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  1. I like what you said about it being a "clear view." The longer I am out, the clearer it gets. Looking back there are so many things about it, that are so ridiculous, I can't believe it took me so long to figure it all out. Goes to show how deep that childhood conditioning can run.
  2. You have a good point, but I think you misunderstood my point. I am saying he was probably a shooter because he wasn't "loved" (nurtured properly) as a child.
  3. Any room for a Catholic turned agnostic?

    Welcome. I understand the need to not disappoint parents. There will come a time when you can launch out on your own, and live your own life. I worried about leaving, but when couldnt take the sermons any longer, my mother actually took my leaving better than I expected, after her initial dramatic reaction. Later found she had actually questioned some of the dogma.
  4. Morality

    Learnagain, there are some good thoughts expressed above. I would add, the terms liberal and conservative have been contaminated. Look them up in the dictionary and see which one you would rather be. Or perhaps we need to be a little of both. There are times we need to conserve, and times we need to look outside the box. Don't fall into the trap of polarizing every issue.
  5. Therapy

    Yes, it would be. I would rather not give you a yes or no answer. I encourage you to trust your your own thoughts and feelings, and act on them. Use your brain and learn to trust your "gut" feeling. Continually relying on other people's answers keeps you dependent on others.
  6. Therapy

    Now I see why she answered as she did. If you are comfortable with her, give it a try. Best wishes!
  7. Therapy

    The first thing that occurred to me is that she didn't give a yes or no answer to your question. And it is interesting that she focused on whether therapy with you would cause HER any stress or harm, or conflicts. Are you comfortable with her answer?
  8. I just saw a news article that said the deputy was in the building wnen the shooting started, and went outside. VERY hard to understand. He definitely was not up to the job.
  9. Good question. I have often had those "what if...." thoughts about different things. We may never know the answer to many of them, but it is good to be curious and ask the questions.
  10. I have to really work at it. Tend to be sarcastic, and have to preach to myself at times.
  11. You are right. And most people who turn out okay had a good influence somewhere in their lives. Some have virtually none. Then throw in the factor of brain damage, or early neglect and deprivation which impairs the ability to bond with others, and It becomes a very complex issue. I have worked with criminals, child abusers, mentally ill, etc. In almost every case there was some kind of abuse and neglect. Some so disgusting and pervasive it made me want to throw up. And in many, or most cases the public never knows about it. They are simple branded as evil. And they are, but there is a reason, and unless we understand why, it won't be fixed. Any time we are disrespectful, we could be adding to the dangerous fire burning in someones belly. I am Agnostic, but the words attributed to Jesus is the key to many world problems. "Love your neighbor as yourself." The truth is the truth, where ever you find it. The Bible has a lot of crap, but there are some valuable truths there. So, if you want to help prevent more violence in the world, treat everyone you meet with respect. Remember that what goes around, comes around, and sometimes it comes back stronger than what was sent out, as when bullied students get fed up, and get revenge. And while I am preaching, the next time you want to belittle someone, tell yourself, "except for the chance of birth, there go I". I know you didn't ask for all of this, and it is not all directed at you, but I got on a roll about a subject I feel very strongly about. HA! my sermon for the evening.
  12. I'm just saying that realistic violence, abuse and disrespect is so pervasive, and if you don't have some good role models somewhere in your life, it increases the likelihood of a person using it. I have seen the underbelly of society, and frankly am surprised there isn't more violence.
  13. I'll be glad when I can edit my posts. It probably goes without saying, but the above was responding to why these things keep happening.
  14. Our society is overrun with a lack of respect for, and nurturing of humanity. From the white house on down. And violence and revenge is rampant on TV, movies, games, etc. (and in many families) It is the way to get your way. Many of these shooters have had less than desirable upbringing. So when you are at your wits end, and don't see a future, why not commit the ultimate revenge??
  15. Fear

    It is not unusual to have doubts as you are leaving, and even after leaving. One of the things that scared me was the stories I heard as a child of how "backsliders" usually "went to the dogs" after leaving the faith. But my sinful inclinations did not increase. If anything I became more moral. Decided to do the right things simply because they were the right thing to do do. Not just to keep me from going to hell.