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  1. You did the best you knew how to do at the time. That's all any of us can do. Perhaps in time they can have pity for those others, instead of disdain.
  2. I don't know know what you mean by a "spirit", but it sounds like a good idea to ignore the old testament. I am reading a book that I highly recommend if you want to see the overall evolution of religions. A LITTLE HISTORY OF RELIGION, by Richard Holloway.
  3. I missed the sense of community with some of the members, but was so fed up with the doctrine, preachers and church politics, I was glad to get away.
  4. Never heard of him.
  5. With your extra long list of interests, i would think you have plenty to give your life meaning. Best wishes!
  6. Well, that went nowhere. Most of the people on there have "drank the kool-aid". But it was a good reminder of how thankful I am for finally seeing through all that stuff.
  7. The last car tag I got had GWK 666 on it. The lady at the tag office said she would exchange it for another, but I told her I thought it was funny and would take it. The next day my wife threatened to divorce me if I didn't take it back and exchange it, so I did. Probably was best. I might have gotten the car sides scratched with a key, or tires deflated, etc. People get crazy about that stuff.
  8. On second thought, since you were driving the old Honda, it may not have symbolized the old religion?? Who knows? Also, the more I think about it, nowdays very few of my dreams seem all that real. It's as if something in the background is seeping through and saying this is not real. And HA! I just remembered that I conditioned myself that way decades ago when having bad dreams. You can do that by telling yourself every night before going to sleep what you would like to accomplish in your dreams. Repeat it for several nights in a row if necessary. Write it on a piece of paper
  9. Dreams are very interesting. It is strange that growing up in religion I don't recall ever having religious dreams. I have studied dream interpretation and dabbled in it, but like you said, it is hard to pin down. They often are very symbolic and sometimes the symbols are not obvious. A guy I knew was contemplating having an affair and he dreamed he was watching some cars driving down a highway in a very wreckless manner. He woke himself up hollering, "somebody's gonna get hurt!" When I asked him if anyone he knew might get hurt in some way, he paused, grinned, and said, "yes, my wife
  10. WELCOME FLUFFY! A book you might enjoy is A LITTLE HISTORY OF RELIGION. It is a cleaver, easy to read, rational look at how religions and gods came to be. It is obvious the author, Richard Holloway, sees the big picture. HANG IN there!
  11. OMG, you blew our cover!
  12. Welcome! I also wrestled with meaning and purpose, but always saw nature as fascinating and was able to take lessons from "her". Promoting life in general, and well-being for humans (including self as well as others) filled the gap. I do miss the community found at church, but the inner peace is sufficent. I recently started a book you might find interesting. It is written very cleverly and is a rational look at religion. A LITTLE HISTORY OF RELIGION, by Richard Holloway. $10.99 E-edition on Amazon, and $15 paperback.
  13. It is good to hear you are okay. keep us posted, and let us know if you want more information or encouragement.
  14. And for parents, one question is, "where did we go wrong".
  15. But pointing that out to your parents could take some of the heat off you for "ruining" the marriage.
  16. But doesn't her religion say the only scriptural divorce is for adultry? And if you haven't committed adultry, she has no scriptural reason for divorce. That would be her "bad", not yours. How could that be God's will?
  17. I can see that. But most of the ones I knew were more "liberal" christians. An interesting tid bit. An uncle of mine was a sociology professor at Texas Christian University, but after he retired it was discovered that in his latter years he had decided he was agnostic, but kept quiet until after retirement.
  18. Like the professor, I think there is something beneath the surface there. Can you get her to postpone proceedings until you can both go to a marriage counselor or therapist? One that is not a conservative "christian". Maybe things can be patched up. Or at least get some professional advice on how to handle the situation. If you proceed with divorce It would NOT BE GOOD to "break down" when talking to your parents. They would likely double down with the quilt, and pleas for you to return to the fold. And they definitely need to know it is her idea to divorce. And from my understanding o
  19. There is a strange coincidence here. Jadr and Jean1wilson (Got Questions) are the same age and have very similar stories, and neither have replied to our replies. See my post above.
  20. I don't know where you saw that, but in my 35 years of experience I never saw any Psychologist or Sociologist in the USA that held those views.
  21. Have you ever considered the significance of dropping the threat of genocide, and adding the fear of eternal punishment in an afterlife? (If there is any significance there) This just occurred to me a few days ago.
  22. Yep! Beneath the veneer of love, it's a religion based on fear.
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