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    Exploring the mysteries of life
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    I am a theology graduate, ex-worship director turned agnostic.

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    I’m open minded but not convinced by anything yet

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  1. Kittenswonderment

    Hello from an ex-worship director

    I love the quote in your signature! Thank you for being so welcoming.
  2. Kittenswonderment

    From Christian to Messianic to ????

    Hello! I’m from New Zealand too! It’s so hard to deprogram all of the crap from your brain isn’t it! You spend so long being beaten into shape and beating yourself into shape that it’s weird when you don’t have to anymore. Hard to know what to do with the freedom!
  3. Kittenswonderment

    Hello from an ex-worship director

    Hello My name is Suzie. I was a worship director in a little baptist church in New Zealand, went to bible college, married a nice Christian boy, gave my entire life to God. Got fired as worship director because I didn’t want to force volunteers to practise too much. Had no chance to explain myself or talk about ways forward the pastor just decided to kick me out and tell the congregation I had decided to step down. Decided to leave the church but still kept my faith for a wihile. Eventually all the little things added up and I decided to try living for a day without God to see if it was any different.... it wasn’t. So I gave up trying to please a hateful God, left my abusive husband, came out as a flaming lesbian, moved out of town and here I am! It’s been horrible and heartbreaking I would never go back. I’m hoping to meet some nice like minded people here. It’s a tough world on your own. <3