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  1. Hi @Kittenswonderment WELCOME! Sorry to hear of your struggles but glad you found this site! And glad you are living a full life now! I am also new to the forum and newly ex-christian...and everyone has been soooo welcoming! I'm sure you'll feel right at home here! Hope you have a terrific day!!!!
  2. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Thank you (my ex-christian peeps) for your support and encouragement, kind words & for sticking up for me, my thoughts & feelings! Thankfully, there is an "ignore user" option on this forum. Hate to use it, but I'm not here to argue.
  3. hahaha love it. I'm going to go "study the word" right now!
  4. Exactly!! And being in the south, there is a church on every corner just like you said!!
  5. @Survivor So sorry you have had such a difficult life... and continue to have struggles. I found this site recently too & it has been very helpful for me. I see it as a refuge as I don't really have any one to talk to either. All of my family is Christian & most of my friends. So far, I have found that everyone on here is so nice & welcoming & non-judgmental. Everyone has been very supportive & has lots of great advice to share. I hope you continue to share & see what a great forum this is!!
  6. I agree - somewhat. haha. Being a pastor's wife for many years, I would have to say that we were NEVER rich. We barely survived. My ex-husband (the minister) never made more than $20-25k from any of the churches he worked at. He had to supplement with a 2nd job in order for us to be able to pay our bills & support our family. The ministry job was basically just PT even though it took up most of our lives. So he worked a typical FT job during the week and then worked at the church all day Sunday & Wednesday nights and any other day/night the church was having a function. Not to
  7. No theories on anything just yet.... and I kinda like it that way. lol. Newly deconverted & sorting through everything! Stay tuned
  8. @Deathportal365 Oh no worries at all - but thank you for the condolences also! And yes, I have heard that quite a bit. "She is healed now. She is no longer suffering." I was brought up to believe that we give god the glory in ALL situations. So no matter if something good happens (healing) or something bad (death)... we praise god and thank him for his goodness and faithfulness and mercy, etc etc. Now that I am no longer a Christian, I look back and think that makes no sense at all. Why am I thanking him for his mercy when he was clearly unmerciful with regards to my sister. She wa
  9. @theanticrash "all without religion"... exactly! Thanks for sharing your ideas on life/death. Very interesting! I have never heard of "bliss" before... @1989 I've often thought the same thing. Why am I praying if he already knows what I want and he has already decided the outcome? Seems pointless. And like you said, is it to make us humble - having to ASK for everything? Eh, no thanks. I'm good.
  10. @Deathportal365 So sorry about your best friend and his sister... that is so terrible. I am so very sorry for your loss. ... "it wasn't any more of an ultimate sacrifice than anyone else's". Never thought of it that way! Thank you for that insight!
  11. Hi @Jeff thanks for the welcome!! Everyone has been so very nice... I am so grateful! After 39yrs in Christianity, I really have very few non-Christian friends. So its nice to have a place to go to & people to talk to!
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