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  1. After leaving the faith I wanted to spread my views. But with time, and some blunders, decided the strongest approach I would use in the future would be to say something like, "If you are ever curious as to why I left church (or religion) I would be glad to discuss it with you, or give you a copy of the story I wrote about it."
  2. I just came back from reading and responding to the AMERICAN HUMANIST ASSOCIATION weekly report. Let me encourage you to join them and other organizations like AMERICANS UNITED FOR SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE, ACLU, and others who are dedicated to the secular, humanitarian causes.
  3. Is this guy a cult leader? I hope he is not a literal father with children. If he is, or was, since he is now retired, the chances of him being abusive would be very high. I am curious as to how popular his classes were? Somewhere along the way he got a very large dose of conditioning with fear. Very sad!
  4. I agree. With some it is a form of addiction, and simply stopping one may result in another popping up.
  5. Looks like one more authoritarian, fear based religion.
  6. Let us know how that works out. I have thought about doing some volunteer work with them, but would like to hear from some of their customers before making application.
  7. Thanks for your reply. That is basically the conclusion I came too. They seem to barely be hanging on in very conservative Kansas. And it seems the Unitarian Universalist are also struggling. But other than humanitarianism they have no "holy ones."
  8. And a serpent that will lead you astray! Wow! This turned out to be quite an educational thread!
  9. People tend to see and believe what they want to see and believe. Most of us have our "blind spots." LOL, and some have bigger blind spots than others.
  10. My comment was just a spur of the moment thought in passing. Just ignore it. I was thinking concretely about the forum description, and questioned how the coral issue was versus religion. I agree that in today's world it is at times hard to tell what is really important, or true, and what is hype, or "false news."
  11. Like a lot of things in this world, there is more than one way to interpret it.
  12. WELCOME BACK! It's a play on words, but for some of us leaving Christianity was a conversion. I was never "converted" into it. I was born into into it, so I naturally believed it was true from the beginning. And leaving was a conversion to agnosticism.
  13. LOL, that was probably due to predictive text, and I didn't notice it. Yes, I meant SOARED. I remember getting into a hurry when retyping that last part about deciding all religions are simply myths. The computer I used for the original story had crashed and I had lost record of some of the sources I used. Is that what you are talking about?
  14. Also, after reading the Gnostic Gospels about Jesus that the Catholics tried to destroy, I decided he may have existed.
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