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  1. llllll

    Int 2nd part

    I am just putting on a facade to become a Christian.
  2. llllll

    Int 2nd part

    In fact, I never bought into Christianity at all. I was a Buddhist all along.
  3. llllll


    I am born in a Buddhist family. However, I became a Christian last year because I can't chant Buddhist mantras.
  4. llllll

    Timing of telling family and friends

    In fact I dare not to come out as a non Christian because I am very scared that my sister will react very badly.
  5. llllll

    Timing of telling family and friends

    For me, not being a Christian is not a question.
  6. llllll

    How do you leave the church?

    Hi, May I ask those people living in Singapore on this website, how do you leave the Christian church? And finally, is it difficult to leave the church? Thanks