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    Former xian, still dealing with guilt from all the xian indoctrination. For that reason I cannot stand christainity or anything related to it.

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  1. I have gone through decades of escaping from the Xian brainwashing I endured as a child. I was raised in a conservative, Xian family and experienced the Sunday brainwashing sessions, the summer bible school concentration camps, the family prayers and religious holidays. Even though as a young teenager, I started to question it all. As a young adult, even though I did not expect it all, being married to a Catholic, I went along with the program. However, in the last twenty years, I have gone through a complete reevaluation of my life and beliefs. I joined the Freedom from Religion Foundation and continue to support them. I contacted the church I was forced to become a member of, and requested that my name be removed from their membership rolls. I have tried to get a copy of my baptismal so I could have the destroyed as well. I even went so far as to break all contact with my parents and other relatives. They were all responsible for the xian torture. Some might argue that none of these steps were necessary and on the surface that may be true. However, it helps with the breaking the grip that Xianity can place on you. I still remain married to the Catholic, but do not attend church or other religious based events. If it was ever presented to me that I had to select between remaining married and going to church, or divorcing, the marriage would end. I have also become very liberal in my political beliefs. When you break away from Xianity, your eyes become open to so many other things. I can only say to those suffering through any form of Xianity abuse, make a break for it. It is all based on lies to keep people enslaved.
  2. Yes, I can relate. I am older and both of my parents are now dead. My tone may sound callous and cold, but when I take a stand, I stubbornly stand by my decisions. With that said, I basically divorced my parents. I see being indoctrinated into Xianity is a forum of child abuse. Having a child baptized, confirmed into a church and forced to attend bible school when they’re young is exploitation. It started slowly, but eventually I wanted nothing to do with them. When they passed away, I felt nothing. I am not embellishing at all. To this day, I have not visited their cemetery plot and have no intention of doing so. It is one of those things I would do over and would divorced from anyone who forced their beliefs upon me. Still, logically and intellectually I know my denial of god and renunciation of xianty is right, yet, I always have this lingering sense of guilt. I feel no guilt about my parents, only about my strong atheist views. Their forced xian indoctrination still haunts me. On the bright side it has subsided over the years, but it is there.
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