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  1. I actually was in a bad mood at the time and thought, "oh no, another sophomoric discussion", and was being sarcastic. I should have kept my mouth shut. Or my fingers off the keyboard.
  2. all is well, that ends well! Glad you had a good day.
  3. My understanding is that it is a passage from a myth written thousands of years ago. Beyond that, it is anyone's guess.
  4. I havent read the whole thread, so this may have already been addressed. I do trail riding, off road, with what is called an Enduro motorcycle. One of the people I ride with, and can ride better than I can, is a 50 year old grandmother who is a carpenter who runs her own business.
  5. (Tongue in cheek) I am having some crazy, and evil thoughts. Thinking about resuming prayer and praying that Trump gets the virus. I don't want him to die. My thoughts aren't that evil, but hope he gets really sick for a few days so maybe he will take this problem seriously. I am truly concerned about those not taking it seriously, and risking infecting others. My rights end when I start endangering others, with this, or other situations. And as Fuego said, the economy and national debt is going to suffer greatly. But you can bet your boots that the government will bail out the big boys. I am concerned that so many families are living pay check to pay check, and racking up huge debts. Maybe this will teach them to start saving a few dollars each payday for a nest egg.
  6. "Well off" is a relative term, but off the top of my head I haven't noticed a difference. I was going to argue that abuse and control FAR predate Christianity (and other religions) and the writers simply used the ages old mechanisms to their advantage. They didn't "invent" it. Remember that humans created religion. Another observation about the influences that effect people as they grow up. I have seen hundreds of cases where people attended cult like churches, and I argue that influential family members have the greatest effect on children. Children who attend these churches, but have at least one adult family member who is half way rational, usually come out of the situation okay. It is the children of totally brainwashed and irrational adults, with no rational example to follow, that suffer the most. In other words, the family carries the biggest influence. The church is a tool used to perpetuate the problem. Edit: I feel sorry for children who live in isolation from regular society, and are home schooled. Several decades ago I attended a workshop on the moral development of mankind, and remembered a comment the researcher made. He said that children need at least one positive role model in life, even if it is someone in extended family, or a teacher at school, that has paid attention to them, accepted them for who they were, and encouraged them. They will likely have struggles in life, but are the ones who seem to have the ability to pull through. And that has been my observation. The lesson here. Be kind to children.
  7. In a sense, my motorcycle is magic. When I ride it, I feel 50 years younger!
  8. A huge volcano eruptIng might cool us off a bit. Didnt we have one a couple of centuries ago? Maybe god will cause another one to cool us off. And since he is a loving God, he would have it in the middle of an ocean somewhere so no one would get killed. HA! My sarcasm is running wild. I was in a really sarcastic mood when I posted that yesterday. Was thinking about preachers blaming sickness and disasters, on sin.
  9. Early on I was very skeptic about the use of substances, but the more I think about the use of psychedelics, the more I can see how it may work very well in controlled situations for some people. I'm glad some of you have found it's benefits.
  10. Just like the trinity makes perfect sense. As my grandfather used to say, it's all a bunch of gobbledygook.
  11. And in Earth year 2020, God looked down on the Earth, and said to Jesus, "I think it is time to thin the herd again!"
  12. I think many of us have gone through spells of feeling that way. Hopefully it is not a persistent feeling. Is it possible that YOU, in a sense, are your security? Do you trust that you will take care of yourself? Do you trust that you know how to do that? My guess is that you did not have a truly safe and secure childhood that gave you that basic sense of being safe, loved, and a capable person. We all got different doses of that growing up. I don't remember if you have talked about your early life, but you may need to work on those issues with a professional person. Also, make sure you have contact with at least one person who believes in you, and encourages you. The more the better. People here are great, but it is more effective in person. And think about those in your past who were accepting and encouraging. Reminisce about those times. Do kind things for yourself, etc. You need to reprogram your thinking and feeling. And it is easier said than done. HANG IN THERE!
  13. The answer in one word. YES! On many levels.
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