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    Pastor's kid, survivor of an epic faith crisis, now agnostic atheist. Trying to figure out how to make up for so much time of living for others and not doing what I really want to.

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  1. Thank you very much, I really appreciate your advise. I wonder whether you'd mind to read the response I just posted to MOHO's post? Does that make it any different?
  2. It's a bit complicated. I am 22 and totally financially independent. I currently live alone, well in a flatshare. But my mom's recently being diagnosed of something I'd rather not describe, but she will need surgery and bed rest, and she may not be able to take care of herself for a couple of months. I love my family with everything else. Right now they live in a bad house, a house that is not fit for habitation by a disabled person. My two brother still live with my parents, but with my mum not working money will get bad. And she needs a better house for the recovery period. My father is asking me to please unite financial forces with them and take up a bigger and more equipped house. He is working +12h a day and money's still an issue. What he proposes is for all of us to rent a big house, each sibling with their own private space so 4 bedroom house, and split the rent so my mum can have a place suited to her needs. He can't rent this kind of house on his own and I would love to be close to my mum and help taking care of her... But then this forces me to tell them. I don't wanna go live back with them having to hide my SO's existence from them. When he calls, when visits happen, I don't wanna lie, I don't wanna have to sneak around like if I was doing something wrong. But I fear that if I move back in with them, it's gonna be just like when I was a teenager. But at the same time, I want to be there for my mum... so I have to tell them I will move in with them as log as they are okay with my choices and don't retaliate or guilt-trip me or try to break me up from my boyfriend. I dont know
  3. Hi guys, With the new year come new dilemmas. I have had a relationship with a man that lives in another country (with regular visits) for the last 2 years.We have decided we want to move in together, I want to be the one moving abroad. It's an exciting change of environment and I will be with the person I love, also have job opportunities. The problem is, my parents don't know about any of this. I never told them because they are strong conservatives. I have discussed not wanting to be in Christianity anymore with them, but nothing about the relationship (they also expect me to be a virgin until marriage, I am not). I do not know how to do this without the wrath of the seven seas coming out to get my sweetheart XD. Hmmm...what do I do?
  4. Literally ordered it on amazon a few days ago! Always wanted to watch it!
  5. Hmmm it's from a song by My Chemical Romance
  6. Oh oh me me me! I know this one pastor!! He prayed because he wanted to set an example for us! Lmao I had to . Oh sweet indoctrination.
  7. FYI- Not true guys. Horus born from goddess mother Isis and Krishna was the 8th child. Dionysius was the son of Zeus and a human woman, Semele. Please just... let's not make the same mistake as many chrisian do and blindly abide by stuff we read without checking our facts.
  8. ''It's really quite pleasant, except for the smeeell!!''
  9. Girl we seem to have a lot in common... De-converting and in touch with christian people who don't know about it, non christian analytical boyfriend to whom I rant a lot in frustration about ex christian stuff because he's the only person I feel free talking to... the doubts about prayer. It would be nice to be able to hope that it will work, but it will probably not. For me, the worst part isn't even knowing that prayer is unreliable, it's... imagine if I pray to be healed and I get healed, what does that mean? Why? Why me? What about the millions of people that pray to God every day to be cured of more serious illnesses and still get worse or die? This is also why I stopped saying grace before eating long ago. ''Dear God, thank you for the food you've provided me, and please don't forget about those in need, amen.... wait no no amen, I shouldn't have to remind you about those in need, you know it all! Why do I have food and so many kids die of starvation every second in 3rd world countries? Why do you choose to give me this food and not them? Doesn't this mean that you treat humanity arbitrarly and let innocent people die? Because if you're not the one responsible for their starvation, by that logic you're not the one responsible for my food provision and then I don't have to say grace. You know what, keep your stupid food!!! Not hungry now!!!''
  10. Axelle


    If only we could get a dollar every time something like that happens to us
  11. For those who were brought up in Christian / conservative religious houses, probably more so for children of pastors or worship leaders. If you could ''magically'' change your past, would you trade your strict christian home for a normal, non religious home? How do you recon your life would have been different then, and how would that change how your life is now?
  12. I know Sam Harris, I'll have to check out Daniel Dennent. Thank you
  13. Thank you for reading. For me, this quote Bart Ehrman used in God's Problem ''put to ease'' all those contradictive feelings about suffering: From the brothers Karamazov. "Listen: if everyone must suffer, in order to buy eternal harmony with their suffering, pray tell me what have children got to do with it? It’s quite incomprehensible why they should have to suffer, and why they should buy harmony with their suffering. Is there in the whole world a being who would have the right to forgive and could forgive? I don't want harmony. From love for humanity, I don't want it. I would rather be left with the unavenged suffering. I would rather remain with my unavenged suffering and unsatisfied indignation, even if I were wrong. Besides, too high a price is asked for harmony; it's beyond our means to pay so much to enter on it. And so I hasten to give back my entrance ticket, and if I am an honest man I am bound to give it back as soon as possible. And that I am doing. It's not God that I don't accept, Alyosha, only I most respectfully return him the ticket."
  14. I havent' told my family yet. Since i moved out of my parent's house, our relationship has become so much bearable that I am kinda sad that it's going to end. Plus I also have to tell them about my atheist boyfriend... O.o
  15. Could I have it too please? Thanks.
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