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  1. It looks like right wing religion is on the move world wide. They are having a huge election in India and right wing Hinduism is making a push to make India a Hindu nation. Just what we need. Hindus, Muslims, Jews and Christians all trying to have more control over the world.
  2. Off hand I can't think of any relationships I have galned. But found out which ones were true friends.
  3. Karna, in time you may see your friend make another swing. It doesn't seem like religion is a high priority in his life.
  4. Weezer


    Have you looked into Buddahism? It's more like a philosophy than a religion. The Jesus of the New Testament seemed to take on some of that flavor.
  5. This is all out of my league. But as I skimmed the above, and being a Star Trek fan, the thought crossed my mind that their may be alien shape shifters among us now. Who knows??
  6. I lost "friends" at the church we attended, but wasnt into the social scene that much anyway, so it wasn't a great loss. Haven't really "lost" any family relationships over religion, but some simply tolerate me now.
  7. The conversation continued. It was one more effort on his part to bombard me with scripture and the same old worn out arguments from the days of our childhood. The seed was turned into poop.
  8. I have come to the conclusion that MANY people don't know why they believe what they believe. It's just an assumption they got from someone else's assumptions, and is assumed to be the truth. And if you question their assumptions, they may get angry and simply tune you out. They don't want to do the work to figure out things for themselves, and don't want to admit they might be wrong about something. They would rather live in their own fantasy world.
  9. I think mammabear must have gone for another long walk.
  10. And then there are some seeds that get eaten by the birds and become bird poop.
  11. I believe your writing shows promise. As a retired psychiatric social worker I see some bits of different patients thinking. To them it is logical. My heart went out to some of them when they could not understand why others didn't see it the same way they did. It reminds me somewhat of some of the "Twilight Zone" TV series stories, and Alfred Hitchcock movies which always intrigued me. You may have a gift for this kind of writing, and if you have an interest in pursuing it, I would encourage you to do so.
  12. Like all churches, even under the same name, I would assume each takes on a different flavor.
  13. But when you go to the GOT QUESTIONS page, only the date of original post is shown. And the # of answers is on the right side. But not the date of the last answer. Or how long ago it was made. The other forums/categories (what ever you call them) tell you how long ago the last post was made. I have always wondered why this page is not the same. Perhaps my question was worded wrong. Why doesn't it tell you how long ago was the last answer given.
  14. I did not get that impression. At least in Wichita, Kansas. Their facilities were very simple and functional, and there was not a push for more contributions. The minister at that time lived in a very modest house.
  15. That was the last church I attended, which lasted about a year. The main reason I quit was due to "social" differences. As a dirt bike rider, and "off road jeeper", i didn't fit in with all the tree huggers. They are really into the social And environmental causes. Lerk is correct. They were the most accepting group of people I ever met. There were also several Buddhist. If anyone still enjoys attending "church services", and group functions, give them a try. LOL, But if you are out of red neck "okie" country, like me, you may not be comfortable there.