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  1. I'm not going to play that game. I am sure you are rational about a lot of things, but I don't believe in your magic.
  2. She's not kidding. She likes to bother us.
  3. Have you ever considered that your personal experience may have led you to irrational beliefs and unconscious motivations. Science and looking at evidence is an attempt to sort out what is rational and real. Be glad you live in a society that allows you to follow your beliefs, as long as it doesn't harm others.
  4. She is not interested in fruitful dialog. She clearly states it is in, "bothering atheist types." In her conscious mind, she is convinced she has all the answers. But, as with all christians who continue to hang around here, I question what may be going on in their unconscious mind.
  5. That is God in a nutshell. A very simple truth. Since he is not observable, he is literally a concept that has to be formed in each person's mind.
  6. I attempted to find out in a PM conversation with her, and she evaded the question again by saying something like, she read somewhere that you don't have to talk about denominations on the forum.
  7. Under her icon, her "interest" is "bothering atheist types." That sounds like a troll to me. LOL, It is certainly not following the Christian admonition to shake the dust off your feet as you leave a hopeless cause (like us)!
  8. Like you, I mulled over the different religious possibilities for years. An maybe that's what you need to do to resolve your problem. But I finally stepped back and looked at the big picture of religion and decided it is all conceived by mankind. If it all started from one infallable God, why so many different ideas? In reality, history shows numerous "gods" in the beginning of history, and a gradual narrowing down to the few we recognize today. One God, and one truth in the beginning, just isn't logical to my way of thinking. And all of them seem to spring from individuals. When God, who is supposed to be miraculous, appears to all of us at once to give us instructions, then I will believe.
  9. It is the lions vs. The sheep with blinders and ear plugs. I read your signature/post script, and find you have failed to open your mind, and look at the big picture of all religions and gods. Your religion is just one of many, all believing they are the truth.
  10. I found a couple of books about the missing years of jesus. One says he joined a caravan and went to the east and studied. Then came back. His teaching does have an eastern flavor. The other says he joined the Essenes and studied with them, and that is where he got the "eastern" ideas. After reading the gnostic views, i decided he probably did exist as a mortal man.
  11. This is a very true statement. The fundamentals latch onto them, put them into a box, and enable them to stay that way, dependent upon fantasy and hero worship. And they are "accepted", as long as they believe the fantasy.
  12. This is somewhat an aside to the religious conversation, but I argue that that viewpoint, that nothing can be done, is a self fulfilling prophecy. Perhaps nothing can be done to change that individual, but things can be done to change the dynamics that produced that individual. An ego centered "me" society as we have today promotes agression and violence. A respectful (love) centered society promotes more respect for all human beings. It is the "mind set" that makes the difference. That is not just religious thinking, it is based on social science.
  13. I understand the reluctance to "let it go." But the longer you are "out", the easier it is, and you will reach a point (at least I did) where you will question how you ever believed all those myths. I've been out about 30 years now. Coupled with other learning in life there are a couple of basic "truths" from christianity I have held onto and have helped me navigate through life. One is that the love/obsession, of/with, money/power/control is the root of most evil. The second redeeming truth is to love/respect your neighbor as self. But to put it in perspective, these were truths discovered by wise men ages before Jesus came along. HANG IN THERE!!
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