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  1. It is sad that you have had such bad relationships in life. But it doesn't have to be that way. Respectful, consistant, long term relationships are still the best way to perpetuate the human race. If people would put as much thought and research into how to achieve that, as they do on how to get rich and find the next temporary thrill, the world would be a much better place. And when it comes to sex, in my experience, foreplay and a climax is great---while it lasts, but a genuine, almost spiritual experience that leaves you feeling "connected" to your mate after you leave the be
  2. Looks like Chris has taken a few days off.
  3. Just a few minutes ago I saw a report that both have now disappeared. The one in Romania was a fairy crude version, and the installation was sloppy. Probably done in a hurry.
  4. You may may already be aware of this, but from what I remember of your description of your childhood, I thought you might need to hear this. There is more to a genuine relationship than sex. Good sex can help facilitate the relationship, but don't confuse the feeling you get from good sex with the kind of "love", common interests, aspirations, respect, care and committment, that makes for healthy relationships. The reason I am saying this is because young people at times get sexually involved guickly, and get carried away with the feeling, thinking it is genuine "love", when it
  5. Are you looking for a healthy long term relationship? Or just to screw someone?
  6. Not exactly what I recommend if you are looking for a long term relationship.
  7. Hang with me while I do some mulling. Hadn't thought on this subject for a while. I "wrestled" with it for years, and before leaving the faith I searched for a "healty" alternative, attending more liberal denominations, and even a Unitarian Universalist church for a while, and took a brief look at Buddahism. But the combination of a logical brain and "red neck" individualism didn't fit in anywhere. My logical brain couldn't accept the superstition and delusion of traditional christianity. As a clinical social worker I worked in and with several faith based organizations, inc
  8. Ha! I haven't dated in over 53 years, so will let someone else answer this one. Good luck!
  9. That seems to happen a lot when open minded people read the bible. WELCOME!
  10. I am also one of the select. But what I see is different than what you see. So, how do we prove which one is correct?
  11. A few years ago I heard it explained like this. There are degrees of delusion --- a fuzzy line between superstition and delusion. Belief in religion for most people is superstition. They believe it because that is what most people around them believe, and their overall thought processes are "normal". It becomes delusion when the view is substantially different than what the majority believe, and is rigidly held with no room for discussion.
  12. Hey, we gotta keep corporate America happy and wealthy!
  13. Depends on which sect of heathenism you are talking about.
  14. Are you sure the devil didn't make you do it?
  15. Hmmmm. I guess there is worse than Donald Trump.
  16. Hard core Mennonite thinking. And I think the best response to your "demands" is no response. I am not a moderator, but I am out of here. Hope you had a good day.
  17. Are you delusional? Or just playing games? I am ex-church of Christ (and Mennonite for a couple of years), and especially after reading your post about the soldier and Mennonite, am confused about your sincerity. The absolute "demands" to the moderators is not in tune with Mennonite (or christian) thinking. So I am thinking you must be delusional.
  18. Weezer


    I decided in my experience that people are people. But Christians seem to be more secretive about their "dark side".
  19. This may not be interesting unless you are a back country explorer like me, but the mystery has been solved. On closer inspection they found evidence of saw marks in the rock. Someone went to great pains to insert a 12 ft tall stainless steel triangular "pole" in the rock. Large enough for a person to sit on top of it. And from satellite images they can tell it was put there in late 2015 or early 2016. Dang! I was hoping it would be alien. Strange coincidence. In 2014 I was 1/4 mile from the site when crossing the desert in my Jeep on the east side of Canyon Lands National park. Gett
  20. Weezer


    You got that right. I can't speak for anyone else, but have done some pretty stupid things in my life. I cringe when think my family and friends would find out. And I never drank or did drugs, so can't blame it on "using".
  21. Well, he is certainly not a Jesus freak kind of christian! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
  22. Some people think the metal "monolith" found in remote southern Utah recently is of alien orgin. It is going to be interesting to see what is decided about it. It appears to be imbedded in rock, but no sign of drilling and being cemented in place.
  23. Weezer


    Trust your own judgement!
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