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  1. Weezer

    Recurring fears

    Just one more comment before I go to bed. Something to give you some perspective. Keep in mind that if you had been born to another set of parents, in another country, in another religion, the conditioning would just as strong, or perhaps more so, than what you got. And you would have believed it was the truth, from the true God. In a sense you were lucky. You might have been conditioned to be an agent for ISUS. people's religion is mostly determined by chance of birth. Be glad you are looking at the "big picture" to determine "truth". BEST WISHES!
  2. Weezer

    Recurring fears

    These things also happen outside christianity. Even outside religion.
  3. Weezer

    Recurring fears

    Kat34, it took me 30 years to finally walk out the door. I was also born with a logical and curious mind and kicked around the doctrinal arguments off and on for years. Some things in Christianity just didn't add up. It wasn't until I began to look outside the "box" of Christianity that things fell into place. Now it is so clear, and gets more clear with time, that man created God. That's why he seemed to change through the ages. From the vengeful message of the old testament, to the loving, forgiving message of Jesus. He also changed down through the ages in other religions. But he didn't actually change. Man's concept of him changed as man's morality evolved. It just seemed logical. To me that was validated by reading some books on the history of God and religion. I no longer believe the bible is the inerrant word of God, or that Jesus was divine, but believe Jesus summed up the basic truth of major word religions. And provides us direction in life. That is to, "......love your neighbor as yourself". My faith is now in GOOD. Not in God. I am now an Agnostic humanist. I believe there is some energy, force, "creator", what ever you want to call it out there, but what it is, I don't know. But what ever it is, I am not afraid it will send me to hell, and it is no longer all that important for me to understand it. I hope this helps.
  4. Weezer

    Emotional Health While Leaving Christianity

    If you are OCD, then you likely do need to express your emotions. Find a way to do it that fits you. Writing letters to all the people and situations in life that angered and saddened me were very helpful. And then reading the letters out loud can be very helpful. To yourself, or even better, to some understanding person. Especially if you are suicidal, go to a mental health professional. If you are OCD you may need medication. And give it time. It took me several months to vent all the anger and sadness, and stop letting the past direct the here and now, and the future. But at some point, bringing in your logic will be required to get your feet under yourself. They are already there, and realizing you can walk by yourself will come. Pardon me for being logical, but you are already doing so. The concepts you bought into earlier are fantasies. YOU were in charge of yourself the whole time. YOU made the decision to follow Jesus. YOU can make the decision to examine his, and other morality to see if it makes sense to you. BEST WISHES!
  5. Weezer

    Glad to be here

    Welcome! I responded to your post in the questions section. Sounds like we have some things in common. One, being born with a logical brain, and two, suffering from depression in the past, which I blame partly on the religious guilt piled on me at church as a child. There is a lot of good information here. Hours and hours of excelent reading. My own story of 30 years of gradual de-conversion is in the "Testimonials" section, page 2, "Personal story, Truth: A gradual awakening." Hopefully the logical approach can help you with your journey.
  6. Weezer

    How can I deconvert my mother?

    I didn't read all the above responses, so pardon any possible repeat. If you want to drive yourself back into mental illness, stay on the road to deconverting others. Offering information is one thing, but trying to control others is the biggest problem in the world for human relationships.
  7. Weezer

    How to share deconversion with spouse

    My first thought was to share with him, what you have written here. It is simply and honestly stated, with no malice. Is it possible he will understand? As long as you do not pressure him (or children)? to change, and if you have other interests and activities in common, the marriage should survive. My marriage did, and we have now been married 50 years. My de-conversion started very much like yours. Things just didn't add up, and it took many years before literally walking out the door and never returning. I finally launched a study into the history of God (gods) and religion, which confirmed to me that man created god(s). But beware. There may be pressure from others through guilt, shame etc. To get you to come back to the fold. My mother cried and wanted to know where she had gone wrong. But eventually gave up the guilt trips when she saw I was going to stick with my convictions. And, LOL, I believe some people at church were glad to see me, and my questions they couldn't answer, leave their presence. But I am here to tell you, it can be a lonely existence if all your friends and family are Christian. But I have to be true to myself. HANG IN THERE!
  8. Weezer

    God cannot be judged by human standards

    Tell your Christian friends to continually and sincerely pray for an objective understanding of God and religion, while launching into to a years long study of the history of both, getting information from the internet, as well as information from their church. Then come back and talk to you. They will likely decide they don't want to do that. If so, ask them why not? Are they afraid of what they will find? My turning point was when I prayed to find the truth through my own study, no matter where it led me.
  9. They have always had to have outside pressure to face reality and make changes. Like admitting the earth is round and revolves around the sun, on down to addressing sexual abuse. Australia will have an uphill battle since they have so much influence there. But hopefully their laity is waking up.
  10. It was difficult, but the letter to the Bishop was written as serious practical suggestions. It was hard to not write something like the Onion article posted above by older. But I knew if I did that it would thrown in the trash by his secretary, which may have happened anyway. After years of studying the history of the Catholic church, it is hard have any respect for the organization. They have pulled off one of the biggest and most dangerous hoaxes ever pulled on the human race. And the Muslims have done the same. This is my rant for the week.
  11. I read an article on a Catholic web site where the Bishop was pleading for prayers and fasting to stop the sexual abuse. I wrote to him suggesting they do more than prayer and fasting, and even bringing the abusers to justice. LOL, I knew they wouldn't listen to the suggestion of disbanding the church, so I suggested they look at the theories and dynamics of human motivation and behavior. How the positions, their requirements and traditions might attract people who are "different." Pedophiles, and narcissistic personalities with "God syndromes," believing they should be entitled to a few fringe "benefits." And who to heck would want to wear those gaudy robes?? Any bets as to whether I will get a response??
  12. I echo the above statement and question. Was there anything else that attracted you to each other? Do you enjoy being together? Doing things together? My wife and I have been married 50 years. I left religion after 30 years of marriage, but we had enough in common to hold us together. One person leaving their faith isn't too uncommon, so if you both want to stay together, you can likely make it happen.
  13. Weezer

    How to respond?

    Also, in a sense it is a "put down." They feel superior in knowledge. Which is a laugh. Most atheist, agnostics, etc know more about the bible than the average christian.
  14. Weezer

    How to respond?

    I especially like that suggestion! Thanks for all your responses, and listening to my rant. I just bought a book that addresses these religious/moral thinking issues. Looking forward to reading, MORAL ANIMAL, by Robert Wright.
  15. Weezer

    How to respond?

    Thanks for the suggestions. So far it has been people who I know fairly well, but not close friends. I tell myself I shouldn't offend them, but would like to prompt their thinking. Oh, what the heck. A part of me wants to tactfully offend them! I also thought about simply saying, "Thanks. And I will pray for you." And see where it goes from there. Prayer doesn't have to be to a deity. It can be a sincere, or urgent request, petition or hope. If they don't understand that, and ask for an explanation, maybe about who I would pray to, I can explain, and say I am sincerely hoping they might have a more open mind to different views. Maybe I am thin skinned, but I can't help but feel insulted when someone who has only scratched the surface of religion, after I have told them I prayed to find truth and studied religion for 30 years, tells me they will pray for me when I tell them I am now agnostic. I really have mixed feelings and have to keep reminding myself they were brain washed and are in deep denial. Jesus, if he really existed, really knew what he was talking about when he called his followers sheep. Too many people will follow "hero's" around like lost sheep. LOL, Trump also figured this out. I need to stop this rambling and get to bed. It's been a long day. Anyone else have thoughts on this subject?