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    It just now occurred to me to Google 'ex christian' to try to find discussions with people that are of same mindset as myself. Glad I did!

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  1. I was always a 'skeptical Christian' at best. I was pretty much raised in Baptist sunday school (2 houses over) every Sunday and mostly Pentecostal church services (distances away). I started questioning things when I was around 11 yrs old. Although a firm believer, thankfully, my mom didn't force us to go to church once we reached about 12 yrs old. However, I still liked going because we lived out in the country and it was a chance to get out and be social. Other than that, the thing I enjoyed most was the music. I still love a good harmonizing gospel choir! To be more clear.......I LOVE MUSIC period! Anyways, I've always been a thinker/questioner and all the church rules seemed like a bunch of bull from early on. I mean if wearing pants is enough to send you on the express train to hell, then we're all in for a world of hurt. You have thieves, rapists, murderers, liars and etc., and you're worried about a female wearing pants?! Give me a friggin break! I came to the conclusion that was utter and absolute bullsh*t in my teens. Being new here, I have so much I want to say. But for now I will share that one of the biggest turnoffs for me was seeing how other professed christians lived less christian lives than my 'seldom went to church' self did. The HYPOCRISY was disgusting and nauseating. Not only that, modern religion/churches are nothing more than money mills. Con artists taking advantage of the feeble minded. Think about it......a good public speaker with lots of personality, a way with people, believable eyes and a passing knowledge of the bible is all that is needed to be a so-called preacher/man (woman) of God. Hell, I would make an excellent preacher myself because I'm a good story teller. I publicly started telling people a few years ago that I'm not a christian. The only people it TRULY bothered was my mom and husband. My husband really irked me when he had the nerve to tell me that's not what I believed. He of all people. We had a HUGE argument about 15 yrs ago re religion where he was misquoting the bible so bad I darn near burst a gut from laughing so hard. He got REALLY ANGRY about my laughing which in turn made me REALLY ANGRY. I ended argument (won) by telling him if he was worried about his immortal soul, he'd do well to READ THE BIBLE HIMSELF and not base his beliefs on what he was taught in Catholic school or what some priest said! I also told him (as I've told many others throughout my life), I may not know exactly where something is on the bible, but I can pretty much tell you if something's in there or not! So don't try to bull rush me with some ill-gotten gibberish. We were raised on bible verses even though or household wasn't a religious one so to speak with no outlandish rules. We were free to wear pants and etc. Although my dad would read the bible, he only went to church for gospel quartets and funerals. His summation of churches and their members was "They're all g.d. hypocrites!!' He died 37 years ago but I know he'd be happy to know that I'm more like him than he ever realized.
  2. Hello all. I don't know why it never occurred to me to Google the words 'ex-christian', but boyyy am I glad I finally did. To know there are many like myself who have 'seen the light' and actually talk about/discuss their enlightening, is a really nice feeling.