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  1. I was being sarcastic. Except for being 78 years old and out of the loop on all the latest fads, I am fine.
  2. It looks like my effort at humor went over like a lead balloon.
  3. With all the effort that went into writing that, do you think it will have any effect?
  4. I guess my imagination has been crucified.
  5. Are you referring to a self fulfilling prophecy? If so, that is in my testimony. The doctrine of original sin is one of those. If you believe you are an incomplete dufus, then you tend to act like one. But you have a more immediate need at this time. YOU REALLY NEED TO GET TO A MENTAL HEALTH CLINIC ASAP to get your thoughts calmed down. Then you can process what you want to process with a rational mind.
  6. Sure, it is a physical realm. Haven't you read about it's streets of gold? By the way, you will have to wear soft soled shoes so you don't mar the finish. Yes, you have to eat, and there is any kind of food you want. All you have to do is bow your head and pray for what you want and it will be delivered to you. You make your own schedule and can sleep whenever you want to. No, you can't be injured. Care is taken that everyone is safe in heaven. You can punch someone if you have a reason to do so, but you have to get permission first, it has to be supervised, and you have to wear a very heavily padded boxing glove so you don't hurt them. Hey, I think you might like this feature. There is no marriage in heaven, and no jealousy, so you can "make out" with anyone who wants to make out with you, and gender doesn't matter. Anything goes, as long as no one gets hurt. So, be good boys and girls, go through the rituals at church, and do whatever the leaders tell you to do, and you can enjoy heaven in the afterlife! Just think. You get to do whatever you want to do for eternity! And it is physical in Hell. Fire and heat can't hurt a spirit.
  7. You are jumping to conclusions and reading something into that, that I did not say. I meant good riddance to the people who did not like his questioning and cut him off.
  8. If you are talking about believing in God and Christianity, it simply is not necessary. More than half the people in the world live without it. And so can you. Looks like the Christians don't want to talk to you. Good riddance! It is a usually a waste of time anyway.
  9. If you were not involved in any molesting, you have nothing to worry about. If Simba causes any problems, ask the police for a restraining order. I don't see why it would cause problems within your family, but if it does, tell them you acted in good faith, and to back off and leave you alone. Refuse to argue with them about it. HANG IN THERE! You are NOT a helpless being!
  10. Jay, I believe you have issues beyond the religious ones. We're you motivated by fear, emotional, or physical abuse by parents? Threat of abandonment? Or actual abandonment? Etc? GET PROFESSIONAL HELP! For some reason the fear is very deeply ingrained, and is being projected onto "god".
  11. I really made god mad. He came to me in a vision last night and said he is going to turn up the heat on me when I get to Hell. He was also ranting and raving about so many people being cremated these days. Says it is much harder to restore dead bodies when they have been cremated, and if they scatter the ashes, it is a lot of trouble to collect all those tiny pieces. HA! Just to spite him, I decided last night I would be cremated and have my ashes scattered from an airplane. If we all do that, it will be something to keep him busy for a few eons.
  12. Very interesting concept. I have had 2 happenings in my life, but not speaking in tongues. One was in a church setting, another was a regular social setting. But looking back on it, I think it was a simple anxiety attack. Once in the 1950s I was visiting a girlfriend's church when the holy spirit "grabbed" several people in a family and threw them on the floor. They were rolling around and moaning, groaning and yelling. I later learned there was incest going on in the family. But to the people there, it was the work of the holy ghost.
  13. I sent an email to Jon inviting him to this website.
  14. Your body is going to be resurrected and restored so you can feel the pain, and God can torture you for eternity! That's how he gets his jollies. An infinite orgasm. (Oh my gosh, he's going to get me for that one) JUST KIDDING, GOD!
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