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  1. The only thing i had was at the height of my Church of Christ experience in the 1970s. It was 3 specific "coincidences." I belonged to a prayer and study group, and one night 3 people were having some specific problems we prayed about. All 3 problems came to an end within a few days. It wasn't a "miracle" kind of thing, but highly unusual that they all 3 worked out as we wanted.
  2. Weezer


    LOL, I thought it stood for pink butterfly. WELCOME!
  3. What is after death? I have absolutely no idea. I heard someone say heaven will be what ever you want it to be. Hmmmm. I'm not going to tell you what that would be for me. If god is listening, he wouldn't let me go!
  4. If you don't want it debunked, it will not be debunked. The best thing you can do at this time is to stay on your medication, keep Doctor/therapist appointments, and get a life outside religion for a while. If you are still into prayer, pray for clear, logical thinking.
  5. LOL, that sounds like the writing of a 2nd or 3rd century Catholic.
  6. The thinking of mainline mental health workers is that religious teaching and practice can contribute to mental illness, but in, and of itself is not mental illness. And I believe mental illness, and drug use, may have influenced the development of some religions. Even as a Christian I came to the conclusion that Revelations was written by someone who was hallucinating. That contributed to my questioning the inerrancy of the Bible, and eventually leading to my being on this forum.
  7. They suddenly quit posting. Did Dreamer and Blue say they were going to take a vacation from the forum?
  8. REDUCE world problems.  Treat everyone with respect! 

  9. Hhhmmmmm. I wonder why there are no replies to this post?? Edit. Never mind. I just researched his other posts.
  10. Did you ever introduce yourself in the introduction section? If you did, I missed it. If you didn't, please do so. It helps to know something about who we are talking to.
  11. Rickswordfish, have you looked at the big picture of religions? For a long time i tried to decide which were true, or false, and finally backed up and looked at the overall history of religions. Decided they are all man made myths, and some are downright scams. Beneath your icon you say you no longer have any gods. But it sounds like you still have some doubts. Also, we can give you information, and encouragement, but no one can "make" you feel better. That's up to you. HANG IN THERE!
  12. Life circumstances can also effect how long it takes. I began to question our church doctrine at 13, the inerrancy of the Bible between 35 and 40, and literally walked out the door in middle of a sermon at 50 years of age. As I look back, I think there were periods of time where I unconsciously, and at times consciously, shoved things to the back burner due to my employment situation, which was church related.
  13. The most universal religion/truth/purpose I have come up with, is to promote the wellbeing of mankind by studying what contributes to the wellbeing of mankind.
  14. I will admit, it taught me who my real friends are.
  15. Good advise above. It takes time. I held on to the humanity found in Jesus (and others before him, if he actually existed) teaching about loving neighbor as self, golden rule, etc. Promoting the wellbeing of mankind more or less became my purpose, and I joined American Humanist Association, and support some other humanitarian efforts. If you miss being part of a group you might try the Unitarian Universalist "church" (in quotes because it is using the word loosly). And in some metropolitan areas there are humanist, agnostic, and atheists groups. Congratulations on diving into making your own way! P.S. The thing I miss the most is the distance it created with some family members.
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