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  1. DestinyTurtle

    Feel free for the first time in my life

  2. DestinyTurtle

    Verses that bug you in the bible

    Yep. People should take a hint and quit the religion!
  3. DestinyTurtle

    just saying "hey" :)

    Welcome to X-Xian, @Derek! Glad you found success in your way, despite the brutal rejections you've faced in life! I like to think I did too
  4. Welcome to X-Xian, @Blackleo85! Also, hello from another black sheep of an evangelical family! We pay a high price, but did you know that research typically show that the black sheep of narcissist families are actually the ones that turn out healthier and recover the most in the long run?
  5. DestinyTurtle

    A Marine’s Story

    Excellent link/video! It really spoke to me! It really adds a punch to the criticism of old testament cruelty, coming from the perspective of a former marine!
  6. DestinyTurtle

    First Christmas as Ex-C

    Ironically, around the time of my deconversion I started having Xmas at my kinda-secular grandparent's place. He held a much more lavish Xmas than I was familiar with growing up as a Xian. I know it's supposed to be a Xian holiday but I get a little schadenfreude at the thought of all the Xians that are cringing because we're making it a non-Xian holiday. HAIL SANTA!
  7. DestinyTurtle


    Nice that they can cherry-pick what's a "civil law" and what's "god's law". Reminds me of a time I asked a fundamentalist Xian about all the genocide that was condoned in the bible, and the reply was "In those instances it was a good thing because God commanded it!".... as if most civilizations that commit genocide don't think God is on their side... 😕
  8. DestinyTurtle

    What to do about the young minds?

    It doesn't seem like such a bad thing to influence people to think from a broader perspective. You should keep in mind, though, that the conversations like these will be brought up in the future, if you do come out as a non-believer, as proof that you're trying to corrupt the youth. On the other hand people will find fault with whatever you do it they want to badly enough - so why not go ahead and help kids develop critical thinking skills? That's just my opinion.
  9. DestinyTurtle

    Vierge's probably only thread

    We (humans) keep creating narratives to attempt to make sense of that which we cannot make sense of. Welcome to X-Xian, and I'm sorry to hear about your trauma and your difficulties. The world seems a cruel place sometimes.
  10. DestinyTurtle

    On narcissistic Christian parenting

    OMG this article exactly describes my life, except replace every instance of 'mother' in the article with 'father'. Wow this article is well written and is very accurate and descriptive. Also it's insightful. Thank you so much!
  11. DestinyTurtle

    Mistakes you made thinking it was “non-Christian”

    I just wish I hung out with classmates and made more friends throughout highschool. I was a loner and was afraid to hang out with anyone because my thoughts might be "corrupted" by their secular ways. I didn't hang out with Christians either because inevitably they were "fake" christians and were probably destined to burn in an even hotter hell than the non-Christians. My childhood was very lonely and desolate, and I had a lot of catching up to do (and still do) later in life.
  12. DestinyTurtle

    “Why isn’t God helping you more”

    By "I visited hell" videos are you talking about near-death experiences and the like? Reading or hearing about them is evocative for sure, but if your church's pitch on it is messing with your head I suggest you go around and research the whole scope of near death experiences. They tend to reflect the person's own religious beliefs or the person's culture's religious beliefs (a muslim will experience a muslim heaven/hell, a buddhist some buddhist version of it, etc.) There are also chemical ways to evoke a near-death like experience such as with DMT or ayahuasca. There's actually really interesting literature out there comparing after-life vision imagery across various religions, near-death experiences, and psychedelic experiences. They all share various common elements, and may in fact point to some interesting commonalities and themes in human experiences. A big one is Aldous Huxley's "The Doors of Perception and Heaven and Hell". Your church probably exposed you to a very narrow, specific subset of recordings of such experiences that they showed you in order to validate their teaching - but the fact that they had to be so selective is itself pathetic and invalidating. Don't worry about the "evidence" they provided - the subject matter of such experiences is very interesting but your church or denomination's interpretation of it is most certainly BS. What a trashy "psycholigist". I wish I could get paid for pointing at a book quotation and giving my clients excuses for why I don't have to do my job. It is in fact trauma and you are in fact experiencing a type of PTSD. It's not discussed a lot in open because people are politically correct and afraid of offending major religions that are protected by their culture and their government. It is, however, occasionally discussed, and I think awareness on it is growing. Here's one link that describes what the author called "RTS - Religious Trauma Syndrome" <>. I hope it helps you recognize and diagnose your experiences, and find the appropriate healing process!
  13. DestinyTurtle

    “Why isn’t God helping you more”

    Yeah I don't think Xians in my life realize all the hell and damnation rhetoric actually gave me years of night terrors and depression. They think my problem is that I never took their beliefs seriously enough ; on the contrary I took their beliefs way too seriously - more seriously than then, for whom hell was just a convenient bludgeoning object to control people.
  14. DestinyTurtle

    “Why isn’t God helping you more”

    I'm sorry to hear about the unanswered prayers and confusion. It really does mess with your head to be told over and over that the problems in your life are because you don't pray often enough or earnestly enough. I pretty much suspect half the time it's X-ians making excuses for why they won't help people in need even though they insist they're holier than the rest of the human race ("why, no", they insist "I would never think of myself as holier than non-christians", they say, "I am too humble and too purified by Christ to have such unhumble, wordly thoughts!") I'm sorry to hear you've had to endure emotional abuse. I don't know what your life circumstances are but if you're able to don't take BS from anyone!