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  1. I heard it in my youth (1950s) when a visiting preacher came to our congregation. My parents didn't buy into it, but my brother, who later became a religious fanatic decided in later years that it might be true. He says God could have made the earth to LOOK like it was billions of years old. He also believes in numerous conspiracy theories. Main stream churches do not teach it in the USA.
  2. If you haven't already done so, I highly recommend contacting a mental health center and asking to see a doctor or therapist that specializes in working with cult victims. I do NOT recommend a "Christian" counseling center. For you and your baby, you need help in dealing with your anxiety. And reducing anxiety will help you think more clearly. And talking with a real person who cares can sometimes be more helpful than reading about stuff. Your mother in all likelyhood means well, but keep in mind that she has also been brain washed and is not thinking clearly. Also, her health condition may be effecting her mental abilities. I am 78 years old and have heard the "world is coming to an end", or some other calamity, so many times I have lost count. Those people create fear and anxiety, in themselves and anyone who will listen. Look for the good, and you will find it. Spend time with positive people who can see the good in life. You tend to find what you are looking for, and you are looking in the right direction.. HANG IN THERE!
  3. Thank you Dan for an excelent post.
  4. Weezer


    It was alluded to above, but the "births" are not the same. You have no choice in physical birth, but you chose to become a Christian, or be "born again". Considering a choice to be the same as physical birth that cannot be reversed, is absurd. If you stick around here long enough, and read our testimonials, and pray to find truth, you may become one of us. I dare you to do so!
  5. I am not disagreeing with you at all. You made a very good point. I said what I said with tongue in cheek, but don't think this is the time for Kd to be dabbling in doctrine.
  6. I had the same thought. It is a lot simpler to just get out of the sand box.
  7. Interesting concept. It is definitely better than fighting over who has the "true" religion. It seems his "religion", or his "god", is love and respect for all. A concept, rather than an actual being. I have always had a lot of respect for him and Jesus.
  8. WELCOME KD! The world needs a thoughtful, honest, rational thinking, caring person like you. And I know the children in foster care would be fortunate to have you back on the job. I am a retired Social Worker who spent 20 years working in foster care and adoption agencies. So please hang in there, and get back to blessing the world with what you have to offer. I grew up in a more "main stream" Christian group, but understand the "brain washing" we both got. And my questioning also began when some things just didn't seem logical about our religion. God seemed terribly inconsistant. It all began to turn around for me when I stopped praying for more faith, and started praying that God would help me find the TRUTH about religion. After years of study, I decided our Christian God had been conceived by humans, just like all the other gods of the World. I became an agnostic. The step by step story of my spiritual quest is basically a rational, logical approach, and can be found in the TESTIMONIAL section, under the title, "Personal story: TRUTH, A GRADUAL AWAKENING." Maybe it will help you sort through the things you are wrestling with. I believe you have great potential, and your coming to this forum shows you have the fortitude to bring out that potential.
  9. I also am concerned about church and state issues, but it is my understanding that this forum was designed to basically be a support group for those leaving Christianity. (and other religions??)
  10. About that, you are correct.
  11. And if you aren't already doing so, it might help if you pay part of her car expense.
  12. I agree that they didn't represent the religion as a whole, but they claimed to be Muslim. One of the problems with religion is that there are so many factions of the same "faith", that it becomes absurd. My point is that what is considered good, or evil depends on your point of view. And I could care less what they say about "us". Whoever "us" is.
  13. It is past my bedtime, and I may be missing the point here, but good and evil are also relative to places, times and prevailing beliefs. Christians killing pagans and heretics in the middle ages, and Muslims flying planes into the twin towers. Both proclaiming to do God's will, which they saw as a good thing overall.
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