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  1. Your purpose is to love someone or something... you don't need religion to figure that out. Do you have someone in your life you love? Great! A cat? Awesome! Neither? Try exploring art, or trying something new. Art helps me center myself, my emotions, and feel a sense of purpose in my life... but that's me and I might be projecting?
  2. It's a wonderful thing that ex-Xians can have disagreements and arguments and it doesn't have to lead to a broad condemnation of your soul and person as Eternally Damned xD. We get to be human!
  3. It's the cherry on top of all the observations of how willy-nilly American Xian theology is, as the central agenda is always simply political. Pastors will literally make the opposite interpretation/argument of a passage one day to the next depending on what trendy Republican position it seems to support. "We are at war with Oceania, we were always at war with Oceania". Ethical consistency? There was never such a thing. There is instead a constant testing of political fealty through your willingness to swallow blatant theological and logical inconsistencies. In this sense the "beli
  4. @LeiaBryant I don't think it's a competition but, hey, if it means you're throwing wrenches into the Xian religious agenda, then more power to you.
  5. HUZZAH! So glad you pursued further education Takes a lot of courage to stand up for yourself and reach for what you deserve!
  6. One single ancient man named Onan did it once, and then God immediately killed him for it. Clearly, no one has done it since.
  7. Welcome, @NowIamFree! Cudos for being in charge of your own life! Free Sundays! *woo-hoo!*
  8. Man did it take me many years to learn that. Actually, I am still learning it. Anyways, good advice.
  9. Hi @Krowb! Welcome to X-Xian! I completely understand. I had to be very secretive in the beginning because my parents would drop hints that I would be financially and socially ex-communicated if they found out I wasn't Xian. I was fortunate to be able to become financially independent before I moved out and "came out" to them, but even then it was a terrible sacrifice (By the way - I'm not implying you should do the same - it's by luck of circumstance I was able to move to a major city in the west coast where secularism is much more tolerated). Anyways, I hope the community here helps you in t
  10. "form follows function" -- I think Christianity as a religion is best understood not by its pseudo-theological arguments but rather the function that the believers operate under as a result of believing in it. The function of institutionalized Christian religion is to degrade the lay person's sense of self worth and sense of healthy boundary, to break them and make them ready for submission to absolute authority. The function of religion is domination, control, and justification of the crimes against humanity conducted by the prescribed authority (be it religious, institutional, or political).
  11. Nah I don't think you were being a douche. I wouldn't want to get together with a condescending, passive aggressive acquaintance for board games. Why would you want to hang out with a person like that? so they can continue to underhandedly insult you? Your response makes total sense to me.
  12. @ZenPaladin Your feelings are valid. Yes, the wounds go deep down and sometimes it's a shock when you realize how bad it is - even after you take a stand and distance yourself from the source of the problem. The way I look at it, we numb ourselves and blind ourselves to the extent of trauma when we're going through it, because it's too much to handle at the time. Lots of feelings are going to bubble up.
  13. Mostly, a near-lifetime of hurt that comes from having constantly insinuated that God most probably hates me and created me and people like me for the sole purpose of being tortured eternally for His Glory. I'm sure my dad has no idea what garbage was coming out of his brainwashed mouth but for a child with a vivid imagination it was a source of absolute terror and trauma. Also, he discouraged any consultation for therapy or help, because secular psychoanalytical theory is satanism in disguise. Have you noticed how cults and abusers in general seem to passionately shun therapy? Oh,
  14. @vaguelyconfused I'm really sorry to hear that. I recommend learning research on the idea of "consent". Consent is a multi-faceted concept and amongst other things it's a great indicator of what's appropriate or not appropriate with regards to sexual interests and intent. In my experience many/most Christians shun the idea of consent because they don't think people deserve to set boundaries or even own their bodies in a real sense (their pastor or patriarch reserves the right to violate your boundaries, and it's assumed when they do it it's for "godly reasons"). In general I think
  15. It sounds like he wants a relationship where he will always get the last say and that he won't have to compromise or hold himself accountable for anything. You should feel betrayed, because what he did is in fact betray your reasonable assumption that you were pursuing a mutual and respectful relationship, not an absolute, domineering one. I'm sorry you had to go through this. Please respect your boundaries and expectations - they are very reasonable and he will try to make you think they're not.
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