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  1. I would say I believed at that time that God's love was so deep, because I felt loved. Many things turned entirely around for me when I became a Christian. I eventually stopped believing in Christian theology, in short, due to my experiences as a hospice nurse. I came to realize that a god of love could never be that narrow minded and send a person to hell for their beliefs. Eventually I left Christianity altogether.
  2. I've been away from church for about 6 years. I work as an ICU nurse. I was a very serious Christian and as far as morality, I was way more moral. My standards of integrity are much higher I find unfortunately than a lot of people I encounter. Many lie, only care about themselves, dont spend time with their children, and have unhappy marriages. When I was a Christian not all but most of my friends that were serious Christians had an underlying resilience in them, and a drive to please God that made them have more integrity than most. Before you mention the fear of he'll being the driving force. I always believed gods love was way deeper than this and that my trying to please God should come from a place of reciprocating love, not fear. Just like a positive relationship with a parent or spouse we please them because we love them not because if fear.
  3. I am still fearful that non Christians will be a bad influence on me if I hang around them. Most of them don't seem as happy about family life and seem less connected with the people around them.
  4. Why does there seem to be a lot more turmoil after becoming an atheist? My whole household keeps fighting. I feel much more angry inside than I did. I feel less forgiving and less caring.
  5. Learnagain


    Thank you for your thorough response. It's sounds like I'm heading in the right direction. I used to think the fear was normal, like it kept me humble and my nose to the grind stone. Now I'm realizing how much of a hindrance it is as I get older and the energy to bear it dwindles. It is so unproductive and works against us. Like you touched on, fears should warn us about real things, but they get out of wack and become irrational when we become hyperfocused on unrealist fears. Thank you for your insight.
  6. Learnagain


    I have recently decided to start my nurse practitioner degree, and as I have gotten really excited I feel a sense of dread come over me. This dread ends up making me fear any enjoyment and even for my children's life (like god giving them an illness or something), and fear that if God is there he may allow bad things to happen to my family because I am pursuing financial gain. I know it sounds very strange, but as I grew up as a kid I learned to fear enjoyment because it seemed something bad always happened during those times. I learned to be very critical of myself. I know this is irrational, but it surprised me today. I am both agnostic and borderline atheist. I think the fear comes from several traumatic experiences I had when I was a kid.
  7. I agree with you about this site, but does this mean that this is the majority here on this site?
  8. That's good some non believers don't follow the herd the heard, because most do and stop thinking.
  9. This is like saying shouldn't we listen to pastors cause after all its their specialty? When we both know they don't know everything and there are good and bad Dr's. So why do you worship them. I work with drs every day
  10. Thanks for your response. I don think any person is worthless ever. I love people even before leaving christianity. It's not dogma that made me leave but not enough love. So while I love a transgender person and definitely do not descriminate against anyone, I struggle to ever call it normal and not needing treatment. I think to solve real problems we need to be doers not just talkers in Ivory towers. I am very passionate about helping people, but not enabling. Also I don't find a need to ascribe to a certain political stance either. I was radical about love. It is human nature to help each other if is see my brother suffering and he doesn't know why, I am going to share possible solutions even though I may be wrong, just like about my body else.
  11. I'm not arrogantly saying I think therefore it is. And where is this elusive research youre talking about? Assuming that I have attempted to find evidence, which I have. I have a bachelor's in science and I am an RN. I said I saw a couselor, I was open to hearing his opinion and then he basically said he does want to talk, I was asked 9 questions and offered drugs to alter my brain chemistry, why is gender dysmorphia starting to become normalized, and not considered a mental illness? I'm very curious about this. Point me to a peer reviewed study. Point me to the evidence that the brain chemistry is male but the person is born female? Actual tests not the thoughts of am person, because then you should listen to me about religion based on my experience. It's funny when I ask questions, but not ones that match current sociological and political trends I am being opinionated. I love science now please show me evidence that I'm wrong. Me saying "I think" is a polite way of saying challenge me because I do research. Thanks for your response.
  12. I will attempt to articulate this question I'm having. It has to do with morality. Much of what the secular world deems moral I still don't agree with even without God. For example I think abortion is psychologically damaging and know several women who are messed up from it. I think transgender is a mental illness, and I am deeply distressed about how we are dealing with it normalizing it and causing overall long-term psychological harm. I don't think psyche meds are the most effective method for dealing with things. I hate that I spoke with a counselor and with 9 questions he wanted to change my brain chemistry for depression, and yet transgender are no longer treated like a mental illness when there is no physiological proof this is true just thoughts. I'm afraid that the fruit of my leavig God will end up making me overly liberal, and ignorant of real issues that affect people. Ive always loved people but hate seeing them suffer. If they don't consider mental illness as a potential cause how do they know it's not the case?
  13. Learnagain


    I continued to believe for a long time because jesus said in this world you will have trouble, but take heart I have overcome the world. I have read the bible many times. I welcomed suffering because the bible says when we suffer we are blessed. When we are persecuted we are blessed. That is the psychology behind it. Joyce Meyers was always a false prosperity preacher to me. Out of touch with reality. There are real sincere christians out there who really want to know god. Not control or take advantage of people. I just think it doesn't pan out like you mentioned the sufreeing just for character building doesn't make sense.
  14. Learnagain


    Agreed thank you for your help!!
  15. Learnagain


    Thank you for you input I really appreciate it.
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