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  1. In my corner of the world I haven't found the medical community pushing for it. I work in obstetrics and still 80%+ parents choose circumcision in my region. A lot of it seems to be tradition. Fathers choose it for their sons. My husband would have chosen to circumcise our son had I not been strongly opposed to it because that is what he knows.
  2. I'm gonna be honest, I'm having a hard time parsing what you are saying and I think that says more about your argument than my comprehension. Thanks for the replies everyone. This has been very helpful.
  3. @WalterP thanks, I'm not sure how I missed that thread as I've read a lot of BAAs content. That makes a lot of sense, so much so that I feel this should be obvious to Collins and others like him. So his work adds nothing to the conversation? What a fantastic waste of grant money.
  4. When I was newly deconverting, I prayed once that god would not reject me for doubting, researching, questioning and seeking the truth. And I left it at that, trusting the goodness of the god I believed in. It really helped me have peace about my situation. I know its easier said than done when you have anxiety. Here's some internet stranger advice so take it for what it's worth...I think you could use a break from this. Focus on your pregnancy and getting healthy for your baby. This is what matters most right now. Your existential crisis can wait, you dont need to have everything
  5. To preface, I encountered this variation of the fine tuning argument back when I was newly de-converting and it reeled me back in for a few months. I was feeling rather antagonistic toward christianity at that point four years ago and was honestly disappointed that i found this argument so convincing. I successfully de-converted despite this as christianity falls apart all on its own with or without arguments for god's existence. I actually haven't revisited this argument since hearing about it and am curious if anyone else has encountered it and your thoughts. Here is a link to a
  6. @Pain if you haven't read THIS speech before, it's so worth the time. I reread it a couple times a year. It's by the linguist Daniel Everett who studied the Pirahã in Brazil. Here's a snippet for you: So I gave them my testimony and I told them about my stepmother committing suicide. When I got done telling them, they all burst out laughing, and I said, “What are you laughing about?” I was really hurt. “Why are you laughing?” They said, “We don’t kill ourselves. You people kill yourselves? What is this?” I realized they don’t have a word for worry, they don’t have any concept
  7. I've been pretty busy lately (new baby this year!) and pretty content in my ex-faith situation. I drop in from time to time if something comes up or to see what's going on. I try to limit my screen time around my kids so it's hard to keep up, especially when I'm doing well and finding support elsewhere.
  8. Best wishes RC! I'm glad you have recovered and found your tribe. @ag_NO_stic I do miss your rants. I dont log in much myself, but you often challenged my thinking and I appreciate you and what you have to say. When I deconverted I thought I would find, or perhaps hoped to find, more agreement among nonbelievers. Probably a mix of wanting to be right and wanting to replace the community of the church (not that the church can agree on much). It was a real letdown at first. I have grown a lot in my little bits of time here and I am much more accepting of the fact that humans just ar
  9. What I mean to say is this topic hasn't even come up yet because my kids are too young, but it will and when it does it will out me so to speak. I'm just not ready for that yet...although I'm closer to being ready than I was a year ago so that's progress. Anyway, I dont want to make ag_NO_stic's thread about me, but I appreciate the advice
  10. You should be proud of yourself. You called him out in a really mature way. I was struck by the juxtaposition of the gross "I will always love christ first" next to "I hope I dont get measles...", a perfectly fine dad text. A shining example of religion infecting what could be normal relationships. im sorry for what he put you through. I wouldn't fault you if you had no interest in reconciling. I will say that my in laws, to our shock, lost all interest in trying to control and manipulate my husband once he moved out and we married. It was pretty bad at the time, but we actually enjoy their co
  11. That works for some topics except, for example, the topic of i dont want bible stories read to my kids before bed. But I do see your point
  12. They watch my kids once a week so it will come up. Realistically some topics just aren't avoidable
  13. I have no advice, just wanted to say that I feel for you. My family thinks that my husband and I are just really progressive christians who dont go to church and that is enough to distress them. Last year right around this time we had a nice little discussion/tearful pile on about my beliefs. I could feel the stress in my body afterward for weeks. I can't stand the thought that they are up at night worrying/crying/praying. Fucking doctrine of hell. I know that they are responsible for their beliefs but it doesn't change the fact that I hate that they're hurting. It's even harder because they a
  14. You're not alone in caring too much about what people think. I would just say I'm not interested. This reminds me of those obnoxious MLM PMs...Exciting opportunity for you to give me your money! To which I also say "not interested"
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