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  1. I should have said - Agnostic Atheist. Wikipedia defines it as - Agnostic atheism is a philosophical position that encompasses both atheism and agnosticism. Agnostic atheists are atheistic because they do not hold a belief in the existence of any deity and agnostic because they claim that the existence of a deity is either unknowable in principle or currently unknown in fact.
  2. Agnosticism would be the safest bet. A position which claims that we dont really know for sure and hence we are open to new ideas and expanding our realms. Theism and Atheism on the other hand lock you down with not much scope of evolving when you have a hard set of beliefs.
  3. Curious case of Benjamin Button On another note, another fundie, another tither, secured. Another childhood wasted.
  4. Oh well....they will say - she has evil on her mind. Unless she accepts the savior
  5. I read somewhere that when you are experiencing a NDE, your breathing is inconsistent and this leads to less supply of oxygen to your system. This can cause effects similar to hallucinations. Couple this with the fear instilled in you by your religious upbringing and you thinking about your god in that sense will give a heady mix. So a Jeebus 'lover' will have visions of Jeebus (I bet these visions would be a long haired, bearded, caucasian Jeebus even if Jeebus wasnt probably like this if he existed at all). A hindu might similarly have a vision of a hindu god, etc. A buddhist might see visions of Buddha. Basically it is simply your mind (or whatever is left of it) during your NDE that causes you to see these visions based on your thoughts while you are dying. I may be wrong. But this makes sense to me unless proven otherwise.
  6. Yes, I agree. It means different things to different people. Also, as someone else said - Good and Bad are human notions. They virtually mean nothing. But again, when you personally commit something wrong (again, 'wrong' is a wrong term here)...and I should say - when you commit something AGAINST your conscience, I think, it may be termed as a negative karma. When you do something 'right' (or something that aligns with your conscience) it might still be a negative karma IF done with an idea of expecting something good out of it. So basically, any act of selfishness could be bad karma. Any act of selflessness will be good karma. My understanding after reading eastern philosophy is - at the time of death, if you have bad karma (your mind/consciousness regretting something, or expecting something, or longing for something), then your consciousness will reincarnate to experience those things in the next life. But when you genuinely act selflessly, then you do not expect anything or regret anything. So your mind/soul will be clear without any longings at the time of death and you will be liberated with no next life!
  7. The concept of Karma most probably originates in the Eastern philosophies. These philosophies also adhere to the concept of reincarnation. I will probably get a lot of flak on this website for this. But the concept of karma jives with the concept of reincarnation. Like LogicalFallacy rightly said - a 4 year old dying of cancer hardly makes any sense since it has not lived much to create a karma that deserves a painful death due to cancer. This is where the theory of reincarnation may come into play. One could now say that the past lives of that 'consciousness, soul, or whatever' registers positive and negative events and undergoes situations in the present life. This cycle goes on until all negative karmas are nullified and the soul is liberated. Now you will ask me if there is any proof for this happening. I don't have any proof. I read this in the eastern scriptures. I also read similar ideas that were prevalent in ancient Africa and native America. Also, Greeks like Plato, Socrates, were knowledgeable about this. Infact, reincarnation was well accepted until Christianity came along and deemed it heretic (because there would be no eternal heaven or hell and need for salvation through Jeebus if reincarnation was present). Agreed, these are all old scriptures and theories. But for giggles you can go through the works of Dr Ian Stevenson, Dr James Tucker from University of Virginia and see if that opens your mind to this theory. Another possibility is the theory suggested by Dr Michael Newton and others who hypnotized people and studied thousands of cases that said that the 'soul' selects these lives in order to learn. Harder the life, harder are the lessons learnt and closer you are to 'liberation'. I am an agnostic. As in, I do not believe in the god of xianity or any religion. Basically, I hold the view that god is not something that interferes in my life. Out of the four theories - eternal hell/heaven (Abrahamic religions), turning to nothing after death (most atheists), theories of Michael Newton and et al (I like to call it New Age), and karma and reincarnation (Eastern philosophies) - I personally think the last three make sense; with the last two making more sense that the 'turning to nothing'.
  8. How did the therapy session go?
  9. RealityCheck, I am sorry for your loss. I remember when my father had a stroke. He was in India and I was here in the US. I took an emergency vacation that my manager was gracious enough to grant. Told my manager I wasn't sure when I would be back. I spent every night of two weeks at the hospital where my dad was. He was the strongest person (mentally, emotionally, with a never-give up attitude) that I knew. And here he was now, like a baby, who couldn't talk or move or even recognize anyone. It broke me and was a tough time. I kept hoping that he would recover at least partially. But that never happened.I don't remember praying...or maybe I did. But it did not work. And I am ok with it. I just have memories now. And regrets that he could have spent more time with us when I was growing up. Instead he immersed himself in work. Maybe it was his way of coping with the other mental illnesses we had going on in our family. Anyways I am digressing now. You will never be able to see your father again. All you will have is memories. And with time you will heal and make the best of the life you have. Hugs to you.
  10. And I would assume a part of that money is pumped into third world countries for nefarious acts of covert conversions by missionaries. These missionaries think they do god's work, but they do not realize (or they do) that they are very much effective in wiping out cultures indigeneous to the other lands as also dividing the communities along religious lines. That is what is happening in India. Literally billions of dollars are pumped into India and neighbouring countries from the churches in US and Europe. The poor in these countries are tempted to have a better life and education and medical services ONLY if they accept Jeebus. Kids from such families are brainwashed so that they go against the family culture. If a handful of households accept this offer from a village, these households eventually turn against the rest of the village. Such things breed animosity and divide the previously peacefully existing community. Helping the poor is good. But helping the poor in return of their allegiance to a foreign concept and witholding help unless this Jeebus demand is met is not good. Andy West (an ex British journalist and present TV entertainer) came under heavy backlash couple days ago when he tweeted that prayers were not required for the people killed in the Easter bomb blasts in Sri Lanka. He said first of all prayers dont work. And then he said, while working as a journalist, he first hand saw Buddhist orphans that lost their parents in the Asian tsunami, were offered help (food, shelter) by western missionaries only if they loved Jeebus in return. He said instead of sending prayers, the world would be better if western religion was not forced upon the local religions which disrupted the existing communities.
  11. So MOHO....Is tithing a fundy trait? What are other fundy characteristics?
  12. I was not in exactly the same position; but pretty close. I appreciate the views of TABA above; but I have to disagree on one bit - No amount of being a model person to prove that you are a decent human being will help. This will make her wonder that there are good people out there who do not profess the same faith as hers. But it will not make her liberal in her views. She will be confused as to how her god can send such nice people to hell. But this will not be enough for her to snap out of it. When I asked my deluded chick as to what would happen to my family (non xtians) after they die, she said that she didnt know. But she was confident that she will be going to heaven! No amount of you trying to pry her out of her delusion will help. This has to come from within her. Any external stimuli will more likely result in her wrapping herself more tightly under her cocoon. It might be possible if you had loads of time together. But unfortunately the dating situation doesn't give you much time for that and eventually you have to set a timeline. Granted, she might be a different individual and perhaps will crack open easily under your sustained efforts. I, unfortunately, wasn't able to get through to my deluded chick.
  13. True. But when the German boy snuck food from the formal dinner table for the Jewish boy, he wasn't aware what fate awaited the Jewish boy. If you remember, his older sister was openly pro-Hitler and anti-Jewish (although it is not sure if she knew what fate awaited the people in the camps). But with her attitude it would be safe to say she wouldn't have befriended anyone from the camps. The reason for bringing this up is I kinda find it hard to understand, the more I study the religion, as to how a devout xtian would even want to be and maintain friendships with non believers when their doctrine teaches them that the non believers would be in eternal torment!
  14. That is Hinduism....where they say everyone is born pure and divine!
  15. I have been thinking about this movie - The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Have you seen this movie? If you have, here is a question for you - Before they met, if the German kid knew who the Jew kid was and what fate awaited the Jew kid; would the German kid still befriend and maintain a friendship with the Jew kid?
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