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    14 years

    I've been here couple of years. Hung around the ex-church of Christ site for a while, but as one person said, a lot of them had left the Church building, but not the parking lot.
  2. Just curious. Do Calvinist claim to know who has been "elected"?
  3. Be sure to keep taking your medication.
  4. WELCOME! Be sure to cruise by the TESTIMONIAL section.
  5. This was probably said above ( I'm to lazy to read it all ) but If there is a more intelligent being, or creator, where did he/she/it come from? And if it has always existed, perhaps everything has always existed in some form or another. Have fun figuring it out!
  6. I can identify with what you are going through, and may face some of the same this year. Try to stay as far away from the subject of religion as possible. BEST WISHES!
  7. I know what you mean. But I finally realized there is a lot in life we will never know, and nothing is totally guaranteed, HA! except taxes and death. I'll just live life the best I know how, try not to hurt anyone along the way, and take whatever comes at the end. LOL, If there is a life after this one, I'll do my best to come back and tell everyone! Anyone care to make any bets about me coming back? (excuse me for being in a funky mood tonight) Heck, why am I asking anyone to excuse me? I'M IN A FUNKY MOOD TONIGHT!
  8. I wanted to believe in God. That is one reason it took so long to completely leave religion.
  9. In a nut shell, I believe they highly influnced what christianity is today. If Jesus actually existed, it probably is very little like what he had in mind.
  10. You got that right! But actually they realized that if one group got to express their views, they would have to open it up to everybody. And they dang sure didn't want the Catholics coming in.
  11. I was at that point about 3/4 way through my spiritual journey. Keep on traveling with an open mind and you will likely come to where most of us are. Read our testimonials in the TESTIMONY section. I will "toot my own horn." Mine is called, TRUTH: A GRADUAL AWAKENING, and basically goes step by step from fundamentalism to agnosticism. I wasn't mad at the church, or God. Some things just didn't add up, so I started an off and on decades long search. WELCOME!
  12. Geezer, I may have told you before, but if I didn't, I'll say it again. I like your postscript, John 8: 32.
  13. Weezer


    HA! I didn't notice those until your post. Fantasies can be very interesting.
  14. My sister just gave me a book copyrighted in 2006 named, "FIGHTING WORDS: A tool kit for combating the religious right", by Robin Morgan. I haven't finished it, but had also read Thomas Jefferson's views on Christianity and government, and to me it is so clear that the early father's were very careful to keep church and state separated. But it was a fight to do so. I was very lucky that my parents and grandparents were for separation. HA! Being members of the CofC, and my mother a school teacher, they fought against the Baptist coming in and teaching Bible lessons at the one room school where she taught. That was a hot issue back in the day.
  15. Most of the churches I was associated with were considered mainstream, to liberal, and overall I never saw them as really toxic. Occasionally we had some toxic preachers, but they usually didn't last very long. They were often the "anties" whom we considered "uninformed." The thing I came to see as very toxic was the "age of accountability" (generally 10 to 12 years of age) concept, with the threat of Hell if you didn't get baptised. There is no way kids that age can sort through the whole convoluted process. And it is difficult for grownups who have been sheltered from, and threatened with Hell for critical thinking. So in that way, for some people, I guess it could be considered toxic. This is kind of a side issue, but definitely related. Something I see as extremely dangerous is the downplaying of higher education and critical thinking in the USA, and religions getting their foot in the door of government. The two go hand in hand. I recently started supporting separation of church and state movements.
  16. HA! I will say AMEN! To that. Once I made the leap, I have never been sorry.
  17. I was born into a long line of "CofCers" on both sides of my family, but was fortunate to have a grandfather that didn't buy into all their quirky doctrine, and said that everyone had to work out their own salvation----and I eventually did, but in a way he probably never realized I would go, or as far as I would go. And the salvation I found was certainly not what he had in mind. I am thankful for his curious, critical thinking, and encouragement to study things for myself. The long story of my spiritual journey, "TRUTH: A GRADUAL AWAKENING......." is in the TESTIMONIAL section. I think you will find it helpful and validates most of what you are going through. My "journey" took me through two "Christian" colleges, and through 20 years of working for two CofC affiliated Children's and Family service agencies, commonly called Children's Homes. It took me much longer to find my way out, than it has you. CONGRATULATIONS!
  18. Weezer


    And it would be cool to see the expression on Church of Christ members faces when they saw that Baptist, Methodists, and other denominations were there.
  19. I would only change one word in that statement. You WILL be very grateful. At least I have been, and more so as the years go by. At 78 years of age I no longer fear death. Like you, I have always been very curious, and more than once lately it has occured to me that maybe my curosity about life after death wil be answered. HA! If there is consciousness! But either way, the fear is gone. I think the final straw for me with de-conversion was when it occurred to me that my faith in Christianity was determined by being born into it, and conditioned into it. If I had been born in a Muslim country, into a devout Muslim family, I would have believed that was the truth. Or whatever I had been conditioned into. That is when it became so clear to me that religion was fabricated by mankind.
  20. (Tongue in cheek) It is my understanding from a learned preacher, from long ago, that the original word for sin meant to, "miss the mark." So if you are target practicing, be darn sure to hit the bulls eye, or you may go to Hell.
  21. That is the same conclusion I came to after over 30 years of contemplating the issues!! The people who compiled the bible were masters at instilling fear and guilt. And as someone (I forgot who it was) mentioned above, I am much more at peace with myself after becoming a non-believer.
  22. Another thought. If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the intellectual arguments, perhaps you need to "back off" for a period of time, do what you need to do to get the anxiety down so you can think rationally, and then proceed. Believe me, many of us understand the confusion and anxiety can be overwhelming.
  23. I don't know how to do a link, so Google "Recovering from Religion". They have a "peer support line", and the number is, 1.844.368.2848. They can also make referrals to support groups and therapists. HANG IN THERE!
  24. I VERY MUCH agree with that advise. It occurred to me years ago that non of the world's Gods have direct contact with people today. It is rather ironic that if they are such "loving" fathers/parents, and could do anything they wanted to do, they let humans do all their work for them. And the humans following these different gods, each believe their God is the true God. And some even kill people for not believing the way they do. Like Christian's did in the middle ages, and some Muslims do today. To me, the logical explanation is that God is whatever each person believes him/her to be. And what each group decides. In early Christianity they argued about the trinity. Some didn't believe Jesus was divine. But a faction of the early church eventually gained enough power to force their views on the followers, even killing those who did not agree. The logical conclusion I saw, was that mankind creates these gods, and conditions people through fear to believe they are gods spokesmen, and that their God is real. But they CAN'T ALL BE CORRECT. And none of them can be scientifically proven. It all has to be by faith. So your faith is in whatever you are conditioned to believe. I hope this helps.
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