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    Curious Agnostic. Humanist. Ex-church of Christ. Retired Clinical Social Worker. The oldest of a group of Enduro motorcycle riders. My deconversion story is in the TESTIMONIALS section, "TRUTH, A GRADUAL AWAKENING".

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  1. Thank you for your respectful comments. Yes, I am agnostic, but understand that all religions are created by humans. It is "god" or the "creator" that I don't know about. If there is one, I don't believe it is the one(s) that the bible, or other religions talk about. The "I don't knows" are about who created "god" (if there is one), and the billions of galaxies in existance, and is there an afterlife, etc. Is it magic? I believe there are some things we simply don't know, and likely will never know, at least in our lifetime. Therefore the title "agnostic". No, I am not about saving "souls" in a reliigious sense. I am about what is in the best interest of humanity on our planet, and of our planet itself. And the disrespect I see going on is not in our best interest. That is at the core of my concern, here on the site, and in the world. But many here don't appreciate my concern, so I'll go elsewhere. Best wishes!
  2. Yes, 36 years experience as a behavioral/social scientist working with people about how to deal with life more effectively. But my suggestions have been largely ignored here. So I am going elsewhere. I am no longer a christian, but do consider myself a humanist.
  3. There is nothing mysterious about my leaving. midniterider is correct. This is no longer a site I wish to support and have decided to throw my support to a more professional approach, RECOVERING FROM RELIGION.
  4. For some reason Bro and myself have really got under your skin. You may want to think about why that is the case. I just do not agree with the macho "stick it to them" approach to life like you do. It just adds to the division and hate that is going on in our society today. Don't worry, you will eventually get your wish. I am finding less and less reason to come here. The site is becoming more of a discussion among regulars, than a support for new ex-christians.
  5. The kindest thing I know to say is that you are delusional and enjoy being rejected and insulted. As for me, This is the end of our conversation.
  6. Agreed. He is doing what he has been programmed to do. And sometimes the best response to them, is to not respond.
  7. Some are assholes, but this one seems honest in his programmed efforts. And even if he was an asshole, do we really need to get down on his level?
  8. Please think again about what you said. That is bad karma. Negative energy. Disrespectful. When you can't deal with people with respect, you need to do some soul searching. If that statement is represenative of this whole site, I will leave gladly.
  9. I didn't say I was leaving. I'm just not going to give any more money. I think some good is being done here, and it could be even more effective if some of the macho, chest beating was modified. If you want to ignore the advise of 40 years of study and working with people from all walks of life, then so be it. You guys make fun of those who won't listen to you, and your knowledge, But you won't listen to those who know more about effective communication than you do. I find that rather ironic. You are giving atheists and agnostics a bad name. But it looks like you are mostly talking to yourselves these days. Carry on, if that's what floats your boat.
  10. Go back and read my response to him on Friday. And I sent him a PM encouraging him to read our testimonials. It may be like water off a ducks back, but I think it has a better chance of "planting a seed" than the insults slung his way.
  11. No attitude? You guys can continue to stroke your own egos if you want, but this site is not getting another penny of my support.
  12. I believe this attitude is counter productive. Remember that many of us here were also stupid shits at one point in life. Continue "as is", and watch the site continue to dwindle. It is one of the reasons you don't see me here very often anymore.
  13. BroRando has a good point. When I came to this website I thought it would be a good place to encourage people to open their minds to "truth", and help them recover from toxic beliefs. But too often it is a platform for "gotcha". I believe that attitide may be part of the reason the site is dwindling. And I'll admitt I joined in at times. Being away from the site for awhile, and looking at other approaches, and then coming back, the negativity seems to be increasing.
  14. BroRando, I appreciate your concern, but we have been in your shoes, but looked outside the box and discovered that what we had been told about what was in the box, was nothing but superstitions. A whole string of poorly put together superstitions, myths, etc. Open up your mind, pray to find truth, do an indepth study of the history of gods and religions, and then come back and tell us which one is the TRUE one. By the way, in my opinion, the doctrine of original sin contributes to the problem of suicide. Along with earthly parents who shame, neglect and abuse their children.
  15.  Probably not soon, but when I die, IF there is an afterlife, I'll come back and tell you about it.  😊

    1. alreadyGone


      Not soon!


      But... damn good of you to volunteer for such hazardous duty.


    2. Weezer


      I'll be glad to do it!  I'm sure god will give me permission to come back and explain it to everyone.

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