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    I was raised as a Calvinist. Needless to say I moved past it, now.

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  1. DestinyTurtle

    My Long-Awaited Introduction

    Welcome to X-Christian! I'm glad you're here!
  2. DestinyTurtle

    I Just Realized That I Don't Want to Be a Christian...

    Welcome to X-Xian, justaskingquestions!! Glad to hear you get good grades and you get jobs easily. Financial independence really goes a huge way in freeing yourself from your parents' manipulations and control. I think my parents thought I'd use my intelligence and education to show the world how right and wise they are, but to their great demise I cared more about truth than convenience! How strange!
  3. DestinyTurtle

    Oh, the Irony...

    One of my pet peeves is a egomaniacal and authoritarian evangelical pastor criticizing other churches (Catholics, etc.) as being tyrannical and authoritarian! People really are blind to their own hypocrisy.
  4. DestinyTurtle

    Sex and Marriage: Bible Style!

    Don't forget to mention Lot himself raped his daughters... which of course was his daughter's fault (according to the bible)... and which of course was of noble intentions (according to the bible) because it was to perpetuate his lineage. Note: Also, they make you read these stories as CHILDREN. I had NO IDEA what these stories were ACTUALLY saying until many years later. "Yes daddy! I'll obediently read these stories about how it's all right to murder and rape your children!" (refer to Deuteronomy 21:18 for the murder part)
  5. A lot of us has been forced to endure these horrible things and then gaslighted so we can perpetually lie to ourselves about what they do and what has been happening. It really screws with our sense of reality. It's a way for us to reassure each other that, yes, it did happen, and yes, it was horrible, and no, it was not ok.
  6. DestinyTurtle

    It just didn't add up

    Welcome to X-Christian! Oh yeah I read "Case for Christ" back when I was a teenager and my parents wanted me to be impressed by the amount of supposed evidence there was for Christianity. The book was so badly argued that it actually instilled a great sense of doubt in me... even though I was a Christian during the time in which I read it. If there was a shred of substantial evidence why would Christians resort to a mish-mash of shoddy interviews, misinterpretations, and terrible logic to make their crowning case?
  7. DestinyTurtle

    I Will Choose Free Will....

    Thank you, Riven. Your testimony really spoke to me. Yes, your free will is yours to take... and your responsibility to take. I also completely agree that the Evangelicals are the modern day Pharisees and Judases. It look a lot of courage to weave your way out of that programming - give yourself credit for that! You deserve it!
  8. DestinyTurtle

    Shared Experiences and Hello

    Welcome to X-Christian! Yeah - it's trippy realizing that, despite popular belief, Christianity is not original at all. If I ever re-lapse into religion maybe I'll try Zoroastrianism instead?
  9. DestinyTurtle

    Long overdue hello to all!

    Welcome! and cudos for making it out... it's hard adjusting to the non-christian life (and the social life, and friends), but it certainly is doable and it's so much better in the long run~ I'm sorry to hear you've had to sacrifice so much.
  10. DestinyTurtle

    How did you break your parents’ hearts?

    I handled it with a brutal and explosive confession of the truth, at the time when I was independent enough that they couldn't effectively retaliate. You might not want to handle it quite as intensely as I did, but I would like to point out that it's not your job to sugar coat reality for your parents all your life. I know how it feels to not to want to hurt their feelings (we can't help loving them), but I personally think it's worse to deprive them ever of having an opportunity to know who you are, and even worse to deliberately deprive yourself of ever being seeing for who you actually are.
  11. All I can add to that is that I'm proud of my thought crimes!
  12. Cheers! And yes, it's a hard journey but it can be quite blissful on the other side... and the irony of watching people boasting about heaven but with shifty eyes, gnashing teeth, and clawing hands~
  13. DestinyTurtle

    Once a sinner always a sinner

    I was mainly venting about a particular type of fundamentalist belief that I had the misfortune of struggling with during my life. I don't really have beef with more liberal forms of christianity, as long as it doesn't resort to similar methods of implied fear and intimidation. That is to say, I don't think I personally have any issues with what you're saying here (although others in this site might, but that's for them to discuss). As for my name, you can read my Testimony if you'd like a more detailed image of where I'm coming from. The short version of the story is that I have a very specific, possibly ironic, relationship with the concept of 'Destiny' because of my personal experiences with Christianity. There are many reasons why the image of the turtle is both evocative and inspirational to me. One of the many of such reasons is that a turtle represents perseverance and character, to me. I hope that answers your question!
  14. DestinyTurtle


    Give yourself time, and remember it's ok to feel~
  15. That was a fascinating update! Thanks! I haven't been keeping close tabs on this but I do vaguely remember my fundie relatives boldly claiming some fragment of Mark that dated to the first century or something like that.