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    Truth. Humanity.
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    Curious Agnostic. Humanist. Ex-church of Christ. Retired Clinical Social Worker. The oldest of a group of Enduro motorcycle riders. My deconversion story is in the TESTIMONIALS section, "TRUTH, A GRADUAL AWAKENING".

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    My Enduro motorcycle! Seriously, Agnostic.

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As a behavioral/social scientist I decided the words attributed to Jesus,  "love your neighbor as yourself"  (a.k.a. the golden rule)  is the salvation of human society, and that is now my "faith".   Not because it came from "god", but because it is a universal truth, figured out by wise, rational thinking humans thorough the ages looking at the "big picture".  Another universal truth is that the love of money/power/control (greed) is at the root of evil.

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