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  1. Weezer


    Viktor, hang in there! I don't know how to do a link, but you can go to the testimony section, page 2, (or 3) and find my 10 page story about finding truth. A personal story about a gradual awakening.

  3. Weezer

    10 commandments misunderstood.

    It occurred to me recently that right wing Christians don't talk about the Sermon on the mount. They have more of a tooth for tooth mentality. And, do unto others before they do unto you.
  4. Weezer

    Desire to live in another country

    I told my wife facebook should be called mebook.
  5. I just read about Arkansas defending public didplay of the 10 commandments. I don't think Christians understand that they were never meant as universal commandments for all of mankind. If they looked at the big picture with some critical thinking, they would understand the commandments were only for the Israelites, about how to treat each other as they wandered in the desert. (If they actually did) It was okay to kill heathens and steal from them. If they were universal rules for mankind, God would have violated his own rules a few years later by commanding his children, the Israelites, to slaughter the Canaanites and steal their land. They were also allowed to take Canaanite females and sell them. MY, WHAT A WONDERFUL GOD!!! It was a major jolt for me in my religious journey when the reality of this soaked into my brain.
  6. Guess I was suckered in. Wasn't aware of history.
  7. Weezer

    Desire to live in another country

    Through the years we have traveled the USA, Mexico, and Canada. Canada several times. If we were young again, and didn't have the ties we have in Kansas, USA, we would definitely consider moving to Canada. The USA is being overrun by "me" oriented narcissists.
  8. Hey, at least you have some ego left! Your response gave me a chuckle. Keep listening to the music until you get so tired of it, you don't want to hear it anymore. Edit: or is this whole thing a joke?
  9. Weezer

    Recovering Preacher's Kid

    Welcome mrspearl! I am glad you found this forum. My suggestion. I recommend a clean break. If you haven't already done so, write a brief summary of why you left the Church. Tell them you love and respect them, but with prayerful thought and study you came to a different conclusion about religion than they did. You hope they will respect your decision, and will continue to love you. Read the statement to them. Within reason, let them ask questions for clarification. Then refuse to discuss it any further. (Or something to that effect) Then hold to your refusal to listen to any further discussion on the topic. If you do this in a respectful manner, I predict they will eventually back off, and treat you decently. At least my parents did. Months later my mother actually told me she had had questions herself about the doctrine in years past, but decided it was better to be safe than sorry, and stuck with the Church. BEST WISHES! You can also find my story in the testimony section. By writing a statement to your parents, perhaps it will become your testimony. Mine did. Oh yes, unless you can do so without much anxiety, refuse to go to church with them any more. That would encourage them.
  10. Weezer

    Finding Hope

    So do I. I still have friends and lots of relatives around Broken Arrow, and visit several times a year. But would never want to go back there and live. It is a hot bed of well meaning "christians" who never dream of questioning their faith, or politics. Many of them Dont know about my deconverting. HA! I don't want them worrying about my soul, and wasting their time praying for me.
  11. Weezer

    Finding Hope

    HEY! Be careful whut youens say bout oklahomie. Dat's whur i was hatched and reared. But i wized up and muved to BEAUTIFUL Kansas!
  12. Weezer


    Surprise! Surprise! He was seeming pretty manic, and may be in the psychiatric unit of a hospital somewhere.
  13. Weezer

    Finding Hope

    How did all those capital A things get in my post above? I didn't put them there?
  14. Weezer

    Finding Hope

    I heard a joke a few years ago about a guy who was born in Missouri. In a few years he moved to Kansas. Later moved to Oklahoma. Later moved to Texas. Then he died and went to Hell, but he really didn't notice the difference because the change had been so gradual.
  15. Weezer


    If you consider a continuum between productive conversation, and mental masturbation, where is this conversation on the scale? Edit: I was typing this before the last 2 posts.