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  1. I wrote the above last night and was getting sleepy. Forgot the question part. How to best counter this movement?? I thought about writing my congressmen, but think our conservative guys from Kansas probably back the movement. One of our ex-senators, Sam Brownback, one of Trumps men, appears to be one of them. So, what do you do with a situation like this?
  2. I didn't know where else to put this to get the most attention. If you are interested in the separation of church and state, you need to be aware of this "movement". They are the ones who put on the NATIONAL PRAYER BREAKFAST each year, and are viewed by many, especially some Evangicals, to be God sent. They are very powerful and have the ears of some of the most powerful people in the world. In the name of Jesus, they are out to take the world for God. They are backing Trump and are determined to make the USA a christian nation under God. For an interesting overview of how they got started, the tactics they use, and just how powerful they are, watch the Netflix, 5 part series, THE FAMILY. There is also a book by the same name written by Jeff Sharlet. It is much more detailed than the Netflix series. They are a very shrewd, sly, group, and masters at flying under the radar. They are male, authoritarian oriented, and initation of young men is by invitation only, and remind me of initation into elite fraternities and the Marines. They believe they have been called by God, and are totally committed to their version of "Jesus." They have studied the leadership tactics of powerful people, including Hitler, and say God had used imperfect men through the ages to accomplish his goals. Trump comes to mind. They are to be feared!! Their tactics are very effective.
  3. THIS IS A POWERFUL MOVEMENT THAT NEEDS TO BE WATCHED! (I originally said stopped, but they are too powerful to be stopped) I have watched the 5 parts of the Netflix series on "THE FAMILY", and have finished about half of the book. This is a very sly movement operating all over the world. They are out to take the world for God, through Jesus. But they have a very slanted view of what the story of Jesus was all about. They are being very effective at working with powerful people in the USA at tearing down the wall separating church and state. Some Evangicals have "swallowed their hook, line and sinker," and are using Trump to their advantage. In effect they are sucking money and power to the top in any way they can. They are out to take the world, and to many they appear to be saints from heaven. They are the ones who sponsor the National Prayer Breakfast. The book is interesting, but overly detailed for my liking. For a quick overview, watch the Netflix series.
  4. As a behavioral and social scientist I have mulled over this concept for years. Here is where I am at this time in my life. The words attributed to Jesus, "love your neighbor as yourself", (a.k.a. the Golden Rule, predating him by centuries) is a valid "truth", or philosophy, recognized by ancient thinkers, that is the "salvation" of humanity. Salvation, meaning the maximizing of human wellbeing, not a home in an afterlife. It is found through a balance of concern for self and others. Loving (taking care of) self, and doing what we can to help others do the same. A concern about WE. Not just ME. When we lose that balance, we have problems. Yes, there are times when it comes down to survival of self, but we are social creatures and need each other. We need that balance. For me, that is a valid "spirituality" for today. Comments?
  5. Bhim, if some of your statements fall into certain hands, you might get put on a list as a potential terrorist. I have a relative that that happened to and it caused him some problems.
  6. It also depends on whether the nonprofit takes any government funding. If they do, they can't discriminate. But I understand even that is being contested at this time.
  7. I agree with Fuego. Do everything you can to avoid any further contact with him, and report it if he makes any threats. Continue therapy sessions as long as needed, and HANG IN THERE! Let us know how it goes.
  8. I looked to nature while searching for purpose and meaning. Decided that every living thing strives to grow and live, and has conditions under which they/It grows best. So I decided to make it my purpose to study what makes humans grow and live best, and promote whatever does that. That has worked for me. Actually I started that while still a christian, but later dropped the idea of working for God, and working my way into heaven, and taking everyone I could with me. Afterward I simply did it because I thought it in the best interest of humanity.
  9. I always thought Worf had a lot of common sense!
  10. WELCOME! As I studied my way out of religion I also gained a respect for Buddahism philosophy for living.
  11. The discussion should be moved to the Lions Den as soon as it looks like a debate, and goes past their introduction. If you enjoy the debate, go for it. But when it starts getting circular, or disrespectful, I lose interest, and think it undermines our credibility when we are disrespectful in our replies to them, even if they are trolls. But will admit it is tempting to do so at times! It seems they can't understand that we know their arguments, and they just keep trying. LOL. After all, God is with them!! Sometimes I think the best thing to do when it becomes ridicilous is to just quit responding to them.
  12. LOL, what will we do with all our spare time if we dont have all these round-a-bout arguments with christians?
  13. Quite a mix of people and subjects here. DIVE RIGHT IN!! By the way. If I ever left the USA, Canada is the place I would want to live.
  14. I think I will step off this merry-go-round for a while.
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