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    I don't consider myself an ex-christian, but I'm not a church goer either, I'm just me.

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    I believe in a creator God

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  1. Knott


    Ok rant and rage thread! Internet bulldogs we are, but face to face in public were besties. Does it make you feel better, does it bring some kind of euphoria, just asking? since off OP and the word exchristian does exsisit. OP; so if I believe something that makes it true, but if I choose to not believe it anymore then that makes it untrue. Am I reading it right, what we believe or don't believe settles the matter?
  2. Knott


    Who said anything about jesus man you guys and your assumptions. What is the deal did we miss a few hugs growing up, too trippie.
  3. Knott


    Haha ok that I can relate too!
  4. Knott


    Good questions but there is no answer for you. Your answer is found in the bitterness of hate and resentment. What I don't get (I do understand the mind expression) how bashing anyone helps a cause. We have forums for what ever hard feelings anyone has. I vent alot myself but a continual foaming, that is what I don't understand. So we have been hurt, what comes from all the fuming about a situation. Don't you ever get tired of listening to yourself carry on about a situation that happened years ago. What I get when I ask that question is; why are you here if you don't want to hear it leave. We
  5. Knott


    Why? Why? Sounds ridiculous. Works both ways on the pop off deal, everyone smacking each other around.
  6. Knott


    You know where I'm going, maybe assume you know would be a better word
  7. I don't understand the word exchristian, there is no such word. You may be an ex church goer or religious nut. But to say exchristian is like saying; I'm an exhuman being, yep had it with this human stuff and the lies that go with it. If you were ever a Christian then you still are. I know you feel there was something that you did to help you along and now it's up to you to cut it off. Sad deal is people get used up in religion and when it's over you can say I'm not that anymore ha, laughable. The abuses that exsist did enough damage without throwing gas on the fire. I get the hate and rage bu
  8. Thank you, very moving. I could feel the old pain coming back as you described your experience that I can relate to. I was basically in the same place having experienced religion. I don't think I want to get into it out in the open in here but will say. It's a nasty, horrible place to be, to me there is no greater evil than religion.
  9. If Christ did actually live in a believer, how do you suppose he could express himself ?
  10. 1) to believe, but it is an act of god to birth you, you can not birth yourself (born again). No more than you did in the natual 2)no its a free will choice 3)again we believe unto salvation 4)don't ask me, how do people believe!! I know what they believe but how they do it however they want I suppose
  11. I think what makes it hard to understand for people is it hasn't been readily discussed and looked at, not in religion anyway. As you know they are going to take 66 books of the bible and come up with one gospel, that is rank error. To say Paul holds the message for our dispensation is heretical, even some in here have deemed such, strange deal. The two extreme opposites, religion and whatever those in here consider themselves, having the same point of view
  12. I don't think it strange at all, after all I would be placed in the same category as you in some religions just because I don't attend a building, it gets very ridiculous. I have enjoyed most of the conversation but yea it is really meaningless just an outlet for beliefs. Like most of comments on articles you read online in the news people venting or whatever you would call their behavior. I know very few people that treat each other with that kind of nonsense in person. The online thing allows people to fly their colors and stay anonymous, snipers if you will.
  13. Yes, in accordance with the cross and the finished work, in christ. He accomplished what humanity could not do in it self, rid themselves of the sin nature. That is the salvation of man, not what you believe about it, "it is finished." That is the reason Paul said we believe unto salvation, no repentance involved for salvation.
  14. I understand what you are saying, I do respect others beliefs. Sure I take a stand for my own and try to give an answer for what I believe as well. I'm not trying to convert or convince anyone of what I see, simply talking about it. I know it means nothing to others if it is something they don't see. Same with me it seems very odd for someone to say the scriptures are not inspired. But if that is what they believe first I can understand how they have got there. And second why the strong defence of it. I had most of the same questions as most I suppose but when I came to see Paul and what he wa
  15. I think my answers have been clear. Time and time again I have stated what I believe. No i don't believe there is such a thing as an ex-christian. I believe they do not know what happened to them the moment they believed and were duped into whatever they went through in religion. I feel the same way about religion, just not the bible. I believe your salvation is the same as mine, Christ in you. Salvation is a person, the gospel is a person, everything is personified in Christ. We feel it is us that does the saving-unsaving by what we believe, it was totally an act of god to birth the believer.
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