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  1. I'm not able to post in the sex section so I wanted to post this. How did you ever come to terms with accepting masturbation being ex-Christian? I was raised to believe it was a mortal sin and it seems other churches have a kinder view towards it. I never thought of it as selfish, it keeps me from getting someone pregnant or getting an STD. It's healthy to have sexual releases.
  2. I find most of the Christian music to be awful even the Catholic ones. The Orthodox Church always has that ancient feel to it with their music.
  3. I have studied other religions including the other Abrahamic religions (Judaism and Islam) as well as Buddhism. Ironically, it was my experiences at a Catholic fundamentalist college and arguments with Fundamentalist Evangelicals is what got to me to research other religions. I go to Mass in body, but mind I'm not there. I followed Wicca for a while, but started to get into the Law of Attraction as I find that philosophy much more self-empowering and helped me with life more than Mass ever did. I've been doing that for about a year now.
  4. Hi, it's been a while since I posted. I came back to this forum because I wanted to. There was something that came into my mind. Do you think Jesus would honestly recognize his own church today? I don't think he would. He would see good things in all of the churches, but wonder why there are so many denominations. He might see the Catholic Church as being the church Peter was meant to run, but would probably drive out all of the child molesters in that place and see how the Church was used in War time. He might see the Evangelical Fundamentalists as worshiping him but would also be
  5. Having gone back to school for graduate studies, I've been having nightmares of a fundamentalist Catholic college I went to in my first semester. It was very cultist and people were doing a lot of weird shit. My nightmares involve me leaving the place and as soon as I get home, I wake up. This was back towards the end of 2002 and I left in the beginning of 2003 after having a breakdown. I am at a Jesuit College now, so they're pretty much to the left of this place, I'm going because they have a good reputation with their MBA programs. Has anyone ever been at a fundament
  6. How does the end times compare to the carrot on a stick or hamster wheel?
  7. No, I just looked up sites for people who weren't Christian anymore. The fundamentalists pretty much love to rag on non-fundamentalist Christians (especially Catholics) and thought Islam was Devil Worship. The depressing ones pretty much think every decade is the End Times and hides behind Bible verses to justify their views.
  8. Sometimes the sadness comes and sometimes it doesn't. I've been very sad about comic books and the pissing contest going on with comic book films with the media (specifically film and comic book fandom media groups). The fans are only hurting themselves and giving into fanrage. Just try to do something to forget about is all I can say.
  9. The afterlives of the other religions are intriguing to say the least. If there was a Hell, it probably would resemble Dante's from the Inferno.
  10. ContraBardus Best Chick Tract Spoof ever!
  11. Fuego, that's the best explanation to my question, thanks!
  12. There is a common theme I see among right wing Christians in America and something I see with symbols. I was on the website, The Vigiliant Citizen, which discusses that celebrities and elitist wealthy people use symbols and paganism to advance agendas. The examples go from politics to religion and famous people are essentially enslaved to doing hazing rituals and weird shit to get ahead in the world. Those who don't do it don't go far. Several celebrities have broken down and the Weinstein scandal was the tip of the iceberg. There are now stories of people being accused of sexual harassment an
  13. I think the worst experiences are being at retreats where people praise Jesus. Being Catholic, I've been to a few retreats with the Evangelical music playing along side a Euchraistic Adoration time where the Wafer in a cross is passed around. People faint and then speak in tongues. All I ever got out of it was very sad and in tears the whole time. This was at one retreat 20 years ago in June and later a retreat at Franciscan University at Steubenville in 1999. I tried going to Catholic Men Conference's and don't really go to them anymore. Some of these people actually talk about st
  14. It's pretty much why that comic was removed from stores.
  15. I do see there are groups of KJV-only adherents, I guess it's like the Pius X Society. Thanks to all the posters who responded!
  16. I don't know what the views on psychic mediums are here, but some of them from I see of them claim to follow God or use prayer candles. It seems prophecy and divination is a thing in some of the faiths where some condemn divination while others praise it.
  17. I've been doing meditation since November 2017 and have been taking classes on it. I found I do much better under pressure as well as with grad school now.
  18. There was actually a story that happened here in Western New York back in 2009 in regards to Islam where a Muslim man beheaded his wife at the TV station he made after fighting with her and a lot of stuff going on.
  19. There was another tract I remember that was just bad to read and I wanted to punch someone in the face after reading it. It was one where an old missionary couple were doing missions in Africa for decades and were taking a flight home along with a recently paroled criminal sitting next to them on the plane. The couple believed in works to be saved while the criminal just said specific words to accept Jesus. The plane crashes into the sea and everyone dies. The criminal gets to go to heaven while the missionary couple gets chastised by the faceless God and sent to Hell all because they didn't s
  20. The hardest part for me was realizing the church doesn't always have the answers so I had to look for them in different ways.
  21. I have noticed watching some videos about the Law of Attraction and Esther Hicks on Youtube where some Christians proclaim that the King James Version is the only correct version of the Bible. For those who used to believe it, what made the King James version the only real version? I never really got that. Was it because it translated to proper English at that time or just because it's the Bible that best fits their views?
  22. It's mostly to do with the Christians and Catholics who claim to follow Christ, but use their faith on the other faiths.
  23. The Orthodox Church thinks the Catholic are the real heretics, it makes you wonder, would Jesus honestly recognize his church today?
  24. I remember hearing this one got banned after some outcry.
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