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  1. Freshstart, how is the study going?
  2. I'm not sure that is even possible. We are all just human. Maybe just tone it down to aggrivation??
  3. No need to leave. Probably most of us here understand and have similar feelings, perhaps not as strong. Just stay away from discussing politics. Consider that anger is sometimes called a secondary emotion. There is usually deep fear and/or sadness underlying it, but we have been conditioned to express it as anger. If your anger is putting yourself or others in danger, discuss it with your doctor or a mental health professional. Best wishes!
  4. Robert, you say love thy neighbor ethic is necessary, but not sufficient for the salvation of the World. I argue that love neighbor as self covers it all. That is why I think the "commandment" is so profound. It is concern for the wellbeing of everyone in the world, including yourself. To me it implies that we should be interested in researching whatever is in the best interest of mankind. That includes studying how to take care of our environment (the world), as well as how to raise our kids to be healthy, respectful and productive adults, and looking at healthy economic poli
  5. Backtracking somewhat, I see your arguments for Jesus not being a real person, and considered that myself. But after finding the Gnostic Gospels, that seemed to describe him as more of an average person, but were thrown out of the canon, I decide that he possibly existed. I am having a hard time understanding why people insist he DID NOT exist, when we really don't know for sure. Would it make your arguments more palatable to some if you took a more agnostic stance on this issue?
  6. And you and I are in Kansas together. I agree with most of what you said, and get very frustrated at times, but am breathing easier now that we have a new president. My wife and I are on the same page regarding Trump and the right wing, but both of us have siblings that have been Trump supporters and profess to be Christians. Thankfully they live out of state, and our communication has tapered off in the last couple of years. It is sad, but we can't change them (or anyone else) and have stopped trying to do so. I know it is like water off a ducks back, but keep on emailing our
  7. Robert, sometimes I have trouble following you, but I like the general direction you are going with your ideas. THANKS!
  8. And how do you get around the fact that many people aren't drawn to logical, evidence based solutions that involve them in thinking and doing something monotonous to bring "salvation" to the world. They want the magic of god, or the Donald Trumps of the world, or pompous priests in fancy garb to save them through simply believing, and going through elaborate rituals. Even rioting and killing for their "saviors". The golden rule is too boring for them. They want sensational experiences and immediate gratification. Yes, I think logical thinking is our salvation, but what is the
  9. Do you still live at home and encounter this every day? Have you ever explained the reasons you no longer believe? If you need some pointers on your position, check out our TESTIMONIAL section to see how others have handled it.. Explain your position, and then just don't get sucked into bickering with them. If you are still dependent upon them, you may have to just put up with it until you get out on your own.
  10. Forgive me if I am being redundant, but I like to boil things down to their simplest common denominator. Isn't it possible that Jesus existed, believed he was the son of god because he was conditioned to believe that, felt compelled to do what he could to better mankind, was a bright, charismatic young man who studied religion and philosophy, possibly under the Essenes, and preached the wisdom of those who proceeded him, which in simple form is the golden rule? Concern for "WE", as opposed to "ME". Why couldn't a movement be started based simply on the wisdom of the ages, very
  11. It seems we came away from our study with different opinions.
  12. Also, if Jesus existed, much of what is attributed to him may have been added later by an authoritarian church. I base my opinions on the teaching of love on what I saw by reading his overall story in the bible and Gnostic Gospels. He broke from the rigid traditions of the Jews, and as the story goes, it got him killed. His immediate followers established autonomous congregations and installed their own leaders. Not very authoritarian in nature. The later church changed all that, and likely modified the message to fit their wants, which was total control.
  13. As I said earlier, I left dissecting all that ancient authoritarian, all or non thinking, and do my best to go with what is respectable, rational, logical, and evidence based today. And although our social system today has it's problems, I haven't given up on it. You tend to find what you are looking for, and if you don't believe something is possible, you probably won't find it. Are you saying we need an authoritarian "king" to save us?
  14. Some may enjoy dissecting and splitting hairs over the meaning of all that stuff, but I just don't see the need to do all that obsessing about something you no longer believe is valid. It's just not my cup of tea.
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