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    I found this site while looking up some info on mega preachers and their wealth for a friend of mine.

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  1. To me, there's no argument at all. There's no way Jesus could be "the Christ" because 1) Jesus is a fictional character and 2) he had no physical father to tie him to a genealogy if we assume he was a real character. Thats always been my take. I'm open, have I missed something?
  2. When Christians tell me they're going to pray for me or I hear them make a comment about praying for someone whose been in an accident or fell ill, I usually respond with something like "well thank you, but if you really want to help how about actually doing something, maybe cook them a meal. You know, really go out of your way for a change"
  3. Thanks for the welcome. I intend to get the book myself. I looked it up on ibooks but all they have is the audio book. I like to read it better.
  4. "I have the same material on my book shelf" ~ Joshpantera I'm only a couple of years into the studies but I'm always hungry for knowledge. The book that really got me started was "How to Understand Your Bible" by M.P. Hall.
  5. Thanks for the welcomes everyone.
  6. "I notice one of your interests is "occult studies". Do cults make sense to you where xanity does not? Are you including xanity in those studies? Good topics for posts in other sections I recon. " ~ MOHO I guess the sense it makes to me is that "there's nothing new under the sun" M.P. Hall "Secret Teachings of All Ages" , HP Blatvasky "The Secret Doctrine just to name a couple, give lots of insight into where most of the Bible actually comes from. Most of the bible comes from ancient teachings of pagan religion and Astrological knowledge of the ancients. One of the more simple
  7. I stumbled onto this site a few months back while researching for some data about wealth of some mega pastors for a friend of mine. One in particular was Lee Strobel "the case for Christ" because a coworker had bought me he book in hopes of wooing me back into the church. Anyway, seems Mr. Strobel made a lot of money off a book and movie deal. I was raised Catholic and by the time I graduated high school, I'd abandoned it for obvious reasons. I married young and had a couple of kids early on and for some reason I decided to take the family to church, maybe out of the guilt I learne
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