from church, but I know the relationship will change, especially if they believe in not "yoking with unbelievers" even though I am not technically an unbelievier, just not the same beliefs they hold
  4. Very true Thanks for the replies, everyone
  5. That is true (I have moved a LOT in my life).
  6. Of course not. I am in the process though of leaving so I feel guilt. I grew up in a half agnostic, half Catholic family, but my family is primarily athiest and agnostic. You would think it would be easy for me to revert back to my roots, but I live far from my family and where I live, most people I know are from church.
  7. good response I guess my initial response though is because that particular church does expect people to often skip work for their events and even if someone just had a baby, church is always priority over anything else.
  8. How did you all deal with guilt of not returning to church? How did you deal with pressure from former church members about not returning?
  9. Oh @sdelsolray, I also wanted to add that 2 days ago the pastor told me about a "fundamentals of faith" course he is doing (which conflicts with my work schedule and is happening during this time I am possibly stepping away) and he sent me messages about it asking if I am going. I replied saying it conflicts with my schedule but thanks for letting me know. His reply really got under my skin becaue it was "You were the one who convinced me to do this course in the first place...we will miss you.". That irritated me because it came off very "guilt tripping". Yeah over a YEAR ago I had asked abou
  10. Hi @sdelsolray Good question, yes the peer pressure is a big factor, especially since my good friends where I live I met here at church. I even saw one yesterday and felt disappointment and sadness coming from her because I have not been going to church. I felt kinda judged even though I know she prob wishes I were there because we are friends and I think she truly is worried about me. Also, people will not mention religion but then every now and then mention how I should go back, or not abandon the church. It does feel like pressure. I know they mean well and I am glad I met them, I just hope
  11. Thanks @sdelsolray - I appreciate your response. I agree about being honest. My husband is a dr so he tells me to look at my health issues from a biological perspective, but then because we go (or used to go) to church we also prayed a lot and I just felt worn out and disappointed after so many years.
  12. Hi, I currently am in the midst of a spiritual/religious conflict and need some advice. I grew up with an agnostic dad and a Catholic mom so I was exposed to both sides growing up. Most of my family is agnostic today. I became a christian in college, but then fell back into my more agnostic roots, and then went back to christianity a few years later (I know some would argue that means I was never really christian to begin with). Anyways, I have been attending a christian church the past 1.5 year and most people are pretty nice there, etc. However, I have always been a bit hesitant
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