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  1. You might want to write a paper about your brilliant ideas yourself! Clearly we not worthy ears for your enlightened insights (I should warn you that writing an academic paper might require some thinking)
  2. The burden of proof is on you. In science, people provide data from careful and detailed experiments to validate predictive quantifiable theories about such experiments. Your claims and discussions are metaphysical at best, and have nothing to do with any of the scientific jargon you use, as far as I can tell. If you are making a theological point, then perhaps you could have started a theological discussion, but the fact that you are skewing that and attempting to use scientific jargon instead seems to convey to me that you do not even understand these issues from a theological st
  3. What's amazing to me is that some people can dismiss the authority of science and feedback by scientifically informed people, and yet spew all kinds of word salad of scientific jargon in a desperate plea for an air of authority. You just can't have it both ways.
  4. Eigentell you missed my point about science being about repeatable statistics, and not about cosmic purpose, design, or morals
  5. Exactly. Scientific theories are used to predict or explain trends on observed data, and as no experiment can be infinitely definitive and accurate. Similarly, no theory can claim to have the grasp on "truth" in its totality, but only trends and measurements based on context. Questions of spirituality and morals can be extremely relevant to how people go about their personal lives but exist outside the scope of science, since it's metaphysical in nature and not consistently quantifiable. You wouldn't want it to be quantifiable either. How creepy would it be if people were able to
  6. Oh, no. Is this a thread where people come to wildly inaccurate conclusions about quantum mechanics because they don't understand any of it? I always find it funny when people discuss wave functions and Schroedinger's equation like it's some mystical symbol in the sky, rather than any discussion of finding eigenfunction solutions to a given Hamiltonian. Pointing to a science you don't understand/comprehend to explain a religious belief that is incomprehensible/incoherent has got to be a mutation of the "god of the gaps" argument. Scientific theories are about repeatable
  7. I think my morals got better and more coherent after deconversion. I started seeing things in terms of choices and responsibilities, rather than a weird cosmic cycle of helplessness and depravity. Christianity often teaches people to cope with mistakes or bad choices by wallowing in self-flagellation rather than actually changing anything and trying to make things better. Even if God existed, what is the sense in that? I think there's also a tendency in Christianity to make morals meaningless by excessive abstraction, which I believe is the entire purpose of the field of theology.
  8. Hi @Mrjukes21! I've been there (I grew up in a fundamentalist Calvinist family that was really into obsessing about hell, and in particular the theologian Johnathan Edwards, who is known for "Sinners in the hands of an angry God"). Honestly it took me about a decade to really waft through the fear of hell that my parents implanted in me. It took a long time but I'm over it now and I sometimes know calm and serenity I could have never known at a time when I believed in the abusive bullcr*p I was raised on. Anyways, understand that it can be a long process because it's really about recovering fr
  9. On Nov 7th when they called Biden's win in the election me and my partner were eating at an outdoor restaurant (taking proper safety precautions, wearing masks, 6 ft, etc.) and there was a guy walking around intentionally trying to caugh in everyone's food and loudly declaring that that's what Jesus would have done (unironically).
  10. That's interesting because my Calvinist dad often downplayed John 3:16, explaining that it doesn't mean what people think it means because "the world" that God "gave his son for" refers only to the elect and not to the un-elect. You determined who was 'elect' in part by how seriously they studied and abided by the old testament (with a few exceptions, like laws/rules pertaining to the temple or food-related laws - also the list of old testament laws you were supposed to take seriously were always in flux and inconsistent). This is to say that Christians can't even come to a consens
  11. Glad you're here, @TasiVasQwibQwib. Always remember you are worthy of a happy, healthy life. I see that your description/explanation of a Scapegoat is a biblical one, and I wonder if you've looked into the use of the term in psychology. A parent of a narcissistic nature often choose a designated 'scapegoat' (and if there are multiple kids, there is usually another child designated as the 'perfect child'). It's a well documented behavior and there is a lot of interesting literature on the internet about it. I am a scapegoat in my family too and in my case understanding the abuse in psychologica
  12. A GoodChristian(tm) is supposed to lie about having read the bible, rather than actually read it! Reading the bible is a fast track to apostasy xD Glad you see the light and may you have good luck and fortune in pursuing the truth!
  13. It's what Jesus would have wanted... right?
  14. I could approach this subject two ways (1) Discuss the idea of visions and prophecy in general, or (2) Address why these experiences described as visions or prophecies are on the rise. (1) The idea of prophecy and visions are fascinating, and actually exist in pretty much all cultures and religions. In Christianity, there is a common assumption that it is the only religion that has records of these things, or the "true" version of these things. I think extremist sects of any religion makes some version of this assumption. Regardless, if you read written records of these visions (Re
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