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  1. Hi Nice to meet you and I am happy for you all to be here. I have some ideas that may help you and this is a great point and place to discuss this problem. First of all good for you for getting away from the Church in one piece. I have stories there to tell also, this is where the real meets the believed and possibly less tangible. You said this which is great: ".... Some people would refer to me as an "atheist", which is perhaps accurate, since I don't believe in god, but I don't particularly like the word "atheist", since it only tells you what I don't
  2. TerryZZJones


    Foundations Of The Root Of All Evil And Scourge Of The Universe
  3. The point is that the Church will do this. They play on the temporal or time ordering of things, invent or script behaviours, time it with other events, involve other people and largely act this way in order to "Support" the notion of their "God. They make it real being the fraud that it is. In other words?
  4. And to this question which is a good one: "Thanks guys, I’ll try to keep those thoughts in mind. " I have more if you like.... "As someone who never really felt god for myself, I can find it hard to identify with those who genuinely felt in relationship with Jesus. Those of you who were Christians for many years, did you feel at the time that you were truly experiencing him or were you just going through the motions? If you really felt you were in a relationship with the living god, what was the main thing that led you on the path out of faith?" I had an
  5. Hello, I am new to this forum and site but I am not new to the concepts of how Church is able to abuse people. Your situation is completely understandable and I agree. Church causes such strife in people this way and this is part of the trap of Jesuit faith. Overall you are right to reject The Church on three fundamental facts: 1) Atrocity church does to children and innocents. 2) Frauds and failings in the scripture, dogma, doctrine, ritual, and other ongoings. 3) Failings overall of the logic and facts relate
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