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    Curious Agnostic. Humanist. Ex-church of Christ. Retired Clinical Social Worker. The oldest of a group of Enduro motorcycle riders. My deconversion story is in the TESTIMONIALS section, "TRUTH, A GRADUAL AWAKENING".

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  1. Weezer


    This is how I eventually answered the question about purpose. What does every living thing in nature strive to do? Live. (except for humans who sometimes hamper their own health and kill themselves) Join in with mother nature, look at the big picture, and to the best of your ability, help all living things on earth to have the best life possible for the long term. And the first step in this process is like the doctors oath to do your best to do no harm. HA! In my old age I am still working on that first step. And figuring out what is in the best interest of the
  2. I am taking your New Testament advise, and shaking the dust off my feet.
  3. If you want to understand my deconversion, read my testimonial, TRUTH:A GRADUAL AWAKENING. Otherwise our conversation is over.
  4. If I was a betting person, I would bet you have many years left in this world. Don't ruin them with worrying.
  5. You remind me of a politician. Great at diverting the conversation and avoiding the issues. You should apply for a job working for Donald Trump.
  6. I have known a few people who had NDE and afterward they were not afraid of death. And not all had any kind of religion. And it is my understanding that the incidents are "colored" by their culture, and that relatively few see the devil, etc.
  7. What is real, is that according to the Bible, God ordered those people to be slaughtered, and that it was okay to "use" their young women. Is that the god you look up to? Is that the same god who later sent Jesus with a message of love, turn the other cheek, etc? How do you account for the change? Sounds like another ancient myth to me. And an inconsistant one at that.
  8. Were you able to download the one that is there? The later one is basically the same, except for some afterthoughts. It is on a different old computer that currently will not work. I use a tablet to post here. I definitely heard that one. And my brother blamed the "liberal" christian college I attended.
  9. Thank goodness, those whispers gradually faded out for me, and likely will for you also.
  10. It rears it's head occasionally. Just ask my wife! But, for some reason, your God seems to calm me down some!
  11. Weezer


    Out of curiosity, what is the difference between a moderator, and super moderator?
  12. It seems like every day, for ages, I have struggled with my ego. I need to constantly ask myself, "will this help me feel better about myself as a human being?" Also, when dealing with others, "will this help the other person feel good about themself as a human being?" Too often my self centered, sarcastic ego comes through, leaving everyone involved feeling worse.
  13. I see what you mean about the early development. It is very interesting. I didn't mean to imply the Romans invented Christianity. But that they helped catapult it into history.
  14. A lot of help from Constantine and Roman government, supporting some very clever shysters??
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