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  1. pantheory, thanks for your post. I decided to do a slight edit.
  2. After being raised in a conservative Christian home, and after over 30 years of study and contemplation of the Bible, how we came to have it, Christianity, and then the history of gods and religions, I decided ALL religions with supernatural deities are human myths. They are attempts at explaining the unknown, and a way people through the ages have attempted to control the masses of uneducated and unaware people. I did come to appreciate Buddahism which is more of a philosophy than a religion. Beware of anyone who warns against looking beyond their version of "TRUTH". The more you know about any and all subjects, the better equipped you are for successful living. BEST WISHES!
  3. To me it looks like you have some OCD traits. You are overthinking the situation. Step back and look at the big picture of life. What is it that promotes life for the planet and all it's beings? What is in the best interest of all of us? There is no evidence of an afterlife, so study what is in the best interest of humans, society, the planet, etc. Things we know actually exist. Study human development, sociology, etc. Read my testimony, TRUTH: A GRADUAL AWAKENING. There is a short section about purpose and meaning there. And think about talking with a mental health professional regarding possible OCD.
  4. True. I think most of us look at the facts, evidence, and lack of evidence. And not depend on what others "think". We believe in doing our own thinking. The truth is more important than being part of the "in crowd".
  5. It's great that you want to make a contribution to the world. We give regularly to Habitat for Humanity, the Jimmy carter foundation, and Mennonite Relief fund. Occasionally to 2 educational museums, public television and public radio. And occasionally to needy families my 2 daughters identify at the schools where they work. Salvation Army at christmas time, etc. There is a web site that evaluates charities, but I don't remember the name. We stopped giving to Red Cross when we saw how they spend their money. And we occasionally do volunteer work.
  6. Check the dictionary, but off the top of my head I believe the agnostic says that with our present knowledge we can't know if there is a god or not. It's not an all or none issue. My own belief is that if there is a god, it certainly is not the one found in the christian bible.
  7. I don't know the percentage, but there are several agnostics (including me) here.
  8. Fluffyapple, I didn't read all the responses to your post, but have you sought professional help? All the responses here will do nothing for you until you decide to do something different than what you have been doing. Best wishes!
  9. How can literal "flames" burn an invisible spirit? I am betting my soul there is no hell.
  10. Thanks. But it wasn't a vacation. 10 days of agony with a disgruntled, mentally ill tenant threatening to sue us over a contract that was poorly worded and we didn't know where we stood legally. It still isn't over, but looks like it is swinging our way. Hmmm. Speaking of cockroaches!
  11. I just thought of a sarcastic question. Who/what does god love and protect most? In case of worldwide disaster where life is almost wiped out, would mankind or cockroaches be most likely to survive?
  12. i have been away for a couple of weeks. interesting discussion while gone.
  13. What is called "debate" here is using the term very loosely. Debating doesn't resort to calling each other derogatory names.
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