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  1. Like Wertbag, I also suggest you discuss it with your doctor if it continues.
  2. Weezer

    Hello all!

    WELCOME! Looking forward to hearing more of your story. I just logged back in after over a months vacation from the site. You will find a lot of support here. The Catholic church is responsible for messing up a lot of people. I did a lot of research on them when going through my deconversion. Distancing yourself is a wise choice. If you are interested, can find my conclusions in my Testimony.
  3. Be careful. The alcohol can become a bigger problem than the one you are trying to drown. Hang in there!
  4. This was my experience. I stayed in church related employment several years after loosing the faith. The decision to leave was extrememly difficult, but when I finally "made the jump", it was the best thing i ever did. I could be myself, and in a few months the employment situation fell into place. There have been some problems with relatives, but they finally acceped the fact that I left, and the sense of freedom and honesty have made up for what I lost in those relationships. You have a good head on your shoulders. Trust it!!
  5. Weezer


    Welcome! Read some of the testimonials and see how you came to the right place.
  6. Coming through, loud and clear!
  7. Whoever you go to, make sure they are licensed by the state.
  8. Welcome! Feel free to post a testimony in the testimony forum, or a brief one here. What kind of bike do you ride? I'm a dedicated trail/woods rider.
  9. It would help if you would give a brief description of yourself and your situation.
  10. Some "Christian" counselors are objective.....some are not. I would suggest one from a more liberal denomination. Since your husband would likely be more comfortable there, would it hurt to try at least one session?
  11. As are all religions. The largest misconceptions ever released on the world.
  12. It would help you to understand why you are so attracted (obsessed)? with a woman that is unavailable, and mixed up. And I agree with the statement above about seeing a secular professional. I think that until you come to understand yourself, you very well may cycle through future relationships, perhaps with women who will cheat on you. This woman you are seeing now, is in a sense cheating on her husband, and your wife cheated on you. Why are you attracted to these kind of women?
  13. I would highly suggest you get an appointment with a licensed psychotherapist and explain your dilemma to him/her.
  14. That's what I was told when tried to help a client get a story published.
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