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  1. Edgarcito, also consider that there are primitive tribes who never heard of "our" God, but are very peaceful, moral people. Read about the Hadza tribe in Africa. Where did their morality come from? Rational, critical thinking people can figure out what is in their best interest. It seems there needs to be a concern for others, as well as a concern for self. Empathy. I see you are visiting the forum, but not addressing these posts. I hope our input is helpful. Along these lines, also consider that the doctrine of original sin is a self fulfilling prophecy. If you believe you are inherently evil, or incomplete, and need an infallible deity to guide you, then you will likely act that way. But if you believe you are an important, equal part of a whole, and believe you have reasoning ability, just like everyone else, you will be more likely to think and act in ways to benefit yourself, and the whole of society.
  2. I still enjoy the Santa Claus stuff, like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, etc, but can do without the religious stuff.
  3. Lots of good advise above. It can also take time. It was a long time ago, but I remember going through some "what if" thinking. But the evidence for religion being "man made" just kept adding up as I kept studying, and eventually the "what ifs" disappeared. You might also try reading our stories in the testimonial section. My story shows the step by step process, over a period of years, I used for sorting out "truth." But if the anxiety/fear persists after more study, you might want to seek some professional help. That early programming can run deep.
  4. Weezer

    New to the mix

    WELCOME! Our thoughts run along the same paths. I believe most religious people "think" they are doing the right thing. Your thoughts about satan and how he came to be, were some of the perplexing questions that got me started down this path.
  5. There is a rational reason. When we are individually moral, everyone benefits. We don't do it to avoid Hell or earn our way into heaven. We do it to advance the whole of humanity. Or at least that is my reason for doing so.
  6. I see your point and am glad it was in the Rants and Replies section. But there are ways to vent anger without being disrespectful to others. My situation may have been different from some others. Mine was such that I never felt "abused" by anyone in the christian scene, at least on purpose. Even though some of it was whacky stuff, I always considered they thought they were doing me a favor by trying to "save my soul." I understand how they came to be how they are, and actually feel sorry for them. Also, consider that being disrespectful to them simple reinforces the belief they already have of us, as being depraved or warped human beings.
  7. There are some people who are looking for a decent, respectful, humanitarian path out of christianity who will be turned off by the above posts. If those had been some of the first posts I saw when first coming here, I likely would not have returned.
  8. That could be the case with some, but the one's I know are getting older, tired of the music and glitz, and are gradually getting more apathetic about religion. Just slowly fading away. But my circle of friends are getting older and smaller. I just don't think the entertainment factor will last.
  9. True, and people generally believe what they want to believe. Most of the Christians I know today are what I call "lukewarm," like what TEG says above. They go to church occasionally, don't study the Bible, and just follow the the preacher they like the most. And I have noticed many are going to church less and less. But are quick to attack atheist, agnostics, Gays, Muslims, Mexicans, anybody different than them. Critical thinking and common sense is slipping away. Makes me afraid for our country.
  10. Early religious leaders certainty understood human egos, and how to manipulate people.
  11. HANG IN THERE, and don't stop the meds.
  12. In a pinch, for the first time, I got a sandwich there several days ago. It was blah! Not going back.
  13. You guys/gals are making my old brain work hard tonight. I'm not that intellectual when it comes to physics, but to me the "fine tuned" idea (which I am only vaguely familiar with) doesn't take a whole lot of intellect. By fine tuned I assume they mean it is tuned to support life as we know it?? And it is pretty marvelous. But if you look at the enormous (infinite)? picture of time, the earth has only supported life as we know it for a VERY BRIEF period of time. And with a very large asteroid it might start all over again. Would it still be considered fine tuned?? LOL, and how long would it take for concepts of Gods to appear again? When you think of all this, "hugeness", we seem pretty insignificant, which some have a hard time accepting. And contributes to visions of infinite heavens with a loving father??? And would help to believe everything was made in 6 days! And might end at any time! Am I out in left field on this?? Dang! Now you got me depressed! I may run out and find a fundy church where I can go through the proper rituals, contribute money weekly, and spend eternity with a guy wearing a robe and sandals, with streets paved of gold! Just what I always wanted!! (If they let me take my motorcycle with me) HA. This started out serious, but I got on a roll!
  14. Labeling yourself invites argument and getting a negative label. My 10 year old grandson lost "friends" because he told a friend his mother didn't believe in god. My daughter and sister don't use any term to describe themself. If questioned about religion or belief in god, they say, "religion is a personal issue, and I prefer to not discuss it." And they refuse to discuss it any further unless they are convinced the person is open minded, and truly intetested. The discussion usually ends there. HA! My grandson now has the answer memorized. But he obviously is now wrestling with concept of god after the extreme reaction he got from a couple of friends. He is at that age where kids want right/wrong answers.
  15. Weezer

    14 years

    I've been here couple of years. Hung around the ex-church of Christ site for a while, but as one person said, a lot of them had left the Church building, but not the parking lot.
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