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  1. Dotted around the country there are centers where one can learn to develop and understand this side of our minds. Britain once had a Prime Minister whose wife was a medium.
  2. ... not in any way bothered by their experiences. Sometimes these Spiritualist churches have quite a lot of people attending them, normal, local people ... who are by no means "unhinged".
  3. Some years ago a reporter described, in a National newspaper, what he experienced when he went to a Spiritualist church ... he claimed that he saw DEMONS hovering around in the upper parts of the church. He warned people that Spititualism is EVIL What would you think was going on if you decided to check out your local Spiritualist church ... and you clearly saw the medium "turn into someone else" ... maybe of a different sex, age and wearing clothes "not of our time". Would you think that you had been "driven mad" in some way? ... and if you hung around and spoke to others present they also claimed to have similar experiences ... and were
  4. Clairvoyance = hallucinations Clairaudience = hearing voices Etc. My elderly mother started having vivid nightmares about her childhood. For a couple of years before her mother was hospitalised she was very cruel to her children. We took her to a Spiritualist church ... where we'd never been before. The medium was giving a demonstration of her abilities to a hall full of people. When she came to my mother the medium sternly said: "Your mother loved you!" My mother opened her mouth .. but ... before she could speak, the medium repeated: "Your mother loved you!" She then focused on me. A puzzled look came over her face and she said: "I'm getting images of bicycle parts?" Earlier that day my brother had shown me a dismantled bicycle and had asked my opinion about whether it was worth reassembling. My mother's nightmares stopped and she dreamed about how things were before her mother fell ill ... of a time when her mother loved her. I'm met many mediums ... and they have never failed to impress me. When I was 55 I married a woman of 27. Shortly before our marriage, on the day we arranged it, I took her to a Spiritualist church. The medium looked at us and said: "I'm hearing wedding bells". He then proceeded to accurately describe the significant, disruptive experiences she'd had in her life and encouraged her to look forward to the future. Schizophrenics can be thought of as suffering from a sort of disordered spiritual experience that they have no understanding of ... brought on by stress, hostile parenting, drugs (illegal and prescribed), etc. I'm an atheist ... as are a considerable percentage of mediums. All you have to do is pay a visit to your local Spiritualist church and you might get a BIG surprise! The propaganda against Spiritualism is VERY wide of the mark.
  5. The opposite is actually true ... nowadays one doesn't have to be totally insane to end up with the diagnosis of Schizophrenia. Prior to the 1970s Schizophrenia was a condition of mind in which people TOTALLY DENIED there was anything wrong with them. In the 90s a psychologist I arranged to see ... much against the wishes of my then GP (who was alarmed by the word the fact that 'Suspected SCHIZOPHRENIA' was in my medical records) asked me, 5 minutes after meeting me: "Do you know what Asperger's syndrome is?" She said she had six other clients who had been labelled Schizophrenic when they actually had Autistic syndromes. Some psychiatrists claim that Autism is a form of Schizophrenia. They are wrong ... Autism is NOT a mental illness ... nor is it a personality disorder. I have a 160+ IQ (whatever that means).
  6. I keep asking people this question ... and seldom get a positive response: Is the fact that IESOUS CHRISTOS anagrams to OSIRIS SET CHOUS ('Chous', "a measure of capacity equal to 12 cups") a mere coincidence? Or is it the key to the origins of Christianity? ... and what of the fact that SIMWN PETROS anagrams to MORTWS PENIS (cf Latin, 'Mortuus penis', "dead penis". A variation on the myth of Osiris appeared in Egypt after the Romans took over in which Isis was unable to find Osiris' penis when she tried to reassemble him after his wicked brother Set chopped him up and distributed the pieces allover Egypt. His penis, so the new variation on the myth claimed, was eaten by a sacred fish. Some of the Greeks and Romans of the time were into anagrams ... they considered them sacred. The reason why there was no resurrection in Mark's original gospel is because it wasn't Jesus on the cross ... Simon of Cyrene = Simon bar Kokba ... the leader of the Jewish revolt against the Romans in 131 ad was heralded as both the 'King of the Jews' and the Jewish Messiah (the Jewish Messiah was supposed to be a war-lord who would free the Jews). Simon of Cyrene had a son called Rufus ... so did Simon bar Kokba. In the original story Pilate accepted Jesus as the true King of the Jews ... and had Simon of Cyrene crucified in his place. Why Cyrene? In 116 ad there was a major revolt of the Jews against the Romans that started at Cyrene ... the 131 ad revolt in Israel was a continuation of it. The earliest authenticated reference to Christians is found in a Jewish text dated around 138 ad.
  7. Nowadays people here in the UK need to be very careful ... psychiatry has a host of labels ready to place in one's medical records. It is not generally known that here in the UK all NHS records relating to patients' mental health ... some of them going back to before the NHS was founded ... are kept somewhere. When I signed on with a doctor in 2010 the practice nurse discovered that in 1962 I had been sectioned for a month (after a suicide attempt) and a note was made in my records ... 'Suspected schizophrenia' ... my grandmother had been in a mental hospital since 1930 with this diagnosis. I'd had no contact with psychiatry since being discharged back way back then in 1962. The nurse placed the following on the computer summary of my medical records: Age 19 years Sectioned Suspected schizophrenia No definite diagnosis. I mentioned this to an elderly friend of mine, a woman in her 90s, who told me that when she recently went into hospital for a minor operation a doctor had said to her: "I see that you were diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1936". At the age of 16 a doctor (way before the NHS existed) had told her that she was suffering from schizophrenic ... she was not given any treatment and nothing more was said about it ... for 75 years. When the concept of schizophrenia first appeared (in the late 19th century) books were written claiming that Jesus (and other prominent religious figures) were schizophrenics. What do you think?
  8. Although I've never been religious ... nor were my parents ... I'm of the opinion that I'm an ex-Christian inasmuch that my 17th century ancestors were heavily influenced by the religious turmoil in England during that century. Despite the fact that my father's family came from Hampshire and my mother's from Suffolk ... so that they were seemingly unrelated ... I found that they are. They are both descended from my 8th great grandfather, William Mills, born 1652, in Lavenham, Suffolk and his wife, my 8th great grandmother, Mary Kent, born 1647, in the nearby village of Acton, who married in Lavenham in 1674 and had 11 children. I believe that my intense desire to try to figure out what the Bible is all about (despite not having been exposed to religion as a child) has its origins in the experiences of this family. The modern science of Epigenetics seems to me to suggest that a "religious influence" may have been implanted in my genes that does not allow me to ignore and avoid religion and happily become a "convinced atheist". As a trained scientist I even have my suspicions about the certitude that science gives to Darwin's Theory of Evolution. I also write poetry ... or rather ... my hands write poetry - and it certainly ain't modern stuff! What hath thee locked within thy brow? What words, what images, mate with thy frowns? What secrets yearn expression? Ah! Sweet Maid! I, by these lines, would (or maybe, do?) bind thee to my wit, And would have thee, unashamed, Lease thine heart to me. For I, great profit can accum' to thee of Joy, Which, once lit within thy mortal frame, Would never emptied of its comfort be, But 'twould burn, as steady flame, Never to sorrow faltering, Nor by time consumed, Eternally abright. I've written a number of poems in the above style ... some have archaic words in them that went out of use by the end of the 17th century.
  9. Swarms of tiny oceanic organisms known collectively as zooplankton may have an outsize influence on their environment. New research shows that clusters of centimeter-long individuals, each beating its tiny feathered legs, can, in aggregate, create powerful currents that could potentially mix water over hundreds of meters in depth. This effect could potentially influence everything from distribution of ocean nutrients to climate models. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ebn6qyJAeY
  10. If there once was a man with the name IESOUS CHRISTOS then it is rather strange that his name anagrams to OSIRIS SET CHOUS ('Chous', "a measure of capacity equal to 12 cups") ... who was taken to Egypt as a baby after the Jewish king tried to kill him.
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/stories-43572639 Like Jesus and the leper? When you experience a transitory pain, or sensation could it be that you're picking up what someone else nearby is experiencing?
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automatic_writing There are thousands of Spiritualist Churches throughout Britain ...
  13. The universe is a giant globule of something. What we call energy is holes (like bubbles) in this universe. Energy can thus be created and destroyed by the processes going on in the universe. I presume someone must have thought of this before ... and given the theory a name?
  14. Automatic writing Seeing colours on people that indicate the state of health of the part of the body the colours momentarily appear on. Deciding to phone someone I haven't spoken to for months... my phone rings as my hand reaches out for it ...the person I was about to phone has phoned me. Seeing a young man's face change into the face of a mature woman ... the person I saw was the deceased mother of the person I was looking at. Buying an Ordinance Survey map of the place where my brother (who I haven't had contact with for some months) lives, gazing at his house on the map... then learning the very next day that he had just been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. ... and so on.
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