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    I am in the process of deconverting. I have been a "lurker" and "waverer" for a few months now.

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  1. Deathportal365

    $70 000 000

    "God told ME he wants this massive auditorium built. God wants YOU to pay for it."
  2. Deathportal365

    Things Fundies Say On Facebook

    Facebook is a gold mine tonight.
  3. Deathportal365

    Things Fundies Say On Facebook

    Ugh. Believe it or not, I am not so pessimistic as I was growing up Christian. But this just irks me. What a privileged thing to say. Imagine saying this crap to someone who is in the midst of unspeakable tragedy.
  4. Deathportal365

    Things Fundies Say On Facebook

  5. Deathportal365

    Things Atheists Post On Facebook

  6. Deathportal365

    Sh** christians have said to you

    Seriously! Hard to believe I used to accept junk like this! Of course, they'll tell you he healed your sister, his ways are better than our ways, etc etc etc. Side note, this reminds me of a song my religious friend from undergrad had played at his wedding. The line I remember quite well is, "when God made you, he must have been thinking about me..." I am really getting tired of the self-centered focus of evangelical Christianity, especially since it famously presents itself as being about "God."
  7. Deathportal365

    What Are You Listening To? (Music)

    Not gonna lie, the Priest show was painful. I almost left. I had intended to wear ear plugs, and forgot them. So I just got punished. I think it was one of those deals where every band was the louder than the band before it, and they headlined so they had to put it over the top. Testament opened, then Motorhead was louder, and Heaven and Hell was even louder. Priest turned it up to 11. As I age, I find that I enjoy playing music at home more. I can play it loud if I like, or not. And I don't have to deal with hordes of drunk people and overpriced food. Ha.
  8. Deathportal365

    What Are You Listening To? (Music)

    @Citsonga I will definitely have to check it out! I heard a track or two on Sirius XM and liked what I heard. Incidentally I saw Judas Priest about 10 years ago, and it was without a doubt the LOUDEST show I have ever seen. Even louder than Manowar (whom I think were at one point in the Guiness Book as the world's loudest band). \m/
  9. Deathportal365

    Things Fundies Say On Facebook

    Here is yet another one from the usual poster in my feed. Below the picture, the original poster who shared it wrote "you know what.....Fu#k it. #Team God."
  10. Deathportal365

    Things Fundies Say On Facebook

  11. Deathportal365

    my thoughts for today

    Seriously! I think back on some of the stuff I used to say and believe and cringe. Here's a good one: the ol' Pascal's wager: "I'd rather spend my whole life believing there is a god and find out there isn't than live my whole life believing there isn't a god and find out there is." At this point, I'm like, if there is an all-powerful god, just make yourself plainly known. Not this fuzzy crap about cultivating a relationship, or studying his "instruction" manual and finding the "right church." Funnily enough, I went to a Southern Baptist college for undergrad and the old joke was that "the Word" was slang for your pillow. So "studying the word" on Sunday was sleeping in during church!
  12. Deathportal365

    my thoughts for today

    I think it's a scam because it tells you that an invisible entity--one none of us, Christian or not, have ever seen--is more important than your family, whom you are charged with providing for and raising. At the end of the day, no matter how much you pray, it will be yourself, or another human, who will do whatever work is required. Take the case of a person who has cancer: if they beat cancer, it won't be because the invisible entity rained down blessings. It will be because of highly trained doctors, nurses, surgeons, medical science, and one's own perseverance. I'll go so far as to say "God" isn't a tangible entity known by a single person on this earth. Yet "his" followers will undoubtedly substitute their own idolatry for reality when reality is uncomfortable. THAT is why Christianity is a scam.
  13. Deathportal365

    Things Fundies Say On Facebook

    Here's another one from my childhood friend-turned-fundie:
  14. Deathportal365

    my thoughts for today

    You're welcome! I occasionally just post things here that rattle around in my head for a while. I'm glad when they resonate with others! And, thank you for your condolences. I should have paused for a moment and offered them to you for the loss of your sister. On that subject, in the time since she passed, how often did you hear "praise Jesus! He healed Jennifer!" or something to that effect? I heard that a lot after Josh died. Now I view death as a common, unfortunate outcome associated with cancer. And whether there is something beyond this life or not, I find the notion of giving some absentee entity praise and glory in the midst of profound grief to be missing the mark, to say the least.