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    Curious Agnostic. Humanist. Ex-church of Christ. Retired Clinical Social Worker. Love to travel and have a wide variety of interests. Have had over 100 editorial letters and statements published. At 76 years of age, am the oldest of a group of dirt bike riders.

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  1. Weezer

    How did you choose your nickname?

    LOL, and the Federal Bureau of investigation!
  2. Weezer

    A Marine’s Story

    I just made a similar post on another thread, but it is really scary when you realize such a large portion of the world has been infected by fear based religions. The largest scams, and superstitions in the world. Some even killing each other in attempts to rid the world of heritics. WELCOME Arron81!
  3. Weezer

    just saying "hey" :)

    The admins are holyrollers in disguise. They can work miracles! Seriously, I can really identify with you. Although it was much later in life, with my career established, (I was about 50 years old) my father told me there was no more hope for me. That really hurt. But I told myself it was due to the religion, and the fact that he had an extremely abusive father, that had infected his mind. As the saying goes, he was scared to death of god. My de-conversion wasn't as sudden as yours. It went through several steps, over several years, but one of the "ahha" moments for me was when I figured out the bible was not inerrant. Things were suddenly much clearer. Isn't it a scary thought when you realize that such a large portion of the world has been tricked into believing the largest superstitions in the world? I forgot who said it, but religions really are the opioids of the people. The largest scams every pulled. WELCOME ABOARD! By the way, I need some work done on my motorcycle!
  4. Weezer

    How did you choose your nickname?

    Nothing wrong with using your real name. HA! The rest of us are hiding our identity to lessen the chance of the FBI locating us!
  5. Weezer


    HA! Nothing is be more scary than a militant fundy!
  6. Weezer

    Make contribution by check??

    Is there a way to make a contribution by check? Would rather not use a CC.
  7. Weezer


    HA! If that's the only darkness I ever not see, I'll be a lucky man. I checked the page of forums again a few minutes ago, and Tot is not there. But not going to loose any sleep over it.
  8. That's the story of my life!
  9. Weezer


    It may be the samsung tablet I am using. I have had troubles with it on another web site.
  10. Weezer


    Me too.
  11. I was half joking when i said that about being able to pray before dying. I never really bought into that, but my father did. He was scared that he would die before he had time to ask forgiveness for something he had done wrong. He was even scared that he might have done some wrong that he wasnt aware of. He died a guilt ridden man, suddenly by a massive heart attack.
  12. Weezer

    On Healings

    He may honestly believe it. I wouldn't judge him too harshly. There are a few good, honest people that are fairly "normal", but have quirks. It's like they are walking along the edge of reality, and occasionally step off the edge. Or have some blind spots. Especially with certain subjects. They may be seen as gullible. Excelent subjects for charlatan preachers.
  13. I went ahead and bought and did stuff I thought was sinful, then worried about going to hell. Hoped I wouldn't die suddenly in a car wreck before I had time to pray for forgiveness. LOL, that's the good thing about Christianity. You can do all that bad stuff, then on your death bed, ask for forgiveness and step right into heaven!
  14. Weezer


    On November (17)? I would try to go to the thread, and would get a page to fill out for posting an article. I left a note on those pages twice, but never heard from anyone. I must be missing something. I can't find ToT. But it's not that important. The subject was like all the gun arguments. LOL, It was going nowhere. I was just curious as to why i couldn't get passed that form to fill out to post an article. Thanks!
  15. Weezer

    Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?