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  1. I have been thinking about this movie - The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Have you seen this movie? If you have, here is a question for you - Before they met, if the German kid knew who the Jew kid was and what fate awaited the Jew kid; would the German kid still befriend and maintain a friendship with the Jew kid?
  2. A brainless clone? Many xtians going about....should be pretty easy to get hold of someone.
  3. I found another interesting blog that made for a good read. http://robertmascharan.blogspot.com/2012/02/yhwh-decoding-his-origins-shocking.html I am not a christian...so I am not well versed with the Semitic mythology. But all you ex-bible-folks out there might find it fun to read.
  4. Check out the link that I posted under - Semitic god from an eastern perspective - in the 'Ex-christian spirituality' section of the forums.
  5. I hope so. Guess once his home situation becomes better he will regain his sanity.
  6. I work with a colleague at an engineering firm. He is a German guy, about 38 years old, and very technically proficient and smart. I have known him as a work mate for close to five years now and he is ever a fun guy. He is married with 4 kids. Obviously he married pretty young since his oldest must be an early teen. We chatted a lot about many things and one day he mentioned about some difficulties in his marriage, that his wife was being difficult. These talks went on for quite a few months after and eventually he cheated on his wife with someone on a work-trip. He realized he made a dick move and he confided in me. I chastised him but kept it to myself, as did he. Then one fine day his wife found out and all hell broke loose. I tried to offer solace and asked him to come out clean with his wife and suggested they go for counseling and the whole nine yards. For the next few months his wife constantly threatened to leave him and the kids. He was a mess and I gave him all support I could. Around the that time I started having problems with my then christian girlfriend. So I told my colleague that I was going through some trying times as well because of religious differences. That time he told me that he doesn't believe in religion. That is all bullshit and he stopped going to church many years ago. And he said - if all the science books and bibles in the world were burnt, and then were to be re-written, the science books would be written exactly the same as they now are. But the same cannot be said about the Bible! I was amazed and asked him how he got along with his wife who I knew was a christian. He said they manage. His wife doesn't really involve him in church and small group and bible talk at home. He is okay with his kids going to church and making friends there, etc. His wife does sometimes wish that he was a christian too, so they all get to heaven. But he scoffs at this fantasy. She knows his stand and so doesn't bother. - I so wished my girlfriend was like his wife! Anyways, so after his cheating episode came to light and things got out of control at his home, his wife suggested he go to small group with her. There he made friends, and found also found a counselor, Although I don't know if the counselor was through the group or was a secular one. And he also started attending church with his wife. He is working on his marriage and things are shaky but improving. Recently I had a conversation with him about religion and although not a fundy but he seems to be taken in by religion! He says he likes going to church and proudly told me one day that they had a baptism party for their teen the other day! The worst part of the conversation though was that he actually said christianity was true and buddhism wasn't. When I asked him why, he said - the preacher told them a story about buddhism which goes - a son had wronged his father and when he wanted to come back his father made him work very hard to earn his return. After a long time his father accepted him (I am not aware of any such story in buddhism). On the contrary, in the story of the prodigal son, the father accepts the way-laid son right away with open arms. Proves christianity is better than buddhism I wonder how a scientific minded, technically sound, fun guy could turn into this in a matter of months. My guess is the religion preyed on him in his moment of weakness. But to actually cite the story and say christianity trumps buddhism seems like he got brainwashed at this age in such a short amount of time. I fail to understand this.
  7. Religion was later invented to prevent such cross-breeding!
  8. I found an interesting article by Michel Danino online. It discusses the representation of the Semitic god from an eastern perspective. I found it a good read. http://www.pragyata.com/mag/kali-yuga-or-the-age-of-confusion-part-1-275 Hopefully this will be good food for thought! K
  9. "You don't know what she must be thinking" This is what my christian ex-gf said at the end of an Indian movie we watched together. The end of the movie showed the leading character have a baby girl born to them. And seriously the baby looked angelic. I said to my ex that the baby looks so serene and cute. She agreed. Then I made a passing comment that too bad that baby was going to end up in hell (the baby was born in an Indian Hindu family and I myself am a Hindu)! My ex kinda got defensive and said well she's too young (what she meant is that the baby would still have time to make that all important decision to accept the 'savior'). I usually avoided getting into a pickle with the ex on these matters so I did not press too much on it. I simply said - Just look at the baby....she is so peaceful and like an angel. I cannot even think of her going to hell! That is when my ex made the above statement. I did not implore her on it but my gut told me she is referring to babies born as sinners and what not. My expression turned to shock. Thats when she tried to make amends and said - Yes but babies are innocent! And that is one reason why she is my ex. It is a pity lovely human beings like her get deluded so.
  10. Hey Extians! This might resonate with you all. I don't know if you have come across videos of this guy. He is really good (at least I think that) and very knowledgeable. I came across Spiral Dynamics in one of his videos and he talked about stage blue in this video. If you have the time, watch it and see if it resonates with your past life or if you can identify your friends/family with it. Its a long video, needs patience, but I think the two hour video might just make sense... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5iLt1p-W1U&t=605s Karna
  11. Geezer, I agree with you. How do you explain about the 'no Adam & Eve' statement? So many people tend to believe that Adam and Eve truly existed as the first people.
  12. So...here is an update. I gave her the note and a few days later I started feeling that the note was unwarranted. It also probably had some nastiness in it! Couple weeks later I asked to meet her and she met me. I spoke at length to her and expressed my desire to work this out for we had a beautiful thing going on until the heartbreak God came between us. She also had been missing me but had given up on the idea that I will contact her. She said we could try to resolve this. I know I am playing with fire and am mostly bound for another heartbreak. This would be a first for me if it happens - getting my heartbroken twice by the same girl! But the heart wants what is wants. Wish me luck guys. And pray that I recover from my impending second breakup the same time I recover from my ongoing breakup!
  13. I just saw this. Please send me your email if it's okay.
  14. Thanks. Sending her a link to this forum would be like asking an amateur swimmer to swim in the ocean. I played it gentle and wrote that she needs to look up Marcus Borg, John Shore (Patheos)...these are some sane xtians out there. And also look up Pluralism Sunday (some churches promoting other religions to create awareness). And I also gave her a copy of the book 'Saffron Cross'.