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  1. Last night I ordered the book, "The Gods Never Left Us". I think i read his original book years ago.
  2. You got that right! Everyone seems to want trees around their house for shade, aesthetics, etc. But that is not a rational decision if you live in a forest. Several years ago I had a friend who build a house in a forest in Arkansas, and he cut the trees back from his house several yards. Growing up in Oklahoma with hardly any trees in the immediate area, I ask him why he cut all those beautiful trees. You can guess his answer. He was a rational thinker.
  3. Lostinparis, did I offend you in any way? I didn't mean to do so. You have some good insights and ask some great questions. The last sentence was a statement of typical treatment done with the mentally ill today.
  4. I had an aunt that was the "perfect" Christian. People couldn't believe how steady and continually upbeat her mood was, even though she lived in a difficult situation. She always saw the bright side of things. In some ways she functioned like a robot. But she eventually had a psychotic break and was hospitalized for weeks. They medicated her, she went back to church, and although her husband was an SOB, she was the perfect wife and smiling Christian until she died. It was later learned that she was abused from an early age. The way to survive was through being "perfect." Obeying husb
  5. When you think of the seemingly infinite galaxies, and the possibility of infinite time, I think it is presumptuous to say there aren't aliens, and the possibility of civilizations much more advanced than ours somewhere out there. And that they may have been to earth, maybe still coming and going, (unexplained UFOs) and may have even been among us for "eons". Ha! For some of you who are older, maybe the story of how superman came to earth isn't so "far fetched".
  6. I am glad you are getting help and taking medication. Hang in there!
  7. Excelent insight. But old dogs can learn new tricks!
  8. WELCOME! You are definitely not alone! The cultural programming can run very deep and can be hard to shed. But don't give up on the marriage yet. There may be hope. My wife and I came close to parting, but were able to eventually work it out. Charting a new direction wasn't easy, but our last child was leaving home so none of them had to witness the arguments and obvious silences that occurred for several months. We always had some different interests, so not doing so many things together eventually worked out. Ha! Part of the problem was empty nest syndrome. There is still some tens
  9. Weezer


    Welcome! Sounds like you are not happy with your "Christian" childhood. But as you get out into the world you may find, like I did, that Christians aren't all the same. That was one of the things that prompted a study of the big picture of religion, leading to deciding the moral questions for myself. Sounds like you are starting down that road yourself. Best wishes!
  10. Have you ever considered that your use of an Icon that says you are an authentic Christian believer, is an oxymoron?
  11. Ditto. If you get satisfaction from all the work you put into getting things "perfect", then continue to do so.
  12. Thank you Robert! The part about Jesus and pyramids is very interesting. I see logic in that, and food for thought.
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